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What happens to military members who have a VA disability in particularly PTSD that want to join the NYPD?

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What happens to military members who have a VA disability in particularly PTSD that want to join the NYPD?

Postby urian27 » Thu Jun 21, 2012 10:36 am

Hi, I am a former Marine. I had three combat tours in Iraq. I was honorably discharged in 2010 and I took the NYPD exam last year and passed with a 95. However, when I got out I'd applied for VA disability which almost all miliatry members do. I was awarded a 50% PTSD claim and another 10% for tendenitous. I have never even had a speeding ticket, I'm currently a 3.5 GPA student in college and, I am and always have been in good finacial standing. What are my chances of passing the hiring process of the NYPD? Also is there anyone who has been in a similar situation? If so what happened? What should I do now to prepare? Also I want to include that I dont believe I have PTSD I was just going through a really rough time when I claimed it. I was transitioning into civilian life as well as recently exiting a combat zone. I literally left a combat zone and a few weeks later I was in NY broke with no one. I now see it was a stupid action on my behalf to claim those benefits. I think that I can probably get that claim reduced if I talk to a VA psychiatrist now.
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What happens to military members who have a VA disability in particularly PTSD that want to join the NYPD?

Postby giulio » Thu Jun 21, 2012 10:42 am

Nice, you are admitting to forging a medical claim for disability? People get disability because they get blown up in Iraq, and you get it because you lied and stole it. It was stupid of you to claim disability, not just because it may hurt your police employment, but also because you just **** on everyone else that has a legitimate claim. I hope you don't get hired, its ***** like you that disgust me. And newsflash, the majority of people that get out of the military do not apply for VA disability, just the people that deserve it, and the ones that don't have any honor and lie about it.
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Re: What happens to military members who have a VA disabilit

Postby ken.storm.94 » Mon Feb 17, 2014 6:51 pm

Once your label with PTSD its hard to get a police job. The Ptsd stigma! The discrimination is crazy. You think their would be a LAW to protect a Vet. You can be the department top choice and pass everything a non-vet can. With a lot more real life experience. You can be the last boy scout, but that doesn't matter! They don't look at any of that after they hear PTSD!!! As soon as you get to the physiological test and sit in front of the department shrink, that's were the say "sorry kid!" Go get that disability Zeroed out at the V.A. and try again. Thanks for wasting all that time and money. In your case you should be fine, since you stated you don't tell the truth to begin with.

My best advice is to not tell ANYONE you have PTSD. Do not write it down on your application and they will never know. Shitty that you have to lie, but you do want to become a cop? Unless your nerves Nelly they will never find out. Lie detector test don't admit to it. The V.A. just doesn't give people your mental health records and it doesn't show up on your taxes. But you can not tell anyone or they will give you the boot super fast. If your a dishonest person, I think your trying to get into the wrong profession. This comment is for the Vets that don't want that let down at the end of a long process. If your having issues but do not have PTSD. Finish the academy then go seek help from the V.A. But once again don't tell anyone. Sad that how Vets are treated. You can walk down the street of Iraq/Afganistan but not the streets of the U.S.A! PTSD = John Rambo! :(
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