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What will a quarter dose of 25i-nBOMe do?

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What will a quarter dose of 25i-nBOMe do?

Postby voliny13 » Wed Mar 28, 2012 1:49 am

someone who is not me has his email linked to his yahoo answers page and does not want this public, ill call him z. he has a 6 blotter tabs of 25i-nBOMe (also called 2C-i-nBOMe) each impregnated with 550ug. he is about 5 feet, 11.5 inches and 180 pounds. he has done 25i twice before, once a few months ago at a dose of about 1512 micrograms (1.5 milligrams) and again either 3 or 4 days ago at about the same dose, possibly a little less (~1200 micrograms). if he takes a quarter of a tab or a half a tab (137 ug and 275 ug respectively), how strong will the effects be? we are aware that it varies from person to person, but on average what can he expect? will there be an issue with tolerance? also please note

1: he is probably not going to read this, im just telling him the best answer i find so dont answer with "drugs are bad don't do drugs" we are both experienced users in psychedelics although i have been clean for about 7 months. we know what we are doing and are not stupid.
2. 25i and almost all other research chemicals are currently legal in our area so the only law we have broken is underage posession of alcohol (next thing)
3. we got crystal 25i from a very reputable source. it is very clean and we made an everclear/25i solution and laid the blotter sheets ourselves so we know there arent other chemicals in it.

i just realized most of what i typed is irrellevant lol so basically, what should he expect for the effects?
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What will a quarter dose of 25i-nBOMe do?

Postby jorel » Wed Mar 28, 2012 1:50 am

I have no friggin idea my friend. I probably would've been dreaming this crap up when I was a bit younger. I have no interest in psychedelics anymore other than learning about their effect on others.

I'm guessing you got this from some sort of research chemical company. It seems very interesting and all but dangerous.

I'd probably first feed them to a neighbourhood stray dog, before I ingested it! I certainly would not be the first psychedelic astronaut to ingest that crap. If you even screwed up the dosage in the tiniest way you would be infinitely ******!

Since I can't offer much scientific knowledge. I will simply tell WHOEVER is going to use this to start small.

If you're going to take one dose off of this blotter, I would allow for mistakes made and cut that 1 blotter piece into about 100 pieces, and try one piece and see what happens.

Be as friggin careful as you can be or you may be the root of another LSD overdose story, like the one about the guy who accidentally ran through the rain with blotters on his chest. He now supposedly thinks he is a glass of orange juice, depending on who is telling you the myth.

Don't be that guy!!!!! Don't be the orange juice guy!!!!! or girl!!!!

Good luck my friend.

I survived alot of **** I shouldn't of. When I was in highschool the 2cb, 2ci' etc was a huge craze. That and MDMA, and oral Methamphetamine pills, which were occasionally PMA! not cool.

I never had a horrible trip on any psychedelic I took, except for the time I took 32 grams of extremely potent shrooms. When I came out of that 11 hour trip I thanked God I was alive and still in my right mind. I coudln't tell if I was alive or dead for 10 hours straight, and everything I saw was diamond patterns, rainbows, or morphing/moving stuff. I felt like I was melting into my bed for 10 hours straight! 10 mins after I realized I had ingested 32 grams, I went oh ****, a wave of dread came over me, and I went straight to my moms room and told her what I had done, to send my druggy friends home, and to put me in a quiet room, and not disturb me lol.

Why would someone ingest 32 grams of shrooms? I honestly don't know. I think a friend had commented they looked weak, and I got distracted.

2 days after, I took half a gram of the same stuff, and went and had a bath and everything I saw was split in two, and I was even seeing mild visuals (face looked like picasso painting, room was not proportioned correctly, fractals)

Never make mistakes with psychedelics! It's very unpleasant!
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