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History ? :) anyone willing to help , will give best answer. :) thank you so much ,it means ALOT.?

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History ? :) anyone willing to help , will give best answer. :) thank you so much ,it means ALOT.?

Postby aescby » Mon Jan 02, 2012 12:16 am

1. Under Shah Abbas, the Safavid dynasty (1 point)
reached the high point of its glory.
rapidly declined until it was too weak to fight off its many enemies.
suffered an invasion by Moroccan peoples, who captured the capital of Isfahan.
witnessed a relaxation of traditional religious beliefs.

2. Who led the Ming Dynasty's naval voyages of exploration? (1 point)
Hong Wu
Kee Yo Zui
Zong "Iron Fist" Lee
Zheng He

3. Beyond the extended Chinese family was the , which consisted of dozens, or even hundreds, of related families. (1 point)

4. John Locke's ideas suggest that people were (1 point)
born either good or evil.
inherently self-centered.
naturally inclined to be stupid.
molded by their experiences.

5. The American nation's first constitution was called the (1 point)
Rights of Man.
Constitution of the United States of America.
Articles of Confederation.
Bill of Rights.

6. Louis XVI was forced to accept the National Assembly's decrees because (1 point)
the army turned against him and threatened to execute him.
it was the only way he would be allowed to remain mayor of Paris.
thousands of armed Parisian women descended on the palace and captured him and his family.
his attempt to escape to Poland had failed.

7. Who established the Mogul Dynasty? (1 point)
Lex Khan

8. Shah Jahan had the built in Agra in memory of his wife. (1 point)
Taj Mahal

9. What was the Japanese name for the heads of noble families? (1 point)
hari kari

10. By 1590, Toyotomi Hideyoshi had (1 point)
brought a long period of peace to Japan.
expelled all Jesuit missionaries and persecuted Japanese Christians.
limited European merchants to Beijing, where their ships were permitted to dock only once per year.
persuaded most of the daimyo to accept his authority.

11. was the first to argue that the sun, not the earth, was the center of the universe. (1 point)
Nicholas Copernicus
Johannes Kepler
Martin Luther

12. Isaac Newton's universal law of gravitation (1 point)
was denounced by the Anglican Church as the work of the Devil.
refuted Galileo Galilei's theory of universal movement.
was laughed at by Galileo, Kepler, and Copernicus.
showed how one law could explain all motion in the universe.

13. Francis Bacon, an English philosopher, believed scientists should (1 point)
use inductive reasoning.
rely solely on the bible.
leave nature alone.
use chance to study nature.

14. In Jean-Jacques Rousseau's concept of a social contract, (1 point)
an entire society agrees to be governed by its general will.
punishments are not exercises in brutality, and capital punishment is discarded.
the government should not interfere in economic matters.
women should be granted rights nearly equal to those of men.

15. composed The Marriage of Figaro, The Magic Flute, and Don Giovanni, three of the world's greatest operas. (1 point)
Franz Joseph Haydn
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Johann Sebastian Bach
George Frederick Handel

16. Adam Smith believed in laissez-faire, by which he meant that (1 point)
the assets of the rich should be taken.
the state should not regulate the economy.
those who are able to work should help to support those who cannot work.
the state should monitor the economy and impose regulations to keep it healthy.

17. The French National Assembly swore the Tennis Court Oath, which was (1 point)
a promise to destory all of the nation's tennis bracelets.
a vow to continue to meet until they had produced a French constitution.
an oath of loyalty to Jean Valjean, an outspoken lawyer that called for doing away with the relics of feudalism.
a promise not to rest until all members of the clergy were tried and executed.

18. Napoleon's coup d'état overthrew the to establish his consulate. (1 point)
city mayor
British government
Legislative Assembly

19. The most important of the seven legal codes established by Napoleon was (1 point)
the Religious Code.
the Food Code.
the Merchant Code.
the Civil Code.

20. The Russians defeated Napoleon's superior Grand Army by (1 point)
retreating hundreds of miles and burning their own villages and countryside.
waiting to attack during the brutal Russian winter.
splitting their meager forces in half and attacking from two sides.
making an alliance with Egypt, which launched an attack on Turkey to draw Napoleon out of Russia.

my answers ***
- these are my answers can you check over them and help me if they all arent right <3 thank SO much.

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