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Hiring rental car rules

If consumer do not arrive to collect their rental vehicle at the time which specified in the according to reservation confirmation,But consumer do not let the car rental location know which are cancelling their hire as above, the car rental company location may charge from their credit or debit card in accordance with the agreement made at the time of confirmation, subject to a maximum amount equal to the value of the hire.
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Rental car terms and conditions

If traveler or consumer do not bring back the car on time,company will be breaking the conditions of this agreement.Car rental company can charge their rules and regulation for every day or part of the day traveler have the vehicle after company should have returned it to us.Car rental company will charge their daily or hourly rate which will be shown at the place consumer have rented the vehicle from until they get their vehicle ...
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Car rental terms and conditions

Allot of rental car companies advertised prices do not match the final invoice is that many states, counties, cities and airports which added on car rental taxes which car companies have to collect.Many car rental companies which located near airport arrival terminal have a difficult time keeping prices as competitive as they would like.
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Rental car price disclosure

Numerous jurisdictions require car rental companies which disclose the total cost of renting a car issues in their advertising and bookings.For example car rental companies mandates while when advertising, companies list in fine print of a prescribed size, the breakdown of additional fees beyond the advertised rate and the final estimated total for rental.
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Rental car law

Rental-car consumers those who are paying more, due to an unprecedented slew of taxes and fees. But there are no extra money does not to go to the rental car companies; although it goes into city and state coffers, where it s used to fund municipal projects.
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Law for hiring rental car

A better tip besides collision insurance,seems allot of rental car companies provide travelers to liability coverage.Traveling liability is important in case the driver of the rental car is in an accident.Its a better advantage that liability coverage includes property damage or injuries from the driver or travelers .
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US law - Vermont - laundry machine and hot water?

I live in a 7-unit apartment that has one washing machine and one dryer for the building, coin-op, and is stated in the lease. We've recently discovered due to a new sign on the laundry machine that our landlord has shut off hot water for the machine, and so it only uses cold. When we tenants brought it up with him, he basically replied that he just doesn't think we need it.

I think it's ...
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Getting security deposit from ex?

Oct 1, 2005 I rented house with my fiancé. We paid $1000 security deposit, and both of our names went on the lease. We renewed the 2 year lease in 2007, and 2009. On Oct `1, 2011, Ex (now) renewed the lease without me present. I had no plans to move out at the time, however I did end up leaving on May 5, 2012. Ex stayed until the end of the lease term. On ...
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What time am I legally allowed to move into my new apartment?

Hello, I am renting an apartment in Boston, MA, and just like almost everyone else in the city I am moving into a new place September 1. As you might know Boston is crazy on Sept 1 and the only moving truck we could rent has to be returned by 6 AM on Sept 1, AND I have to work at noon on Sept 1 and really need to move in before then because I'll ...
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Service animal laws for CA.?

I reside in California and my landlord has stated "guest's cannot bring their dogs on to the rental property." My guest is disabled and has a registered, certified service dog which accompanies her everywhere. Landlord has threatened to evict me if the dog & guest return to visit me. I have a fenced yard to provide additional security, but still he denies them access. Can he legally get away with this? What can I do ...
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