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Does The California Vehicle Code Prohibit "Jaywalking"?

Surprisingly, this is not as simple a question to answer as one might think. There is actually no California Vehicle Code section which specifically prohibits a pedestrian crossing a roadway without a crosswalk or between intersections. In fact, California Vehicle Code section 21961 acknowledges that such a prohibition requires a "local ordinance" (like a City Code or Municipal Code). In addition, California Vehicle Code section 21954 requires pedestrians who cross streets outside of a crosswalk ...
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Are there many personal injury people around?


I'm new to the forums and noticed that there has not been many personal injury posts recently. I thought I'd introduce myself and see if there were any other people working in the sector following this particular law forum. If there is, and you're not posting, let's get some discussion started!

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I need help on this assignment based on OSHA post-test... Please help ASAP? Part 2!?

this is part 2 please help me!

16. Which of the following is not a purpose of OSHA?
a. To save lives of America’s workers.
b. To prevent injuries of American’s workers.
c. To protect the health of America’s workers
d. To repair, replace, and issue PPE

17. Hazard Communication is:
a. A verbal means to warn employees about hazardous chemicals.
b. not required if you work in the medical or dental office.
c. also ...

Please help with these 2 multiple choice question????i have 30 mintues?

1) a good example of an aerobic activty is:
a) weight training
b) soccer
c) basketball
d) jumping rope

and then
2) Maria has never exercised regularly. She is concerned that if she does not begin exercising regularly her personal habits could:
a) shorten her life span
b) make her more susceptible to injury
c) lead to a lifestyle disease
d) increase her need for sleep

Please help me with these 2 questions thats all ...

Recommendations for personal insurance in a manual labour job?

I am self employed and I work at hight's with scaffolding and would like to take out some personal insurance incase I injure myself. Anyone have and good recommendations?
Ideally an insurance company that covers breaks and other injuries. All the ones I have found so far only cover you for limb loss/sight loss/hearing loss and death.

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How to acredited the injury for compensation in psychiatric internment civil ?

When making a claim for involuntary civil commitment in a psychiatric
internment Apart from the psychological examinations or psychological
how to acredited the injury in the person who was internnment in a psychiatric center on illegal way?
Whether the moral, personal, psychological, etc.

When the person has been living in fear, threatened by his own family,
could not make their personal projects. It has been traumatized by
what happened, as the center moved against ...

Are lortab 7.5/500's better then norco 7.5/?

Ok, So I know the obvious answers such as the fact that they have the save main ingredient with the amount of acetaminophen.. My question is this, Knowing that binders in pills (such as the tylenol) also effect the way the drug is broken down when run through your system. My question being is what is the difference in the effect of the meds once taken (and yes I mean not only the pain relief ...
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30 days eviction notice from my Dad, is this worth appealing?

I got evicted for personal injury last night from my dad I have 30 days. (oregon) I slammed the door after being kept up by loud talking. Then I tried to hold the door shut from my dad and he pushed it open. I pushed him back and closed the door, trying to distance myself from him. Then he shouts "You want to **** with me ************?" and charges in at me and lunges towards ...
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How do I present this math problem for personal injury claim?

A 61"x54"x6" awning fails and falls 25" to hit me on the left side of head . took a bad blow to the left side of my head ,shoulder, and arm. Was knocked out, beat up to the ground. A huge flower pot saved my legs from being crushed. Awning was held up with 2x4's on either side. The left sided 2x4 failed due to rot inside . The awning creaked and when I looked ...
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Will the gym let me cancel my contract?

Last week I injured my knee at a personal training session at the gym. It was absolutely the trainers fault (he pretty much trapped me in this exercise), and I told him multiple times "this isn't possible, I need to stop" but he wouldn't let me up. I was wedged between him and a huge tire he wanted me to leg press across a carpet; but the tire kept getting stuck! And I wasn't even ...
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