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Whats a good medical career?

Im going to university this fall majoring in Biology/ health science because I love health, but im not sure what field to get into. I'm scared to become a doctor or anything dealing with the patient because of malpractice and everything, things i look for are/

descent- awesome pay (70k+ if possible)
easy ( i know medical jobs arent easy, but try and help figure out the easiest)
and most importantly in high demand. ...
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Would you be for this?

Restore State Leadership and Flexibility

Returning states to their proper place in charge of regulating local insurance markets and caring for the poor, uninsured, and chronically ill. States will have both the incentive and the flexibility to experiment, learn from one another, and craft the approaches best suited to their own citizens.

Block grant Medicaid and other payments to states
Limit federal standards and requirements on both private insurance and Medicaid coverage
Ensure flexibility to ...
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How long do I have to file medical malpractice case in Ohio?

I was misdiagnosed a year and a half ago and was told the problem was due to my MS. I told the doctor I thought it was a different problem, which it turned out it was. However, I only got the correct diagnosis three weeks ago from the emergency room.I always thought I had one year from the date the problem was discovered to file.
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How do you approach a medical malpractice case in South Carolina? Please don't say, "talk to an attorney". ty?

I awoke in the middle of implant surgery (spinal chord stimulator, cervical), resulting in a pin on the halo, cutting my scalp, bad enough to require six staples to close. The surgical report said the laceration "was less than a half inch long" pictures show otherwise. I am being treated (if you can call it that) by the same referring physician. A pain center doctor who has not examined the surgical site once since the ...

Where do I began to sue for medical malpractice? urology.?

I recently had a surgery called an orchiopexy due to half torsion or "intermittent torsion" in both testies. Orchiopexy involves tacking the testies to the scrotal wall to prevent rotation. My right testicle it side ways,inflamed, misshapen and squishy. Its been 3 months and i saw him yesterday and tells me every thing is fine and rushes me out. He also tells the front desk lady to give me my co pay back . Im ...
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Medical Malpractice- do I have a case here?

I have had two cleft palate surgeries as a baby. I also had a severely deviated septum. When I was 17 my mother took me to a doctor to correct the deviated septum so I could breathe better. Once the doctor opened me up in surgery, he realized that the surgery was going to be much more complicated than he had anticipated (He even admitted this to my mother afterward- that he had no idea ...
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I need a lawyer for medical malpractice!!?

I'm 17 -Since I was 3 months pregnant I had cramping and spotting and I asked my doctor several times about it and she just said it was normal but its actually the first sign that the placenta is tearing. At 5 months on June 14th 2012 at 2am I had cramping really bad and it got worse and worse, at about 7am my water broke so we rushed to the doctors office which opens ...
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How does a medical malpractice insurance premium work?

I want to become an anesthesiologist (in Florida). A big chunk of my money (like 30% I think??) will already go to taxes. Do I have to loose another fat chunk paying for malpractice insurance? Does anyone know how much the insurance will be or how it is determined? This really sucks if your salary is around 300k and you walk away with less than 100 from paying taxes and insurance and other stuff.
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Can we just juries with medical malpractice cases?

I’ve been doing a lot of research for a medical malpractice attorney. He’s worked in the business, for both the plaintiff and defense for 30 years. He knows his stuff as well as most doctors or scientists I’ve met. However, it’s very complicated stuff. The type of person that cannot conspire to get out of jury duty will be very unlikely to understand the highly scientific, technical nature of what both sides are arguing. I ...
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