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Ladies what do you think of this event?

I used to work for a small plumbing company and the boss,two other guys and me used to work together everyday. The boss' girlfriend was pregnant and was due to give birth anyday, so one morning we were all going to work on a building site about 25miles from the boss' house, and about 5 miles into the journey the boss got a phonecall from his girlfriend to say that she thought she was going ...
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Labor demand and labor supply?

If there are less job availabilities, does that mean that labor supply has increased or decreased? Also, does that mean that labor demand has increased or decreased? I'm having such a difficult time understanding the way that the laws of labor supply and demand work. Please help.
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Which of the following progressive efforts took place under President Woodrow Wilson?

a. child labor laws
b. support for business trusts
c. expansion of overseas territories
d. doubling the number of national parks

Is Obama trying to hide your pink slip?

Obama continues to promote breaking the law whenever needed for political purposes.

President Barack Obama is trying to keep middle-class Americans in the dark about whether they'll lose their jobs from impending defense cuts as a Labor Department memo cautioning contractors about layoff notices set off political recriminations.
“For too long, employers have failed to notify workers that they’re about to lose their jobs due to mass layoffs or plant closings even though notice is ...
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Can a 15/16 year old work as a waitress if alcohol is at the restaurant?

In Florida. Whenever I look it up it says you don't need a work permit etc. But, the place where I want to work I THINK serves alcohol. I couldn't find anywhere on the child labor laws website that says you have to be 21 or 18 to work there but, when people answered that question previously they said you couldn't work there. I've had a friend that worked as a busser in a restaurant ...

Why is Obama planning on ignoring another federal law right before the election?

Obama's Labor Department on Monday issued "guidance" to the states, telling them that a federal law requiring advance notice of mass layoffs does not apply to the layoffs that may occur in January as a result of automatic budget cuts known as "sequestration."

Under the WARN Act -- The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act -- companies with more than 100 employees must give 60 days' notice if there is to be a mass layoff ...

If you go to alternative school do child labor laws apply to you?

id go to alternative school till 10:15 everyday.

How long after u left a job do they have to send u your paycheck?

i left a week ago, pay period ended friday, so i have to get my check within how many days?

The reason i ask is they said i must turn in my uniform shirts in order to get my paycheck, and i had lent a uniform shirt to another coworker, who ended up going to jail (yeah it was a messed up workplace), so i will never get the shirt back so i cant return ...

Can a California company deduct PTO hours for not working 8 hours in a day even if you work 40 in a week?

My company deducts vacation time from employees for not working a full 8 hours in a day; regardless of how many hours you work in a week or pay period. Does this violate any labor laws in the state of California?
I find it suspect that they can take 0.5 vacation hours for my working 7.5 hours one day even if I work 10 the next and 50 in the week.

Can I still receive unemployment during the school denial period in Michigan?

I was employed full time with a non-school company for 3 years and was laid off due to the economy back in July 2011. At the same time I worked part time as a substitute teacher (2-3 days a month) with a sub-contractor (not a school district) until June 2011 and returned back after Labor Day 2011. I was eligible to receive benefits during this time and did so. When my benefit year ended June ...


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