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Is this contract law?

i had hired a landscaper to do a job for me, however on the day they were due to start the job they phoned and cancelled saying they were too busy to do it and to find someone else. however the only other company available is costing me £1800 more. what can i do? is this an immaterial breach minor breach?
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What does this mean in legalese?

6.01 Contributor releases, discharges and agrees to save Owner, its subsidiaries, affiliates, successors, assignees, or licensees or anyone acting
with Owner’s consent harmless from and against any and all loss, liability, costs, damages or claims of any nature (including reasonable attorneys'
fees and expenses) by virtue of Owner’s use of the Contributor’s appearance or contribution to the Work, including but not limited to, claims or
liability for libel, slander, invasion of the ...
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Isn't what Harry Reid doing considered libel and slander?

I dont recall seeing a more blatant lie from a politician. He even said he didnt know if it was true yet he spreads BS.
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My sister bought a house with another agent after working with my mom for 4 years...?

My sister and her husband have been working with my mom--looking at houses all over the state--to get their credit right to buy a house. My mom had them in over 5 contracts that fell through because their credit wasn't okay.

So two days ago, my sister calls and says "will you be mad if we bought a house with someone else"

And my mom says yes, because she's been working so hard with them... ...

What causes people to be malicious and?

Gossip about someone or even slander their name?
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How can I be sued without any prior notice?

I have an old roommate who went to a small claims court and sued me for 615 dollars and court cost. I didn't get any mail regarding anything. The address that I finally got papers from was incorrect. She sent it to a friend of mine. The date for court was the 25th but I haven't got any papers before. It shows up on the 1st of August saying she won the case because I ...
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How do I go about requesting the help of a paralegal?

I am having a huge issue with a used car I bought about 5 months ago from an independent dealership. I'll keep it short and to the point - I believe I have enough to take them to small claims court and win - but I would prefer to avoid that route and just have them take the car back if at all possible.
I need a paralegal or inexpensive lawyer to look over my ...
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What will the U.S. do if the top % wage earners continue to not hire & invest their $ overseas to avoid taxes?

The top 2% of American wage earners?"the rich? pay for 60% of ALL American tax revenue.
89+% of whom had NOT inherited their money but worked darn hard and sacrificed
blood,sweat,and tears to get to where they are today are not at all happy they are now expected to pay even MORE in taxes are fed up.
These working Americans who are the top 2% wage earners, who are paying the ...

Who else thinks they should personalize this section?

That way, instead of negative comments, you get actual answers! You can block people who are disrespectful or take every question as a joke, just like on facebook. Then you could use this site in the way it was meant to be used. To my unending disappointment I'll probably never see this happen, but still, I love to see the rare occasions when the majority of the people who answer the question cater to the ...
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Did my ex best friends mom ruin my life?

Okay to make a long story short, I didn't want to be with my best friend anymore because she was too depressing for me. We talked behind each others backs and one of my friends told me that my ex best friend pretended to slit her throat and indecated it towards me. I told my friend that she could go to hell. My ex best friend told her mom and her mom sent me a ...
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