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Debt collection / solicitors letters to have debt written off UK?

I have recently received some information from someone about sending off a letter to a company that has my debt passed over to them. This is the letter and tips. What I was wondering is what the follow up action would be to this letter? What I would need to send back? And if they write it off will it be noted as satisfactory on my credit agreement?

I would really appreciate some advice on ...

Ebay rules and consumer law?

Hi....I just received a package from hong kong through ebay but the parcel arrived mangled.
my parents took it in and prob. signed for it.
The item in the box was very expensive and was sadly broken so that it is now worthless as it was a collectable.
What are my rights? I want either my money or a replacement but i don't want to pay £20 in post when this has nothing to do ...
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Can anyone tell me how come I have received 5 packages in the last 2 weeks that i didn't order?

I don't put my credit or debt card info on the internet because I don't order on the internet. My sister is doing this question for me. All of these companies have tons of consumer complaints against them. I never ordered from them-ANY of them yet somehow they have my name and address. I did however place an order by phone with a totally different reputable company. These other 5 ripoff companies don't have my ...

Can I cancel my timeshare agrement?

I signed a timeshare agreement in June 2, 2012. After that I found out that there was many misrepresentations during the presentation. I am trying get rid of my contract. I found agreement does not meet requirements of Consumer Protection Act, 2002 ONTARIO REGULATION 17/05. which says that The agreement shell set out the information of: Your Rights under the Consumer Protection Act, 2002. Our agreement does not contain such a information. Only information we ...
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Warning!!! Blatent consumer fraud by a Major Corporation!!!!?

This story is true and stands as one of the worst instances of consumer fraud on record. Yes. beware of Southland Corporation or 7/11. Just today, in a record heatwave, I stepped into 7/11 and noticed they were advertising 'White-out Mountain Dew Slurpee's" in a dazzling poster -- BUT after standing in line for a dizzying 3 minutes, found they only had regular Mountain Dew Slurpee's. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, this kind of blatant ...
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Biology help please!?! 10 POINTS!?

What factors interact to produce smog?
a. sunlight and pollutants from fossil fuels
b. particulates and pollutants from fossil fuels
c. sunlight and oxygen
d. sunlight and acid rain
Which of these practices has contributed to the depletion of fish populations worldwide?.
a. fishing bans
b. catching reproduction-age fish
c. rotating catches
d. harvest reduction
Question 4
A predator might control an introduced species by
a. keeping the population from increasing.
b. causing habitat fragmentation. ...
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How do I setup internet on my Samsung Blackjack 2 with Consumer Cellular?

I bought an unlocked samsung blackjack 2 a while ago and I have been trying to get the internet working for quite a while now. I have consumer cellular as my service provider and my plan has internet enabled and I have it enabled for my phone, the problem is I cannot get the right settings for the internet to work.

I have tried going to Settings > Connections > GPRS and adding my own ...

Why did I have to threaten to sue Wal-Mart to get a refund?

I bought a $50 pair of headphones at Wal-Mart last week. They broke after one day. I took them back and exchanged them for another pair. The replacement pair broke in the exact same way after 3 days. I took them back and told them I just wanted my money back. They said "No we can't do that. We can only do an even exchange for an opened item" Once upon a time that was ...
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If producers are inclined to pass savings onto consumers, why did Europe mess with price controls on bread?

European countries such as France subsidized grain to make the stuff more affordable to their people. What is interesting is that they didn't stop there. Let's use 18th century France as an example;
In addition to to subsidizing grain;
1)French bakers were required to sell bread at a price no higher than allowed by the State, a price control.
2)If a French baker ran out of bread, he had to sell the next most expensive ...

Against Canadian Consumer Law?

I had sent my computer in to Future Shop to get repaired under its warranty, and after about a month and a half of waiting, I got my computer back, but as I turn it on, around 15 minutes of usage it crashed, and kept on crashing, and now the state of the computer is actually worse than before. I was wondering if there were any Canadian consumer laws regarding this? Or any international laws, ...
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