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Business finance.

Hi guys ...
I have some information about business finance, which i want to share with you. Business Finance is that business activity which is concerned with the acquisition and conservation of capital funds in meeting financial needs and overall objectives of business enterprises.
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Business plan...

A business plan is like a road map that tell you exactly where you are going.its help you to control the business and set your goal.which helps you to get succeeded by using minimum resources...
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Watch The Expendables 2 Movie Free Online

The Expendable 2, one of the amazing achievements of the film after the activity and the impact collections, is the ultra-referenced element of the film, and that, for a fan of the actioners is the size of satisfaction : think about a film where Schwarzenegger calling Sly " Rambo ", where Willis says to Schwarzenegger : " quit returning and capture something " and Schwarzenegger response to Willis : " Yippee ki yay "... Stop ...
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Business Marketing...

Hello Every One !!!
How are you. Dear i am Max from United State of America, I think it is best way of learning and communication with each other. So help me, I am grateful to you. I have deep interested in business marketing. :roll:
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behave with a police officer .........?

Hello everyone,I SAW some thing very strange today on the road when I was coming back from office,
A man was shouting on a police officer although he was on the guilty then the police officer gave him a punch on his face.
so I think we should talk to police officer with calm and try to understand what they are saying.
so what you think ?
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Contractor Not Paid, What action can be taken?

I've recently done independent contract work, evaluating the services of a business (mystery shopping) in California for a company based in Utah. I contacted them once several weeks ago and have yet to be responded to. The work was performed mid-June. After performing the work, I come to find out that other people across the nation have also not been paid. Some, as far back as January. What steps can we take to recover our ...
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Controlling/Manipulative or Caring Boyfriend?

I have been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years (last two years in college). I moved in with him after one year. We are no longer living together since we both graduated college. We get along very well and understand each other. You can say that we are very much in love. We resolve a lot of small issues quickly. However, I am starting to question if he is controlling and manipulative. I see ...
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Will my immigration process be affected by this email Netflix sent me?

I have just recently been issued a green card and my final interview is next year, basically Netflix sent me this email about their settlement in a class action lawsuit, they say if I don't do anything I will be part of the lawsuit and may receive compensation but if I chose to exclude I retain the right to sue Netflix. Will this have any negative effect on my immigration status? If I do nothing ...

AM I possibly overlooking the following actions?? any Thoughts appreciated:)))?

Hello guys I would love some thoughts on this? :)

Basically I have been going to this leadership program for about 3 weeks, and then there is this guy that joined us also about a week ago. so I have noticed he has been acting a little differently with me, and I just wanted some thoughts on this .Basically we were sitting in a circle, and discussing an issue and I noticed he looked at ...

If You Are a Current or Former Netflix Subscriber A Class Action Settlement Could Affect You?

I received this email from Netflix, basically I'm a former Netflix subscriber, from what I understand if I do nothing and not excluse myself, I'm part of the settlement, does that mean I get money or something? am I in any legal trouble by doing nothing about this email?

If You Are a Current or Former Netflix Subscriber
A Class Action Settlement Could Affect You

Para una notificación en Español, llamar 1-866-898-5088 o visitar ...


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