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Zyprexa And Diabetes Ii

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Zyprexa And Diabetes Ii

Postby Kennan » Mon Dec 05, 2016 4:51 am


My daughter took Zyprexa and developed Diabetes II.  Do you know of a genuine, good law firm that handles lawsuits for Zyprexa damages?


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Zyprexa And Diabetes Ii

Postby obrian » Wed Dec 07, 2016 3:09 pm


My daughter took Zyprexa and developed Diabetes II.  Do you know of a genuine, good law firm that handles lawsuits for Zyprexa damages?


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Zyprexa And Diabetes Ii

Postby Theyn » Fri Dec 09, 2016 3:19 am

Dear Angel,

I am sorry to hear that your sweetie has suffered these problems.  We know that your prayerful thoughts will bring comfort to both of you.  I hope she can work through this and control diabetes without compromising her life too much.  

Because my heart does go out to the two of you, I am going to give you a lot more time than I usually would in making a thorough answer.  I want you to understand the dynamics of using a local attorney to find a good national expert attorney, as opposed to your just picking the national attorney off the Internet.

While our tort system is under attack from the President and others representing big business, the trial lawywers stand up to fight for the rights of injured persons.  The problem is, once a liability is proven, it can look bad as too many new attorneys rush in to try to capitalize on the expensive work of the earlier ones.

How do you pick an attorney?  And where should you pick one?

Most of the links below are from attorneys who want to take your case no matter where you are.  The problem with that is you and your daughter may have to give  depositions.  Who is going to pay for you to fly out to the attorney's office?

That is why I always recommend hiring a good local attorney.  He or she does not even have to know about this drug.  What they will do is select the best deal for you among the national attorneys.  Also, if there is a depositon or interrogatories to complete(a long and complicated and tedious set of questions that have to be answered in writing), she and her staff are right there to help.

What about attorney's fees--do you have to pay for both the local and national attorneys?  NO. Your attorneys will charge you the same fee as if you went directly to the national attorney.  The national attorney will split his fee with the local attorney in accordance with how much work needs to be done.  Your local attorney will usually get 10% or 15% of the fee charged by the national attorney.

I would inquire of your local attorney to make sure he or she is a member of your state trial lawyers association.http://www.settlementcentral.com/links.php

(click trail lawyers)

I have listed below a helpful information site along with four firms from around the country.  I guess I like the last one best.  Even if you are across the country, you can use such an attorney IF HE GUARANTEES YOU WILL NOT HAVE ANY INTERROGATORIES TO ANSWER OR A DEPOSITION TO BE TAKEN.

The fact that there have been class action settlements does not mean that you just sign up and your daughter gets paid.  It is more complicated than that inasmuch as she will have certain factors that may mean she gets a larger or smaller award.  And, of course, the defendant will not automatically award money without first ascertaining that there is a basis for its liability.  

Thus, you should hit hard on the issues of will you have to complete a set of interrogatories and participate in a deposition.

The national attorney might say that they can help you fill out the interrogatories from afar and that they will prepare you for the deposition via the phone, and set up an office in your city where it will be taken.

TELL THEM NO!   HOLD FIRM TO HIRE A LOCAL ATTORNEY who can in turn pick the national attorney.  The local attorney will have her staff help with the interrogatories and then she will go over them with you.  She will prepare you for your depositon in her office and you will have the comfort of having YOUR ATTORNEY AT YOUR SIDE during the deposition.

Informative link:http://www.ahrp.org/infomail/05/06/10.php


The one I liked http://www.alexanderlaw.com/http://www.alexanderlaw.com/zyprexa/lawyer.htmlhttp://www.alexanderlaw.com/zyprexa/index.html

I trust that this information has been helpful for you, and thus I would respectfully request that you find the feedback form on this website and leave some feedback for me.

Best Wishes to you and to your daughter, Dr. Settlement, J.D.

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