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Why do Irish people hate British people?

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Why do Irish people hate British people?

Postby talbot » Thu Oct 27, 2011 2:01 pm

I have opened this post because the majority of past posts on this issue are now closed. I just wanted to add my personal opinion. I am Irish and I have spend time in the UK as well as a considerable period of my life in France and I am currently living in Spain.

I do not hate British people but I feel for the reasons listed below they make it extremely difficult for people to like them! Also I have encountered an increduble amount of xenophobia at worst and at best ignorance from British people.

I also find it hilarious that they try to look down on us when we have a higher standard of living and very importantly a higher standard of education. Superiority complexes from the past seem to die hard.

Here are some reasons why Irish and others may dislike British people in my opinion. I would love to know what excuses British people have.

But before explaining why Irish people dislike British people, let’s look at the global aspect. Spanish people dislike the British because of Gibraltar. French people hate the British for Normandie. The Dutch and the Germans dislike for their lack of allegiance to the European Union so much so that some Germans refer to them as Island Alps (if those so called alps had of stayed on their island, would the world be a better place? Argentineans hate them because of the Islas Malabines (Falkland Islands).

But what about other people who don’t have any voice to express their dislike of the British. What about the people of the Chago Islands who were deported in mass off their islands, which were then renamed British Indian Ocean Territory and sold to the Americans. It is quite interesting that these people’s rights as black French Creole speakers were completely disregarded despite holding British citizenship, while the UK then went to war to protect the rights of English speaking people in the Malabinas. What about the Tasmanians who were the only race completely removed from this planet intentionally by the British? Even the Nazis despite their efforts did not manage to achieve this in relation to the Jews, Gypsies, etc.

How many other peoples of this world dislike the British for their Barbarian tactics. Any one nation on this earth could have possessed such an empire if they were brutal enough to enact such policies as the British did in the past.

In relation to Ireland, maybe it runs deeper due to the length of time and the gravity of the colonial project. Ireland was Britain’s first colony and often referred to as the colonial experiment and the laboratory.

Here is a list of certain grievances held by Irish people in relation to British colonisation.

The Penal Laws considered to be the first form of official apartheid issued in the world, dividing and targeting people by their religion. All those not of the Anglican/Lutheran faith including not only Catholics but also Jews, Presbyterians and other types of Protestants were denied rights in relation to property ownership, political participation, and university education. Prohibition on mixed marriages on the basis of religious and racial grounds could easily be compared to the Nuremberg Laws or Race Laws in South Africa.

As a colony, primary products were taken from Ireland, exported to and processed in the UK and sold back to the Irish at extortionate prices despite the fact that farmers had received practically nothing for their primary produce. This was a common colonial practice creating extreme wealth and industry for the colonisers. This drove Ireland as it did all colonies into extreme poverty and forced Irish people to rely solely on the potato crop as their main source of food.

When a natural disaster struck in the form of the Great Famine, the British colonial administration offered no concrete support. One example of this is in the £2000 the crown proposed to give to Ireland to solve the problem. Although this was a considerable amount of money at the time, it did nothing to solve the problem of famine in a country with abundant supplies of food all being shipped to Britain to supply the industrial workers of Glasgow, Manchester and other such places.
When the Ottoman Tucks offered the equivalent of £12,000 as a relieve package, the British refused it and specified that only £1000 be allowed to reach the people.

Irish people who joined the British Army during WWI out of good faith agreeing to help the British in order to secure Home Rule or dominion status for Ireland were court marshalled ‘without justification’, the British government admitted recently. The only ‘justification’ was their genetics that somehow rendered them inferior.

During the War of Independence, a wave of terror was unleashed indiscriminately on Irish people by the ‘Black and Tans’ ex-British soldiers severely disturbed by their experiences of trench warfare during ‘the Great War’. Psychologically suffering from their experiences and fighting a guerrilla war as opposed to a Trench war, these soldiers bar
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Why do Irish people hate British people?

Postby wilbart » Thu Oct 27, 2011 2:09 pm

I dont hate British people. What I hate is the British empire. Which in the case of my home Ireland, and many others around the world, it has been a source of great suffering and exploitation.

The British empire stole the land of my ancestors and murdered anyone who stood up to them in the history of there occupation which in some form has been constant for over 800 years. They expliotated us to feed the empire and its maurading army to the effect that the Irish people had nothing but a diet of potatos and when these went rotten millions starved or emigrated despite who amounts of food being exported to britain.

In the last 100 years they have divided my country and massacred many of its people. They supported and racist state in the north and armed and trained murderous loyalist gangs. One of which killed the father of my friend when he tried to stop them planting a bomb in a bar.

They refuse to recognise the will of the irish people to be united and free and for British troops to leave our country in peace.

It is also annoying how they have managed to make people around the world believe we are british by destroying our native tongue Gaeilge and repressing our culture to this day.
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Why do Irish people hate British people?

Postby reuben29 » Thu Oct 27, 2011 2:14 pm

You mean Irish hate English really not British. So you just gave a list of why the Irish hate the English, so your point being? Most of the world dislikes the English because of their Empire. The Americans are equally disliked because of their Empire. English and Americans are most hated so what...
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Why do Irish people hate British people?

Postby delton » Thu Oct 27, 2011 2:15 pm

i hate the british..bunch o pricks!
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Why do Irish people hate British people?

Postby ruddy » Thu Oct 27, 2011 2:24 pm

You know, I am only answering this question because my answer can be pretty short. You know a lot more than I did and seem to have answered your own question? Britain of course famously removed itself from the Roman Catholic Church so King What's His Name could divorce his wife, hence the Anglican Church. The British Empire included what would become the USA, Ireland, parts of the Carribean, India, Hong Kong< Singapore, Maylasia, Africa, Canada, many African countries, Australia, New Zealand, Iraq was made up after the petroleum revolution. Northern Ireland we all know is part of UK, only the Southern area is the soveriegn nation of Ireland. China remained unconquerd despite the ravages of the opium attacks, Japan viciously repelled them after seeing what happened to the rest of the neighborhood. Britain might not have a friend in the world were it not for BBC news and the support of its religious humanitarian missions.

Anyway, Ireland was not just another colony. Ruthless landlords and other miscreants could hop a ferry and do their worst with the backing of Crown military, and like the Indians of the USA, taditional language, dances, music and other cultural touchstones were brutally supressed. In WWII the Irish did not care for Hitler so much, but why bother with sympathy for the Brits, really?

Well, enuf said. Tony Blair was an apologist for Clinton's global *****-up, Thatcher followed our colossal jackass Reagan to the disgrace of both nations and now the UK stands by the US perpetually much as a poodle stands by it's owner so banksters have some hope of getting away with grand theft along with their Yankee counterparts. The Orange Men and others reamain as points of pain. Perhaps, as with the American Civil War, the worst will be forgotten one person at a time.
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Why do Irish people hate British people?

Postby kyledyr » Thu Oct 27, 2011 2:30 pm

Because apparently, if you're Irish you're a Catholic and if you're British you're a Protestant, and apparently Catholics don't like Protestants...
In my personal opinion, it's simply because of that.
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