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What type of self defense weapon can I obtain in Canada?

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What type of self defense weapon can I obtain in Canada?

Postby macquaid35 » Thu Mar 01, 2012 11:46 pm

I'm in a situation where I need to protect myself from certain individual(s). Looking online, stun guns and pepper spray are illegal to carry in Canada, as far as I know.. wtf? I don't want to use a knife, because if I use a knife on these certain individuals, they can possibly take it from me and then feel like using it on me would now be justified considering I had it in the first place... Ive been stabbed in the lung before and I do NOT want to go through that again. A taser would be perfect, wouldnt kill them, and would incapacitate him. Pepper spray would work too.. but theyre apparently illegal and I could face serious charges if I used them, even in self defense...

What about bear mace? is that effective on humans as pepper spray is? where can I get some? Is it hard to obtain, or can you just buy it at any store like Canadian Tire?

I feel like.. I'm sort of trapped in this situation because of these ridiculous weapons laws.. Wtf am i supposed to do??

And DONT tell me "oh you should call the police in this situation!", seriously, SCREW off if thats what you're going to tell me, because you dont know the situation, and there's certain circumstances involved that you don't know about.. If you are not going to answer my question the way you know I want it answered, than F off, seriously. To all other people that provide an actual helpful answer, thank you very much in advance.
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What type of self defense weapon can I obtain in Canada?

Postby lathrop » Thu Mar 01, 2012 11:50 pm

your fists. sadly the laws have it so that you cannot use a weapon that fires for self defense! a knife! thats legal!
you can learn martial arts, like kung fu or MMA which is good for self defense

btw you can buy bear spray in Canada its legal (maybe not to carry around with you but you can have it). btw (in self defense id think about my life before i thought abut the anti freedom laws).

@philmore better bet if someone goes to hit me they will have a shattered jaw! put them in enough pain that they will not try to attack again when you walk away! if you just stop the punch and throw one back and walk away thats when they might kill you from behind! i will knock the guy unconcious if i think its the only way they won't attack me further! (only if they look intent on beating me up). self defense (whatever it take) first law second!

i hate the law too, and i do not want to call the cops because doing so they will be cleaning up my dead corps! they are useless! let the cops work for idiot liberals! they can suffer theft and murder, and bitter disapointement of cop failure! let us conservatives defend ourself any way we see fit!

just as a side note (some cities in america has made it law that everyone have a gun (not enforced) but crime in thoe cities went down) because criminals fear a citizen with a gun more then a cop, because they know they can do what they do and be long gone before cops get there, while they do not know wether the citizen will use his gun or not
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What type of self defense weapon can I obtain in Canada?

Postby jolie95 » Thu Mar 01, 2012 11:56 pm

Best bet is some form of self defense or Martial Art class. Using your own body to defend yourself is not illegal.
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What type of self defense weapon can I obtain in Canada?

Postby warton26 » Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:01 am

Canada? A hockey stick will do.
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What type of self defense weapon can I obtain in Canada?

Postby torran » Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:13 am

Cat urine
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What type of self defense weapon can I obtain in Canada?

Postby starling » Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:18 am

s.810 peace bonds can be helpful. Though it sounds like you're saying that you can't call the police because you're perhaps not entirely without fault yourself, in which case the declaration required for an s.810 would likewise land you in trouble. What, did you rip someone off in a drug deal?

Canadian law generally frowns on people carrying around weapons with the intention of using them on someone else. I can tell you without reservation that if you're carrying bear spray around with you in a city and you end up using it against another person, lots of people - jurors included - are going to question the bona fides of any 'self-defence' claim you may make. This is especially true given that it doesn't sound like you're expecting your assailants to be armed.

That being said, with them apparently not being armed, then your best weapon is a good pair of running shoes. Self-defence laws don't necessarily entitle you to come out on top or save face. You're entitled to use such force as is necessary to prevent an assault from continuing. Which means that, if you can walk away, you should walk away.

The other lesson, of course, is this: Don't get mixed up with dangerous people in such a way that 'calling the police' is not "an actual helpful answer".
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What type of self defense weapon can I obtain in Canada?

Postby tripp » Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:28 am

First, make sure you are up to speed on how self-defense works from a legal standpoint, then worry about weapons. Self-defense at it's core means just enough force to stop an attack against you. It is not force used for revenge, and it is not force used on a person because they are rude or verbally abusive. It is to stop physical attacks or immediate threats of violence. You don't have to let them hit you first, but you have to be able to prove they were planing to hit/kill you when the police arrive and didn't see what happened. Keep all evidence of threats handy.

Now the weapons. Canada is highly restricted and seems to follow the UK idea that you should just roll over and die like an sheep when attacked. Screw that. Weapons are all around you if you know what to look for.

Bear Spray is the same thing has pepper spray, just with a different label to make the braying politicians happy. Most will work on people just fine, especially any that contains oleoresin capsicum ("OC"). Certain types of wasp spray are also highly noxious, but it varies by brand and I don't know what types they have up your way. Look for warning labels about getting it in your eyes, that will be the good sprays.

Small folding shovels make surprisingly good weapons, to the point that American Marines have courses on how to fight with them. Walking sticks and canes also are good defensive items, because they give you reach. You can hit someone in the hands, arms and legs without killing them. Broken hands mean they can't hold weapons or punch you, and contusions to the legs mean they can't chase after you. A padlock with a bandana tied through the shackled and swung like a blackjack makes a good improvised weapon. It will knock someone out or potentially kill them if used on the head.
There are a wide variety of pens that are made almost entirely of steel. They can be used as pressure-point weapon, or if necessary, will penetrate the windpipe or eye easily. Gross, but if it's that or dying, what would you choose?

Hope this all helps.
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