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What career would be suitable for my profile?

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What career would be suitable for my profile?

Postby starling » Sat Feb 25, 2012 3:09 pm

My description:
18 yrs
A-level holder
took Physics, Chemistry and Math at A level, economics, english, chinese and project work at A level as well, but at a lower level (half content, about 75% difficulty)
Took design and technology at O-level, scored A1 and I really liked it because theory seemed easy to me, I find practical (milling, lathe, buffer, moulding) okay but dusty and bad for my health. I did a easy project for O-level, as in my solution was simple... but that's good design right.
I would like to travel but I havent seen much of the world because my family doesnt go abroad regularly. Im 18, and I've been abroad about 6-8 times. Community service to china, indonesia, cambodia - I felt it was okay, meaningful, but not my calling. went to china and malaysia for tours, but short ones, approx 5 days.
I have a tumblr, if you'd like maybe you can take a look? 731am.tumblr.com.
go to the archive to see an overview of my tumblr blog - 731am.tumblr.com/archive
Ive been on break for 3 months now. waiting for a level result and mandatory enlistment to the army. all men who reach 18 must serve in the army for 2 years here in singapore.
Ive led a 6month project to raise funds for the disabled. raised SGD$4500 after costs. had start up funding of SGD$1500, and won additional funding of $3000. so $4500. project was a moderate success because we couldnt run a wheelchair basketball tournament in public - which would have generated a lot of buzz. but we did one in school and it ran smoothly. i was the team leader.
but my friend in the team of 4 of us said i was too nice and baby-faced and i'll die in the corporate world if i ever go into business. but i really like staying young haha.
i dont really know what i want to do with my life but i have done some soul searching these past few months.
ive just started my interest to learn sign language (i am perfectly fine and without illness of any kind by the way) and i intend to take up classes when it starts in march. weekend class.
i'd like to learn japanese if i had the time and had enough will to learn those funny sounding words. but i know chinese though, like i nmentioned earlier.
i like consumerism (but dont know exactly what - maybe because i succumb to it haha) and bought a uni text book on consumer behavior to read. i visit the library on my own accord and i like the psychology books like the MBTI, cognitive behavior. i watch TEDtalks on youtube and RSDanimate, as well as all the nonsense fail stuff and funny cat videos. im also a 9GAGer and I spend hours reading. i also read reddit. I have had 3 jobs since i left school: customer service, promoter and events assistant - all gotten from agents. not much choice really.
you've read so much, please do comment whenever possible :)
My studies at A-level aint good. i hate chemistry to the grave! math was once fun and enjoyable, but now less so. and it's compararble to physics.
economics would be ranked 3rd on this list.
i took SAT for the first time and got 1780, which is poor. 770 math (98%) critical reading 560 (69%) writing 450 (36%) multiple choice 50/80 essay 4/12 because I didn’t finish it in time
I like thinking of new ideas and inventions. Im in marvel of the great ideas out there both for the ingenuity and the money potentially. However it seems like corporate greed will gobble up the inventors efforts and big companies will steal unpatented ideas. Furthermore, in Singapore, art and design isn’t encouraged within societal circles. I know that finding the sweet spot, the career I work and enjoy is tough and people have taken a whole lifetime to seek out.
I like playing zynga poker on facebook though I often lose.but ive learnt not to be impulsive and not to go all-in. ive amassed 200k.
I like watching movies and I now officially pronounce myself a couch potato. Im healthy and tall and can get fit. Often my classmates touch or “accidentally” bump into me to feel muscles, but they just feel bones and fat. Maybe because of the tall and broad shoulders part. Id think that ill make into the rugby team if I tried but ive seen my biseps grow and shrink and my friends told me that there needs to be a strong will and determination to keep those muscles tight and firm. I don’t know if its biological or mental, but I just don’t exercise. I have a belly, medium-large. Ive never been sporty and I dislike sports and PE classes. My hobbies never included sports and my parents don’t exercise, though they aernt fat. They are teachers in secondary school (middle school). Oh.. and the movies part. I like documentaries like on discovery channel, travel and living programs, Michael moore. Also the usual comedy action and thriller. I mean - who doesn’t like the simpsons?
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What career would be suitable for my profile?

Postby collyer » Sat Feb 25, 2012 3:17 pm

Be a career Councillor.
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What career would be suitable for my profile?

Postby gofraidh34 » Sat Feb 25, 2012 3:27 pm

You seem like a person who is not afraid to take risks, if I were you I would go for gambling areas, for example sports betting, stock market (forex) or poker :)
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What career would be suitable for my profile?

Postby panteno » Sat Feb 25, 2012 3:44 pm

step 1. have a burning desire to accomplish one major definite purpose
step 2. have faith you will succeed.
step 3. organize a definite plan and take action.
step 4. never give up until you achieve your one major definite purpose.
the secret ingredient: consistency in all steps.
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What career would be suitable for my profile?

Postby dent81 » Sat Feb 25, 2012 3:55 pm

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What career would be suitable for my profile?

Postby vemados » Sat Feb 25, 2012 3:58 pm

Obviously not as skilled with electronic devices as claimed...

Fluffer......American industry of course....
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