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What are the laws governing removing others belongings from a house?

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What are the laws governing removing others belongings from a house?

Postby beacher » Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:22 pm

I hired an attorney to bring a restraining order against my sister who brought a restraining order against me. My Mother was also listed on that restraining order. It was a temporary restraining order and has since been dismissed. My Mother and I don't have a restraining order against my sister and my sister doesn't have one against my Mother or me. My Mom asked me to request through my attorney to have my sisters belongings removed. My sister has boxes in the shed of old college papers and childhood things of hers and her kids. My sister is now threatening to bring another restraining order against me saying I am harassing her by proxy by contacting her through my attorney and that my attorney has no legal basis to make such demands. My sister also says that she thinks my Mother paid for the attorney for me and that is financial elder abuse. (I sold a car and paid for the attorney) My Mother does not have dementia and can think just fine for herself. Two lawyers have seen her and swore she is of sound mind and capable of any financial decisions on her own. My sister also says she contacted adult services AGAIN. Adult services have come out to my Mothers house and so have the police previously which is why my Mother and I got a restraining order against my sister in the first place. Just because my sister calls and complains about. They haven't come out again on this new set of threats my sister has suggested she is making to adult services.
This makes my Mother unable to relax in her own home because she always thinks the police or adult services are just going to show up and demand to come inside. I am my Mothers caregiver, a 43 year old man. I took care of my Dad for 8+ years who had Parkinsons. Now I take care of my Mom full time. My Mother and I got a restraining order against my sister last time because she started making things up about my Mother and I such as we were having an innapropriate relationship. This stemmed from my sleeping in bed with my Mother because she had taken a valium for muscle cramps and felt unstable to walk. I slept in my Fathers bed for 4 years straight because he was a fall risk, so what!? My sister is also threatening to bring criminal charges against me when I take her belongings to the dumps in three weeks. We notified my sister through my attorney and tried to give her enough time to remove her things. We gave her 6 weeks 3 weeks ago. What remedies does my Mother and I have to make her stop this harrasment other than getting another restraining order against her? Isn't my sister the one who is harrasing us? What are the laws regarding removing personal prpoerty? thank you
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What are the laws governing removing others belongings from a house?

Postby archy » Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:26 pm

You hired an attorney. Ask your attorney. Your attorney's advice is likely to be FAR BETTER than the guesses from strangers online.
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