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Filming Porn In Tn

PostPosted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 6:24 pm
by Eysteinn
A friend and I are looking into starting a porn filming business in TN however I can not find the laws prohibiting us in doing so. I am wondering if it is illegal in doing this in TN or do we need to film in another state

Filming Porn In Tn

PostPosted: Mon May 01, 2017 7:42 am
by jagger
Suppose that you were looking for petroleum, for oil in Tennessee. Suppose, too, you could not find any oil when you went looking for it in Tennessee.

You might think it through and recognize that there are people who go to school and then go to work for oil companies, people who have knowledge and experience.

And you might hire one of them to help you find out for sure whether there is an oil in Tennessee.

And suppose that you just could not find anyone in your state with good knowledge about whether there was or was not oil to be found. You might hire an expert from out of state to take a good look at the satellite images of Tennessee, the geophysical studies, the history of oil exploration in your state in general. He'd learn that Tennessee has three regions, that one of them is part of the Mississippi River Valley. He'd learn about Middle Tennessee, too. And finally, he'd make it his business to learn about Eastern Tennessee. And if he was good, he'd provide you with the best estimate of the situation that his knowledge and experience could produce. Now, if there had been very little study done of the subject, he'd tell you that this limits the value of he opinion, but he'd give you the best information he could.

It's very much like that with the laws concerning pornography production. Because you are not a lawyer, it may not mean much that you can't find information about the legality of what you propose. You may not be looking in the right places, and it's possible that you are overlooking things that actually give you a good estimate of the situation. You should try to find a lawyer in your state that knows this area, one who has experience and knowledge. I don't know of any, even though I belong to the First Amendment Lawyers' Association, the group to which just about every lawyer who is serious about this field belongs. But there just might be one I don't know about. If you can't find a local attorney, you'd get one from outside the state who has experience and knowledge in this area, even if he were located in some place as remote as Chicago.

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