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Unsafe Poles At Gas Stations

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Unsafe Poles At Gas Stations

Postby Corin » Wed Jan 28, 2015 8:11 pm

hey richard I have had a similar accident involving a 3 foot concrete u    at a gas station that was not painted red or orange also it sits in front of a concrete pad that used to have a gas pump in front of it but was removed for an air hose what are the laws governing these poles at gas stations that initially set them aside as a hazard from drivers and why arent gas stations required to have signs in the generall vicinity of these hazards please help this pole probably cost me at least 4000 worth of damage to my dodge truck!!!!!!!!
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Unsafe Poles At Gas Stations

Postby Haneul » Thu Jan 29, 2015 12:32 am

Hi Richard, I answered a similar question some time ago but this scenario is quite different.  In your case that concrete barrier should have been removed when the pumps that it shielded were removed or paved over.  In your case the owner has allowed a dangerous condition to exist and thus should be held liable for your damages!  Take pictures of the condition from all angles and present the owner with a claim via certified mail.  If the owner fails to respond positively then sue in small claims court.  You will be dealing with his insurance company and once they look at the condition will most likely be willing to settle with you.
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