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Umbilical Hernia

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Umbilical Hernia

Postby plys » Sun Nov 27, 2016 9:12 pm

I first had surgery for an Umbilical Hernia in March 09. The recovery wasn't too bad. I was able to return to work after 5 days. In December 09, I had to see my surgeon again, because the hernia had returned(the stitches didn't hold). I then had a second surgery to repair the hernia with mesh. My surgeon admitted, upon my return visit, and prior to my second surgery, that he should have used mesh to begin with for the repair. I WAS NOT prepared for the recovery of the second surgery. I was in unbelievable pain for six weeks and was concerned. I called my surgeon frequently to tell him something wasn't right. It was  only then that he explained to me how difficult the recovery from a second hernia surgery can be. Was it too much for him to mention that in the first place? I missed almost an entire month of work and still could have use more time to recover. In the end,  I took close to a full year's worth of sick time to recover AND IT WAS ONLY FEBRUARY. Two months after my second surgery, I had to have a third surgery for a lump where my hernia had been. I was told it was a permanent suture and it was causing me pain, because I don't have much stomach fat. My recovery was quick, but the bills are rolling in. Now, RIGHT NOW, two months later the pain is back and I don't know what to do. All three surgeries cost my insurance company thousands. The last surgery only took minutes and my insurance was charged as much as my initial surgery. Something isn't right with this picture and I still have pain. I don't want to go back, so he can open me up for the forth time! It has been a rough 13 months. I am struggling with all this and I'm tired of hurting. Your legal advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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Umbilical Hernia

Postby Chagiah » Mon Dec 05, 2016 4:29 pm

Your story suggests that you have returned to the original doctor for all the surgeries. Maybe that was a mistake. Ypu should see a malpractice lawyer.

What you describe is becoming more common. The so-called mesh is a foreign body when it is used to bind organs after surgery. Foreign bodies set up an area of irritation and soon this can become infected. Many lawsuits have been filed because of this result. Perhaps your original surgery did not involve mesh because youyr doctor had this reaction in his patients and understood the problem. That he used mesh on the second surgery suggests that he gave up because of your failure to heal and resorted to that kind of repair because he felt you would not heal without it. You don't mention it, but I suspect the third surgery may have been for the removal of the mesh. You also don't mention infection, but the constant pain points to infection. Your doctor did not give you honest information about the second and third surgeries.

When you find a lawyer, he will review the records of your surgery and then you will have a better picture of what has happened. The lawyer will then send you to a general surgeon whom he knows and trusts, and that doctor will determine what happened and whether or not you are going to need more surgery. That is a real possibility. But you must find a lawyer with experience, and so you had better get started on that. Call your local Bar Association and ask them for a list of lawyers. Then start calling them.

If you Google mesh lawsuits and you will find many listed. You may find one in your area, and if you do include that lawyer in your search. Pick a lawyer with experience and lots of money because these cases cost dearly. Speaking of money, those bills you owe will become less of a threat once a lawsuit is filed. Your lawyer can explain that to you. You should not have been put through all of this. You deserve some compensation. Get a lawyer now.  
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