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Traffic violation question!?

Been involved in a traffic accident? Discuss traffic laws here

Traffic violation question!?

Postby aldric13 » Sat Feb 25, 2012 8:12 pm

So i got a traffic violation ticket and I want to fight it. Will there be any consequences if I do not win? As in will I lose my chance to do traffic school if I lose? I want to fight the ticket but do not want to lose my opportunity of taking traffic school if that is true.
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Traffic violation question!?

Postby baigh » Sat Feb 25, 2012 8:13 pm

It really depends on the court.

In some courts, if you lose, the judge will automatically give you traffic school.

In others, if you lose, you is just stuck. The clerk will give you your "payment options."

And sometimes, it depends on the judge, at the same court.

So what I'd recommend is you show up to fight the ticket, then ask the judge (or the clerk of the court before you go in) what your options are and what your chances are. If it so happens you're scheduled to meet the local "Hanging Judge", you can always request a "continuance", and maybe you'll have better luck with the next judge.

Or you might even get a lawyer. I don't know about your jurisdiction, but in California, there are a lot of lawyers now that advertise they'll fight your ticket for you for around $100 or so. It's expensive, but cheaper than most tickets these days, and cheaper than seeing your insurance rates go up.
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