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Traffic Violation Question

Been involved in a traffic accident? Discuss traffic laws here

Traffic Violation Question

Postby Joseba » Mon May 26, 2014 10:48 am

Hi Jack,

I completely understand if you cannot answer my question due to being in a different state. I am in New York.

I had recently received a traffic ticket for "following too closely", or tailgating as it's often called.

When I went to pay the ticket on NY's online plea system, the ticket was not found. When I did a general search by my driver's license number it returned a result that there were no open tickets.

A friend had suggested that the officer either never filed the paperwork, or messed something up(although my carbon copy seems to be filled out just fine).

I was wonderign if you may provide some insight on this, and on whether or not I should mail in a $130 payment considering the possibility that I really may not have to?

Thank you kindly,

Dmitry Livshits,

Fellow expert in the coin collecting category.
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Traffic Violation Question

Postby Shilah » Mon May 26, 2014 8:30 pm


Wow. My state has nothing like that.  In fact I have never heard of an online plea system.  

How soon after receiving the ticket did you check the database?  In my state it used to take weeks to get the ticket into the system thus people would pay their tickets by mail and then the state employees would have to hold the incoming mail until the ticket caught up with the payment.

Also check your copy of the ticket and see if the drivers license number matches the one on your license.

I guess you could also call the officer and ask what is going on but that is your call.
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