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Tagged.com Profile Hacking

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Tagged.com Profile Hacking

Postby Vincente » Mon Mar 30, 2015 12:54 pm

Recently there has been a spate of profiles being hacked on Tagged.com.   These are players of the pets game, some of whom have spent money on 'pet cash' to play this game.  Their accounts are drained of 'pet cash'.

Tagged are reinstating the profile to the proper owners but not refunding any monies that have gone and do not seem to be doing anything about the hackers.

I would like to know what Tagged's liability is, if any, in a case like this?
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Tagged.com Profile Hacking

Postby Slavin » Fri Apr 03, 2015 10:47 pm

Good morning Chrisie,

What you're describing actually has to parts. First part of your situation is actually criminal and should have been reported to or can still be reported to the proper authorities. Anyone who accesses anyone else's computer network account or any account on a computer for that matter is committing a crime. When it was discovered that these accounts had been hacked into and taken over by somebody else a crime was committed. What should have been done as the law enforcement agency where this computer system resides or at one of the victims locations should have been notified and should have opened a criminal investigation. Since that didn't happen and sometime has transpired since the actual event I doubt very seriously that there are any good sources of information or data that would be available for an investigator to follow up on now.

The second part of your situation is more in line with your question, what kind of liability does tagged.com have in reference to the accounts on it and its users? I would look over very carefully the end user license agreement(commonly called the EULA) and also [email protected]'s home website under their privacy ruling and see what it says. If they spell out very carefully that they are not responsible for any damages or anything that occurs because of an account that may be compromised, which most of these type sites do, then there's really nothing that can be done in regards to recovery of the sick vicious cash that was in the accounts. Now with that said there is always the ability to file a civil lawsuit for damages for any type of a instance where you lose money due to someone else's acts or negligence. The chances of you actually getting any of your money back or any of your tag.com cash back is probably pretty small and may not be worth all the effort and money it cost to file a civil lawsuit.

It may be better if you were to write to tag.com customer support and of course once you get no help there find out a supervisor's name and e-mail contact information and write to them that you still get no help there then continue up the tag.com's corporate chain until you write to or speak to someone in the corporate headquarters or corporate officer and see what they say. They may be the ones that will assist you or to prevent any negative publicity may be willing to assist in getting these accounts straightened out.

Help that helps answer your question.
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