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Statute Of Limitation On Credit Card Debt

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Statute Of Limitation On Credit Card Debt

Postby yigol47 » Fri Nov 14, 2014 1:38 am

Dear Mr. Paisola's

Perhaps you can answer a very simple one regarding the statue of limitations on credit card debt. Basically, is there one?

I started getting calls from American Express this week(which I thought was about my wife's card they were calling about) for $1,200 I owed them.  But the hook is: it's for an outstanding balance in, get this, 1987-88(yes, 19 years ago)!!! I was 26 at the time, and got into money problems then. I couldn't pay it and just walked away from it since it wasn't that much money, and advice from many was likely it was not worth their pursuing it. I figured they would drop it.  Eventually they did just that after some annoying calls, letters, etc.  End of story. I never ever heard from them ever again.

I was living in Massachusetts at the time.  I now live in Los Angeles(since 1993). if I recall The debt appeared on my credit report as a "charge off" / "closed account" for many years.  It eventually disappeared from my report some 8 to 10 years ago.

Now fast-forward almost 20 years later in Sept. 2006, out of the blue, they started calling me about this week about this. You can imagine I was a bit taken a back--it was another life ago.  They varified the debt, and asked me when I intend to pay it, as if this happened last month. I was like, "Huh?" Why are they calling me now 19 years later? I basically said this was almost 20 years ago, acted perplexed as to the years gone by. I said there is nothing I can do to for you, and basically I said goodbye.  That was that.

I still get annoying "automated" calls every two nights exactly at 8PM asking me to call them back(which I haven't).

1. Is there a statute of limitations on this?  I mean, almost 20 years have gone by and I have never heared peep from them in all this time.

2. If there isn't a limit, does that state in which I live NOW or WHERE the debt occurred(Massachusetts) have any bearing whatsoever?

3. How can I get them to stop calling me?

I am not all that concerned about this, more perplexed.  I'm not sure after a better part of 20 years they have any more legs to stand on.

Thanks for time and insight!  Very much appreciated.

Steven Marks

Encino, CA
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Statute Of Limitation On Credit Card Debt

Postby Garet » Wed Nov 19, 2014 9:19 pm

Good Morning Steve:

This again is one of the stupid things that is happening all over the country as American Express moves to the Ameriprise Financial Brand.

In really clear terms, there is not a thing that they can do to you, except play the moral card. That being "Well, you made the charges, so regardless of the timeline, you need to pay!"


So, you have 2 options.

1.  Goto www.mycollector.com and listen to yesterdays call against Nationwide Financial and listen to how we work, pay us 200.00 and have some fun

2. or Go ahead and ignore this matter, as there is nothing that they can do.  You can also visit my buddy BudHibbs.com 's site and send them his cease communication letter, that should work.

This is another example of what we at Western Capital call ZOMBIE DEBT.  CBS News did a story on one of my clients and it was carried national.  This is a big problem and Americans are fighting back!

Let me know!

Thanks So Much, and please provide positive feedback!

Have a great day !

Robert Paisola

Chief Executive Officer

Western Capital Financial Services and

The Success Training Network




Robert Paisola is driven by a passion for people--motivating them to reach for the highest standards of success. As founder and president of many International Corporations including Western Capital and The Success Training Network, Robert trains sales and marketing professionals who want to strive to get to the top...and stay there.

His innovative, no-nonsense approach is based on applying what he has observed in his fifteen-plus years in sales, motivational speaking and debt collection training, thus revealing the common business habits of the top 20% of sales performers in all organizations.

While in Mexico, he uncovered a large time share "fractional sales" scam at the Playa Del Sol Grand Hotel.  His report is located athttp://www.collectionindustrylive.com/news_playadelsolscam

Robert's approach works...that's why New York-based Success Magazine has rated Robert Paisola as one of the top-five most effective sales-training professional in the market today.

Routinely Distinguished by The National Speakers Forum, Robert is also a regular contributor to Business Week Magazine, CNN, CNNFN, XM Satellite Radio, The Wall Street Journal, Telemundo International, National Public Radio and many other organizations. Robert Paisola is also an International Travel Writer and Certified Expert for magazines such as Conde Nast Publications and The National Geographic Society. His award winning investigative reporting articles have gained him worldwide recognition.

If you are looking for personalized service, Robert now has a reduced fee schedule for AllExperts.com members at:http://www.mycollector.com/news_vipservices.html

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For more information on Robert Paisola's unique training programs, contact Robert at Western Capital at [email protected] or at 1-877-517-9555 or visithttp://www.allexperts.com/displayExpert.asp?Expert=38419 or visit www.RobertPaisola.com  
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