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Starting A Business In La Paz Mexico

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Starting A Business In La Paz Mexico

Postby Inis » Sun Nov 27, 2016 2:05 pm

Hello- I want to start a para sailing business in La Paz Mexico. Can you tell me the steps i need to take to do this please?

Thank you

Patrick Brown
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Starting A Business In La Paz Mexico

Postby Dobhailen » Wed Nov 30, 2016 2:06 am

Patrick:  Sorry for the delay -- we have a major new client that needed our attention.

Regarding your question, it is hard to answer this without knowing more about your personal situation.  For instance, from your name I will assume you are not a Mexican citizen -- which means that if you are "working" in Mexico at this future business, you will need to get the appropriate immigration visas(Mexico requires foreigners to get work visas, just like the US).  If you are a Mexican citizen, you will not need to do this, obviously -- but certainly this kind of detail helps me to understand what to recommend.

In all cases, you will need to chose a legal structure for your business -- just as in the US, you can have a sole proprietorship, an LLC, or a corporation; each of these will have taxation implications.  If you are not a Mexican citizen, you cannot form a sole proprietorship(the easiest structure), although if you have a partner that is, you could do it collaboration with him/her(this, then, brings up risks that this partner -- who would effectively really be the "owner" of the sole proprietorship -- could walk away with the business at any point, so you'd have to measure your risk).  

If you are a US citizen, you can form a company(either LLC or Corporation) in Mexico and even own it 100% -- that entity would just then be subject to domestic taxation(just like any other Mexican company).  The question would then be how you would operate it at "arms length"(since, again if you are not a Mexican citizen, you couldn't actually "work" at that Mexican business).

Again, assuming you are not a Mexican citizen, one way to potentially structure this would be to have a US-based company(that you own) set up a Mexican company(that is owned in whole or majority by the US company). You might reserve some ownership of the Mexican entity for a Mexico-based partner(to make sure you have a local ally when there are problems), too. This US company could then potentially "lease" equipment to the Mexican entity -- adding some assurance that(should anything happen) the US company would have "rights" to the actual equipment being used in Mexico.  These types of arrangements are tricky, so you'll need to get a good accountant/legal advisor to walk you through it.

I'll also note that this type of service has quite a few risks involved, so I'd say that spending money on a lawyer to make sure you have a firewall on potential lawsuits should be one of your biggest concerns....

Okay....that's the "legal" side of things - the other steps are similar to what you need to do when setting up any business:  market studies, figure out how to promote your company over the others there, etc.  

You'll also need to actually "start up" the company - one way to do that would be through the City of La Paz' online "business start up" system:  http://www.lapaz.gob.mx/sare/index.php Once you've figured out how you want to structure the business, you should really consider working with someone to assist you through the business registration process(a Notario should be able to help), as well as work directly with people from the Secretaria de Desarrollo Economico either at the City level(La Paz) or State level.  They'll be able to help(also consider talking to the Secretary of Tourism's office - although be conscious that some of their friends might be operating competing businesses).

Good luck - I've tried to cover most of the strategic aspects that I think are important to consider.  If you have other questions, feel free to contact me directly at kenn [at ] crossborderbusiness [dot] com.

-Kenn Morris

Crossborder Group

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Starting A Business In La Paz Mexico

Postby Zacchaeus » Wed Nov 30, 2016 12:21 pm

Hello- I want to start a para sailing business in La Paz Mexico. Can you tell me the steps i need to take to do this please?

Thank you

Patrick Brown
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