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Staph Infection In My Knee After Surgery

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Staph Infection In My Knee After Surgery

Postby Bimal » Fri Jan 30, 2015 6:33 am

On Aug 9 2007, I had a minor meniscus knee surgery to remove some hanging cartilage.   After 9 days I felt fine, on the 10th day however, my knee swelled up, was very hot and I could not put much pressure on it to walk, not to mention it hurt very bad.   Went back to the emergency room a the hospital where my surgery was performed.   The knee was aspirated and I was told it was staph.   I immediately had another surgery to "clean it out", and was admitted.  I was also put on a heavy duty antibiotic, which turned out that I had a bad reaction to.   5 days later still in the hospital I was told I needed another surgery to "clean it out" again.   I spent a total of 16 days in the hospital.  It is now Feb 17, 2008 and I am still damaged.  When I left the hospital I had a pic line, which administered the antibiotic automatically, I was unbelievable sick when I got home.  (Vomiting, couldnt eat, sleep, high temperature, constant sweats and diahrea).  My wife decided to bring me back to the hospital where we insisted to have a new antibiotic.  We did get a different one and those symptoms began to improve.   All together I was on the pic line antibiotics for 10 weeks and 2 weeks of oral.   I am no where near back to my active lifestyle as before, and the pain and instability of my knee is causing problems.    I have been to countless therapy sessions, tried to exercise on my own, but I still cant run, jog, hop etc.   Before this, I played adult baseball, kickboxed, bike ride, run and play with my son, and now I cant do those things.   My knee, as of today, feels unstable in joint, it pops and cracks, my leg muscles are still only about 85% of the size of my other leg.   My doctor got a brace for me to wear a few weeks ago and told me to wear it for 2-3 months than they would evaluate again.   I am still in pain and I dont know what to do here.   Can you help direct me?
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Staph Infection In My Knee After Surgery

Postby Jayron » Sat Jan 31, 2015 11:42 am


I am sorry to hear about the infection following the surgery and your continued problems.

I suggest you speak to a medical malpractice attorney in your area.  It is important to have an infectious disease physician do a detailed analysis of the particular staph infection.  Staph infections occur in medical facilities and there can be numerous causes.  The equipment may not have been sterilized properly or it may have been a strand which could not be sterilized and is a known hazard.  If it was due to improper sterilization, you would could have a case.

I hope you have a continued recovery and get back to your pre-surgical condition.

Very truly yours,

Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.
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