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Someone please help me with my driving exam?

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Someone please help me with my driving exam?

Postby golding » Sun Oct 30, 2011 8:57 am

20 Warning triangles, flares, a vehicle's hazard lights, or emergency vehicles ahead, are all clues that you might be approaching ______________________.

A railroad crossing
A parade ceremony
A collision scene
A funeral procession

21 ____________ occurs if your license was issued because of a mistake or fraud (i.e. giving false information or identification).


22 One way to reduce the build-up of rage while driving is to _________________________.

Drive slower than the posted speed limit
Roll down all of the windows to vent fresh air
Adjust the heater to keep yourself warm
Adjust the air conditioner to keep yourself cool

23 If your vehicle leaves the pavement for any reason, remember to take your foot off the gas pedal, hold the wheel firmly, and_______________.

Steer in a straight line
Shift into a low gear
Pump the brakes
Swerve back into the traffic lane

24 Dealta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is __________ major psychoactive constituent.


25 Which of the following is an example of aggressive driving behavior?

Driving while fatigued
Changing lanes without signaling
Driving too slow
Driving after curfew

26 If you park in tall dry grass on the roadside, watch for:

Broken bottles or nails
Pot holes
The potential for fire

27 Individuals eliminate alcohol from their bodies at an approximate rate of__________.

.08 BAL per hour
.05 BAL per hour
.018 BAL per hour
.015 BAL per hour

28 The NHTSA defines aggressive driving as "the operation of a motor vehicle in a manner that endangers or is likely to endanger persons or property." Select the best statement that follows:

It is legal and encouraged to honk and protest their behaviors to let them know they have annoyed you
Non-aggressive drivers will pass improperly to be safe and out of the way of aggressive drivers
These drivers feel justified in dominating others and forcing others out of their way
Gestures, shouting, swearing, and name calling are driving habits that encourage safety on the roadways

29 The use of alcohol can cause ____________________.

Abuse, dependence, and addiction
Your visual acuity to increase
Quicker reactions while driving
You to think more clearly with a deeper perception

30 DUI conviction penalties include imprisonment, impounding of your vehicle, __________________, and a felony conviction.

Public humiliation
Seizure of license plate
Community service
Installation of an interlock device

31 ____________ is considered a stimulant drug.

An analgesic

32 __________ of teen deaths from motor vehicle crashes occurred on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.


33 True or False: Florida law requires that you must take the keys out of your vehicle before leaving it.


34 Alcohol begins to affect your brain________________.

Depending upon what you have eaten that day
With the first drink
After the second or third drink
Only if you are drinking under-aged

35 If you are a driver under 21 with a breath or blood alcohol level of ____ or higher, you will be required to attend a substance abuse course.


36 True or False: You may drive with parking lights only (in place of headlights).


37 True or False: Tailgating, or following too closely, is an example of aggressive driving.


38 You will be issued a Florida ______________ from your insurance company.

Driver license
Insurance I.D. Card
Driver certification
Social Security Card

39 When addictions escalate and the individual loses his or her job or drops out of school, _______________.

Legal matters don't matter
Money will never be an issue
This is a sign of a serious problem
They have more time in their day to do what is really important

40 You have the ability to control your emotions while driving. For instance, ________.

Think about how late you are going to be if you stay with the flow of traffic
Make driving a contest and a competition
Don't take the aggressive actions of other drivers personally
Estimate the trip time more closely the next time and drive faster
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Someone please help me with my driving exam?

Postby felabeorbt » Sun Oct 30, 2011 8:58 am

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