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Slip And Fall While Expecting

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Slip And Fall While Expecting

Postby Peadar » Tue Nov 29, 2016 9:33 am

I live in Texas and slipped and fell in a puddle of milk while grocery shopping. I was 39 weeks, just about to have the baby. The store called me to settle but i am not sure what to do now could you please advise. Thanks Jodi
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Slip And Fall While Expecting

Postby Joey » Fri Dec 02, 2016 7:52 am

Assuming your baby is fine and that you are now fine, my suggestion would be for you to total up your medical expenses incurred from the slip and fall, factor in lost wages, any other expenses from the fall, add in your pain, and arrive at a number that you would be willing to settle at.  Then, at least DOUBLE it and tell the adjuster the higher number.  He(or she) will then try to negotiate you down.  Let them bring you down some and hopefully you can settle it at or higher than your target number.

If you cannot settle, the Statute of Limitations(SOL) is 2 years.  That means that in Texas, you have two years after the accident to EITHER 1) settle; OR 2) file a lawsuit.  If you do neither, your claim expires.

Contact a personal injury attorney in your city if you need representation.  Please don't wait until just before the 2 year SOL expires, because attorneys do not like to take these claims at the last minute.

Best wishes,

Albert Hollan

Houston, TX

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