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Slip And Fall/ School Grounds

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Slip And Fall/ School Grounds

Postby Hasani » Thu Nov 24, 2016 9:58 am

My son broke his arm back when he was in kindergarten in 2002;  the incident happened at the time he was supposed to be watched by one of the shool teachers/personnel.   not one adult person was in the grounds when he fell and broke his arm.  My son actually had to get up and go tell his teacher that he was injured.  His hospital bill came up to 16K.  The doctor had to perform a 4 hr operation to reset the bone. Is there anything I can do legally against the school?  The school was a private school.
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Slip And Fall/ School Grounds

Postby StancIyf » Fri Nov 25, 2016 11:50 pm


Thank you for the opportunity to answer your question.  Depending upon the state you're in, you probably can successfully file a claim against the school.  Some states, like New Jersey are more difficult, while this type of claim will be much easier in New York.  I would need to know a lot of detail about how the accident happened.  For instance, whether there was any defect in equipment or the ground.  Lack of supervision could be responsible if the children were playing.  The fact that it is a private school will make it easier.

If liability upon the school can be proven, the sounds like an extremely valuable injury.

Additionally, the school probably has insurance coverage for the medical bills.

While your son is a minor and in New York the statute of limitations is does not begin to run for him until the age of majority, the statute of limitations with regards to the parents' claim(which is less valuable) may have run out or may be about to run out.  You should see a lawyer immediately.

You can submit your information at http://www.hurt911.org/forms/submit-accident-claim-to-HURT911-lawyer.html  or go to www.HURT911.org and click on Submit Your Case.

My legal malpractice company and AllExperts.com require that I advise you that the above is my opinion as it would apply to myself if I were in this position and not legal advice for you.  For legal advice, you should formally contact a lawyer.

I hope I have been of some help.  If you have any further questions, feel free to let me know.  I would like to thank you for requesting my advice and I would appreciate your leaving a comment for me at AllExperts.com.  If you feel my answer was worthwhile, please check the box to nominate me for volunteer of the month.

Thank you very much, good luck and be sure to check out my web site www.HURT911.org which has a lot of useful information for Accident & Injury research.

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