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Should I move to Mexico?

The law of the sea.

Should I move to Mexico?

Postby elton » Thu Jun 07, 2012 3:01 am

Okay this is the what happened. There is this girl, she is 15 years old. I took her pictures, non of them are nude, all of them have clothes on, and I sent them to people I met online. Well turns out some how the cops found out, probably because one of them might have been a cop. They found out, told the family of the girl I was doing this to, then her family went to my family to make them aware of this. The police told the girls family that I wasn't doing anything illegal but its in the gray area. So I am wondering as long as I did not brake any laws will they still have the right to trace everything back to me and prove I did it or not?
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Should I move to Mexico?

Postby ashly » Thu Jun 07, 2012 3:08 am

You should move to Mexico because you don't seem smart enough to stay here, since you don't realize how dumb this is. Seriously.

Yes, they can trace anything back to you if they are investigating what could be a crime. It does not matter that it eventually turns out to not be a crime.

And if they said it was a "gray area", that means you are really close to it really being a crime, so if you continue you will trip up and cross that line.

Actually, I need to apologize to Mexico. They don't want you there either. Maybe some tribe in Afghanistan or Yemen will be happy to adopt you. Oh great, there I go insulting them!
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