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Several Roofing Questions

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Several Roofing Questions

Postby Harlake » Wed Oct 15, 2014 11:03 am

4 bids received, 2 prefer CertainTeed, 2 prefer Pabco.  Have read both shingle comps. have had class action suits filed against them in past years.  Your comments please.

One bid specifies using hot-dipped nails, one electro-galvanized nails, one mentions coil nails.  One mentions using 6 nails, another 5.  Do the type and number ie 6 vs. 5 nails/shingle make a big difference? We live on a ridge so can get gusts occasionally, possibly up to 70 mi/hr or slightly higher. We're near Seattle so no tornadoes or hurricanes.   

In a dead valley area, 2 bids mention using a weather bond material while the other two bids mention using torch down.  Is one type of covering preferable?
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Several Roofing Questions

Postby Pryderi » Tue Oct 21, 2014 4:03 am

Hi Laura

The Shingles you mentioned Pabco, Certainteed are both ok to use. They are both backed by very large companies and they do stand by their products.

Here in northern California it seems Certainteed is used more. The law suits in all manufacturing come from many different reasons.

Coil nails today seem to work fine, It's a nail in a coil and shot though a gun, again its used in the California market the most. Normally 4 nails are used you must live in a very high wind area or you have a steep roof. I would used the 6 nail pattern. For your own peace of mind look at instructions to the product picked. You can look up on line. also look up the wind warrantee. As far as The dead valley or also known as a cricket, I would use the torch-on product but have them install a two layer system. first layer smooth, 2 layer granulated. Make sure they torch the whole roll and not just the seams.(This product must have a highly trained person behind it, It's an open flamed torch on the roof, Make sure they have a fire extinguisher on the roof at all times) I hope I was able to help And Good luck

Tom Souza  
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