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Settlement Of A Personal Injury

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Settlement Of A Personal Injury

Postby Unwyn » Thu Dec 25, 2014 10:44 pm


I was rear ended in California in Dec 2005 and had some soft tissue damage. I recieved medical treatment for a few months and then it got better.

I am now trying to settle this with insurance agent of the other party. My question is this - before settling should I contact my health care provider and inform them of my intention to settle or not ? Should I try to get them(insurance agent and healtcare provider) to handle that part of the claim between themselves and only deal with wage loss and pain and suffering?

I tried to get a lawyer involved but was told that my best bet is in a small claims court. However I am a busy professional and have found it very difficult to take out time for this. Now I just want to settle and get it over with.

Please advise.

Thanks a bunch!!
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Settlement Of A Personal Injury

Postby Blandford » Sun Dec 28, 2014 2:56 pm

You will not get a fair settlement from any insurer I know, dealing with them. As was stressed to you, you should go to Small Claims Ct...where you will get a judgment expeditiously.

Not sure what you mean re "Health plan provider". Do you mean your HMO or PPO? If so, I would not contact them unless they have first contacted you.

After you get a judgment in Small Claims or settle out..I would hold enough money to pay them back if they later ask for it back..but not until then....

You may call me in the morning, if you have any questions.....better to talk about this over the phone...


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