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Selling An Old Alpine Safe

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Selling An Old Alpine Safe

Postby Faegan » Fri Dec 02, 2016 9:40 am

Alpine safe

My family somehow acquired this safe back in the early 1900's, its dimensions are approx. 39"height, 25"wide and 25"deep, it still has the original lock mechanism, and is in working order but has acquired some rust. we are wondering what something like this might be worth and/or where to sell it? thank you for any info you can give.
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Selling An Old Alpine Safe

Postby Gifuhard » Tue Dec 06, 2016 11:40 pm


Alpine Safe Company was in business from around 1880-1899, so your safe is considered an antique.

In order to rate, identify, or evaluate your safe I am going to need pictures.  Evaluation photos should consist of full exterior / interior views, and detail photos of the dial, handles, hinges & acorns, wheels or castors, locks and bolt work(you may need to open the back panel of the door to photograph), cabinetry, art work and any special details or damage. Photos should be high resolution digital pics, to allow me to zoom in, to study in detail the safe you are requesting evaluation of.  Please review your photos before sending them.  If they are out of focus, or you can’t see them – then neither can I.  If the photos are larger than 2mb you may need to send them two at a time per email.

We try to be as unbiased as possible when evaluating and appraising, or offering possible restoration options to you.

Send the photos of the safe to [email protected]

Informal evaluations are no charge.  If you need a formal evaluation or an appraisal for insurance, estate or resale purposes, we have an administrative fee for the extra work.

Selling your safe would be like any other item - advertise, ebay, craigslist, garage sales, flyers to antique stores etc.  Obviously the ultimate price the safe goes for will depend on your motivation as the seller, and the motivation of the buyer.

If you have to sell the safe quickly, you will be willing to take a lower price inorder to dump it.  If the buyer has several potential safes to buy he would be offering lower.  The more desireable your safe is, and the longer you can sit on it, the more likely you will be to get asking price.

You should always have three prices in mind - asking price, price you want, and bottom line price.  This gives you a little negotiation room.

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