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Roofing Products

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Roofing Products

Postby Rosco » Wed Oct 08, 2014 7:21 am

I am replacing a roof and removing previous 2 roofs. First question is whether it is worth additional cost to install 30 pound vs. a 15 pound tar paper? Second question is regarding choice in shingle-I am deciding between owens corning dimensions and timberline prestique 30. What are the advantages of one vs the other? The quote is the same for both shingles.
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Roofing Products

Postby Zani » Wed Oct 08, 2014 11:51 am

Roof Time in action

Hello from a soggy Cincinnati Ohio!

Ok...at my company ROOF TIME we install about 500 roofs every year throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

The vast majority of these roofs are the OWENS CORNING DURATION shingles!

I love the OC brand and the accessories that they make to complete the roof system. We use GENUINE starter and Hip Ridge shingles, and we use the OC 42# felt.

The felt matters..the heavier felt lays flatter! As the shingles age, having a solid FLAT felt deck matters in the look!

I am not a fan AT ALL of the GA-ELK brand. These were 2 separate companies in the past, and now with their merger, they are eliminating colors and tweaking their shingles. it is possible that the roof you buy in 2010 could be history by 2015! Not a big deal, unless you lose a partial roof in a storm, and cannot match it up!

Good Luck!

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