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Returning to sports after an ACL Surgery?

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Returning to sports after an ACL Surgery?

Postby adamka » Wed Dec 28, 2011 10:48 pm

To give a little background information, I am 15 years old girl of average height and weight. In October last year (2010) I was playing competitive soccer and a girl fell on my knee tearing my acl, mcl, and stretching out my pcl. I tore some cartilage (Barely any) and had a few hairline fractures on various bones. I had a strong recovery, and my physical therapy went well. I had all my movement in a little more then a month after my graft reconstructive surgery. In late June I started to play a little bit of soccer, and felt good about it. The second day of High School Tryouts my knee subluxated, and although no injury was sustained, I had to postpone soccer and was told to not play till after the fall.
I am considering giving it another go in March. What are the chances of reinjuring myself again? I have a donjoy brace of good quality fitten to my knee, but it is stiff and makes it harder to preform when wearing, but it supposedly will keep my knee in place. Should i wear the brace when I return to soccer? and what are things I should be doing if I decide to play such as knee strengthening excercises, drills, etc.
I appreciate any feedback you can give me on this. Any personal stories you have to share for me are taken in high gratitude. :)
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Returning to sports after an ACL Surgery?

Postby newyddilyn60 » Wed Dec 28, 2011 10:52 pm

Whenever you injure a part, you are more likely to re-injure it. The brace will help. Nothing will help if another girl lands on your leg.

I have a rather conservative attitude toward the body, especially with regard to sports. You are going to be walking around on that knee for a long time, possibly another 70 years. Competitive soccer has a lifetime of about 3 years if you do it in high school; add another 4 years for college, during which you can get injured again. Soccer, tennis, and basketball are the most dangerous sports for knees.

If it was MY knee, I would take up competitive swimming.

Have a long conversation with your surgeon, your physical therapist, and your parents.
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