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Ralphs grocery store sold me undercooked chicken?

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Ralphs grocery store sold me undercooked chicken?

Postby celeste » Wed Nov 30, 2011 9:25 pm

I was lazI to cook lunch today so i decided to pick up fried chicken from my local grocery store in Southern California. I come home and gave my 15 months old the chicken and she bit in to it and I noticed that there was blood on the chicken.

I opened up the chicken and it was completely raw inside. I cook fried chicken at home all the time and I know what raw chicken looks like! it was cooked very lightly and the meat was not able to peel off like average chicken.

I called the store and spoke to the manager and she was so careless. She seem so careless. She asked me to bring the receipt for a refund. ( she had soome attitude!)

I am sure my daughter will be okay but I am afraid she might get sick. ( she is only 15 months!)

I used to work at a restaurant as a server in my high school days and if things like happened it was a huge deal! I remember manager had to literally bribe the costumer with store gift card! Not only for the stores reputation but because it might lead to law suit!

My intention was not to get free load! I just wanted her to be aware and to apologize.

I can't believe a manager at such a big chain grocery store will train a manager that way

Should i go farther and give report to the corporate???

How would you handle this?
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Ralphs grocery store sold me undercooked chicken?

Postby tai38 » Wed Nov 30, 2011 9:33 pm

Absolutely you should report this. I am a Ralphs member & food safety is taken very seriously at Ralphs. You can call 888-437-3496 or go to customer comments at www.Ralphs.com. Hopefully your little one is ok but your comment might help protect someone else as well!!!!!
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Ralphs grocery store sold me undercooked chicken?

Postby michelangelo » Wed Nov 30, 2011 9:42 pm

i think your child will be okay she might get dirrhorea or a slight fever and she may vomit if she gets any worse i suggest you see a doctor.

i would take this matter further report it to the corporate. this will happen again to another customer. if it doesn't get sorted.

Hope i helped :D
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