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Postby Bardolph » Fri Apr 28, 2017 5:13 pm

s SubjectDate AskedExpertColon Cancer Stage 44/5/2016Betsy Murphyliver cancer with multiple tumors in the liver stage 44/5/2016Betsy MurphyReassurance for those scared3/12/2016Betsy MurphyEnd of Life for Cirrhosis9/15/2015Betsy MurphyMy Mom vs. Hospice Nurse8/10/2015Betsy MurphyLife Support3/17/2015Betsy MurphyLife Support COPD and Health Care related pneumonia12/27/2014Betsy MurphyCOPD & ARDS & level of care criteria11/8/2014Betsy Murphymother with cirrohsis of the liver.11/7/2014Betsy MurphyPrimary CNS Lymphoma5/22/2014Betsy MurphyLiver function3/30/2014Margot RN BScN CGNMedically Dead?1/12/2014Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D. life support/ brain dead12/27/2013Betsy MurphyWorried that my dad was on BIPAP too long12/25/2013Betsy MurphyCirrhosis - Lethargy10/28/2013Betsy MurphyCause of Death?9/28/2013Margot RN BScN CGNI have about a year and want to know how it will end so I can cope9/1/2013Betsy Murphyfather7/22/2013Betsy MurphyCOPD7/8/2013Betsy Murphyhospice care / stomach tube6/4/2013Betsy MurphyAbility to hear while on Life Support4/11/2013Betsy Murphymy mom 85 yr old end stage4/1/2013Margot RN BScN CGNmother3/26/2013Betsy Murphymy mother COPD Emphysema3/26/2013Margot RN BScN CGNlymphoma, end stages3/25/2013Betsy MurphyCirrhosis3/12/2013Betsy MurphyTaking away life support3/8/2013Betsy MurphyReady to let my father go...1/22/2013Betsy Murphycongestive heart failure1/11/2013Margot RN BScN CGNCongestive Heart Failure1/9/2013Margot RN BScN CGNLast Days of Life12/29/2012Betsy MurphyLife support11/28/2012Betsy MurphyADR's11/21/2012Betsy Murphy60min. rule after life support is shut down10/31/2012Betsy MurphyDNR10/2/2012Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.Stage IV kidney cancer with liver failure9/24/2012Betsy MurphyRemoval of Life Support9/22/2012Margot RN BScN CGNend stage liver cirrhosis9/20/2012Betsy MurphySecondary Liver CA Mets9/11/2012Betsy MurphyBronchietasis and severe copd and CHF8/28/2012Betsy MurphyThe progression of Liver Failure.8/13/2012Margot RN BScN CGNEnd of life for Alzheimer's patients7/30/2012Betsy MurphyC.O.P.D. final stage7/12/2012Margot RN BScN CGNEnd stage COPD and Morphine risk6/25/2012Betsy Murphy57 year old father with liver cirrhosis5/29/2012Betsy Murphyinfomation5/24/2012Betsy MurphyWhat happens between now and final stage of dying?4/28/2012Margot RN BScN CGNmum,stomach cancer4/18/2012Betsy MurphyMom with small cell cancer diag beginning year2/27/2012Betsy MurphyEnd of live stages in Lymphoma1/13/2012Betsy Murphymy mom12/20/2011Margot RN BScN CGNMy Dad with COPD severe stage12/6/2011Margot RN BScN CGNhospice care for father with copd chf dm211/12/2011Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.Confused?11/7/2011Betsy MurphyEnd Stage Liver Disease10/24/2011Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.pallative care vs hospice10/21/2011Betsy MurphyHow Does Having Heart Pacer Affect Dying from CHF?10/16/2011Margot RN BScN CGNis this a recovery?10/12/2011Margot RN BScN CGNFollow Up on Liver/Hepatic Encephalapathy10/12/2011Betsy MurphyEnd Stage Liver Cancer/Hepatic Encephalopathy10/3/2011Betsy MurphyCOPD9/24/2011Betsy MurphyIs giving Megase for Alzheimer's9/17/2011Betsy Murphyend stage facial cancer9/16/2011Betsy Murphymom dying9/14/2011Betsy Murphylife support/aunt9/10/2011Betsy Murphynearing the end of life with prostate cancer9/4/2011Betsy MurphyMom dying of Liver CA8/9/2011Betsy Murphyfathers illness7/30/2011Margot RN BScN CGNStage 4 metatastic bone cancer7/21/2011Margot RN BScN CGNMy Grandmother7/20/2011Betsy MurphyHusband Terminal - Making Decisions - Family, Medical Team7/17/2011Margot RN BScN CGNDesperately ill Brother7/1/2011Betsy MurphyTerminal Cancer6/13/2011Betsy MurphyLiver Cancer5/25/2011Betsy MurphyProstate Cancer5/13/2011Margot RN BScN CGNare we nearing the end5/2/2011Betsy MurphyMalnutrition4/28/2011Betsy MurphyLife support4/23/2011Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.End of life questions4/23/2011Betsy MurphyCOPD4/21/2011Betsy MurphyDo I really want hospice involved?4/13/2011Betsy MurphyCOPD/ Cogestive Heart Failure4/11/2011Betsy Murphydifferentiating copd from lung cancer4/4/2011Betsy MurphyCOPD/emphysema--hospice or intervention?3/29/2011Margot RN BScN CGNlung=bone cancer 4th stage: further stages of deterioration3/19/2011Betsy MurphyGrandmother won't eat or drink3/18/2011Margot RN BScN CGNEnd of life question3/16/2011Margot RN BScN CGNComplications fro surgery3/14/2011Betsy Murphycopd3/14/2011Betsy MurphyLife Support3/10/2011Betsy Murphyhospice, dying by starvation & the stages2/24/2011Betsy MurphyStage 4 Liver Cancer Just DX2/21/2011Margot RN BScN CGNSense of Smell on Life Support2/21/2011Betsy MurphyGBM2/17/2011Betsy Murphyocpd2/13/2011Margot RN BScN CGNEnd Stage Cancer - caregiver2/8/2011Margot RN BScN CGNcopd1/31/2011Margot RN BScN CGNFinancial trouble during end of life1/29/2011Betsy Murphydad suffering from liver ca1/21/2011Margot RN BScN CGNTired of this1/14/2011Betsy Murphy copd end stage1/13/2011Betsy MurphyCatheter Removal1/6/2011Betsy MurphyBC liver & bone mets12/24/2010Betsy MurphyCirrhosis of the Liver12/12/2010Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.Kidney Failure / Death12/10/2010Betsy MurphyC&D12/7/2010Betsy Murphycancer12/5/2010Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.Withholding of food or feeding tube12/1/2010Betsy MurphyDying Process11/19/2010Betsy MurphyMy sister has cancer, what to look for11/16/2010Betsy Murphycopd with congestive heart failure11/12/2010Betsy Murphydeath from kidney failure10/30/2010Betsy MurphyParkinson's10/28/2010Betsy MurphyGlioblastmoma10/27/2010Betsy MurphyHemorrhagic Stroke/ruptured aneurysm10/26/2010Betsy Murphybehavior prior todying10/18/2010Margot RN BScN CGNLast stages of upper intestinal cancer and kidney failure10/13/2010Betsy Murphyhusband with severe copd ,chronic broncitis10/12/2010Betsy MurphyDo Not Resuscitate10/1/2010Betsy Murphychf, emphysema, and lukemia...care at home9/26/2010Margot RN BScN CGNKidney failure- end of life9/19/2010Margot RN BScN CGNEnd of Life
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Postby Delrico » Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:05 am

for Dierdre and anyone else who is interested9/10/2010Betsy Murphyfinal stages liver/lung cancer8/24/2010Betsy MurphyLiver & Lung Cancer8/11/2010Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.Stage IV oral cancer8/6/2010Betsy MurphyBrain Damage7/9/2010Betsy Murphy3 serious health issues6/18/2010Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.COPD6/9/2010Betsy MurphyAdvanced Directive and MPOA5/31/2010Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.Stage IV Prostate Cancer5/27/2010Margot RN BScN CGNBreathing problems, ventilator5/26/2010Betsy MurphyChf and copd5/25/2010Betsy MurphyLife Support5/24/2010Betsy Murphylife support5/18/2010Betsy MurphyCOPD and what to expect from here5/15/2010Betsy MurphyCongestive Heart Failure5/13/2010Betsy MurphyPrimary Liver Cancer(HCC) - Terminally ill5/13/2010Betsy MurphyEnd Stage Radiation Sarcoma5/6/2010Betsy MurphyPulling the catheter out5/2/2010Betsy Murphymother/alzheimers/food intake/dying5/2/2010Betsy Murphyterminal thyroid cancer4/30/2010Betsy Murphyfinal stages of congestive heart failure4/28/2010Margot RN BScN CGNtoes curling before dying4/27/2010Betsy Murphy8th - 10th Qs4/22/2010Betsy Murphy*-10 Qs.4/22/2010Margot RN BScN CGNKidney failer4/21/2010Betsy Murphydying thru starvation4/17/2010Margot RN BScN CGN2nd & 3rd Qs.4/17/2010Betsy Murphycardiac pacemaker in 85 yr old PD patient4/15/2010Betsy MurphyEnd stage COPD4/12/2010Margot RN BScN CGNEnd Stage COPD4/12/2010Betsy MurphyDementia4/8/2010Margot RN BScN CGNStage IV prostate cancer4/7/2010Betsy Murphy82yo Grandfather with COPD, CHF, and Diabetes4/6/2010Margot RN BScN CGNacceptance of impending death3/21/2010Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.Life expectancy of friend currently hospitalised3/20/2010Betsy MurphyLive cancer -hospice care3/14/2010Betsy MurphyLife Support3/5/2010Betsy Murphybioethics3/4/2010Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.copd/morphine3/3/2010Margot RN BScN CGN4 stage lung & bone cancer/pain2/24/2010Betsy Murphymajor brain stem stroke2/21/2010Betsy MurphyMy Mom is so ill with severe copd.2/16/2010Margot RN BScN CGNFrontal Lobe Dementia and a Peg Feeding Tube2/15/2010Margot RN BScN CGNCancer2/15/2010Betsy MurphyEND STAGE COPD Medications2/5/2010Margot RN BScN CGNMy dad - final stages of COPD1/28/2010Margot RN BScN CGNcopd1/19/2010Margot RN BScN CGNMorphine1/16/2010Betsy MurphyGullet Cancer/Liver Mets1/13/2010Margot RN BScN CGNPOSSIBLE END STAGE ALZHEIMERS1/10/2010Betsy MurphyDying in Nursing Home/1/8/2010Betsy MurphyDoes my Mom have much time left with COPD?1/6/2010Margot RN BScN CGNEnd Stage Renal Failure1/4/2010Betsy MurphyMom final days at home with COPD1/3/2010Margot RN BScN CGNdoctor assisted suicide1/3/2010Betsy Murphy95 yr old grandma1/1/2010Betsy MurphyPending Death from CHF1/1/2010Margot RN BScN CGNcirrhosis of the liver--end of life12/30/2009Betsy Murphylate stage lung/liver cancer12/27/2009Margot RN BScN CGNeyes after death12/11/2009Margot RN BScN CGNnurse refusal12/9/2009Margot RN BScN CGNCOPD and Nursing Home11/10/2009Margot RN BScN CGNlifesupportformother11/9/2009Margot RN BScN CGNdeath10/28/2009Margot RN BScN CGNMy Grandmother10/26/2009Margot RN BScN CGNBone Cancer10/19/2009Margot RN BScN CGNmetastatic colon cancer10/12/2009Margot RN BScN CGNMy father dealing with Prostate cancer10/4/2009Margot RN BScN CGNEnd Stage COPD/CHF/AFIB9/16/2009Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.advice9/3/2009Margot RN BScN CGNCOPD End stages9/2/2009Margot RN BScN CGNCOPD8/27/2009Margot RN BScN CGNcopd end of life8/16/2009Margot RN BScN CGNCHF, Grandmother8/9/2009Margot RN BScN CGNResponses to being taken of life support8/4/2009Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.My Dying father and my brother who doesn't want to let go7/7/2009Margot RN BScN CGNhearing voices when terminally ill6/28/2009Margot RN BScN CGNCHF Patient with Pacemaker6/25/2009Margot RN BScN CGNstages of COPD6/24/2009Margot RN BScN CGNArtificial nutrition at end of life6/19/2009Margot RN BScN CGNLate-Stage Alzheimer's Symptoms6/19/2009Margot RN BScN CGNStage 4 lung cancer w/mets to liver, kidney & Bone6/14/2009Margot RN BScN CGNHaving a few second thoughts6/9/2009Margot RN BScN CGNovarian cancer spread to liver6/6/2009Margot RN BScN CGNCOPD6/4/2009Margot RN BScN CGNlung cancer stage four6/2/2009Margot RN BScN CGNPneumonia versus UTI5/6/2009Margot RN BScN CGNBreathing at the end of life4/30/2009Margot RN BScN CGNFinal Transition Time for 98-year-old Mother4/4/2009Margot RN BScN CGNend stage liver cancer3/26/2009Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.Living Will3/19/2009Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.grandmother dying3/2/2009Margot RN BScN CGNfather- copd final days?2/22/2009Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.Quick 2/10/2009Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.SMALL CELL Lung Cancer -What happens at the end when death is eminant and hospice has been called2/4/2009Margot RN BScN CGNpeg feeding2/1/2009Margot RN BScN CGNDad1/26/2009Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.Concerned about 92 year old mother1/18/2009Margot RN BScN CGNHow do we actually die?1/14/2009Margot RN BScN CGNbowel problems1/10/2009Margot RN BScN CGNQuick question1/4/2009Margot RN BScN CGNDying with CHF1/3/2009Margot RN BScN CGNPlease I need your help12/29/2008Margot RN BScN CGNfather with copd11/14/2008Margot RN BScN CGNMy Grandmother has Cirrhosis of the Liver9/22/2008Margot RN BScN CGNFailure to Thrive9/9/2008Margot RN BScN CGNHOME CARE VS. INPATIENT9/3/2008Margot RN BScN CGNCadaver Donation, specified institution9/1/2008Margot RN BScN CGNMorphine8/19/2008Margot RN BScN CGNFriend dealing with life support issue on adult child8/13/2008Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.Mother is in end-stage COPD8/12/2008Margot RN BScN CGNmy son has kidney failure8/12/2008Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.DNR8/10/2008Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.Lung Cancer7/29/2008Margot RN BScN CGNmy grandmother is sick and has 2 options related to life support7/22/2008Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.Dying7/1/2008Margot RN BScN CGNMother in-law dying6/30/2008Margot RN BScN CGNLooking after my Mother6/17/2008Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.rectal cancer6/3/2008Margot RN BScN CGNkidney and respitory failure6/3/2008Margot RN BScN CGNmom has end stage copd5/31/2008Margot RN BScN CGNFathers Death5/27/2008Margot RN BScN CGNHospice5/25/2008Margot RN BScN CGNLiver Cancer5/24/2008Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.Removing Life Support5/12/2008Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.COPD5/3/2008Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.kidney failure4/25/2008Margot RN BScN CGNGrandfather - end stage renal failure4/3/2008Margot RN BScN CGNmy brother on life support3/31/2008Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.89 year old grandmother end stages.3/30/2008Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.grandfathers dying3/24/2008Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.86 y/o father failure to thrive, under hospice care3/20/2008Margot RN BScN CGNMy Uncle3/17/2008Margot RN BScN CGNcoping with your best friend having cancer3/17/2008Margot RN BScN CGNDecision Maker3/13/2008Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.mums death3/7/2008Margot RN BScN CGNCOPD+end stage3/7/2008Margot RN BScN CGNno life support and in hospice 3wks2/26/2008Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.Pancreatic cancer involving the liver2/25/2008Margot RN BScN CGNCOPD and Congestive Heart Failure2/20/2008Margot RN BScN CGNKennedy skin disorder?2/15/2008Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.stage 4 melanoma2/14/2008Margot RN BScN CGNlast stages of death2/14/2008Margot RN BScN CGNShould she be fed?2/12/2008Margot RN BScN CGN93 yr. old mother1/26/2008Margot RN BScN CGNMy Grandad-Mottling1/22/2008Margot RN BScN CGNhow do you tell a 4 year old about death?1/16/2008Margot RN BScN CGNDeath Stages1/15/2008Margot RN BScN CGNDeath and Dying1/6/2008Margot RN BScN CGNMy gigi is 841/3/2008Margot RN BScN CGNNeed some help1/1/2008Margot RN BScN CGNCOPD, not eating12/29/2007Margot RN BScN CGNLymphoma lesions in the brain12/28/2007Margot RN BScN CGNsister at the end12/16/2007Margot RN BScN CGNDying From Liver Cancer12/15/2007Margot RN BScN CGNSymptoms of Death from COPD/CHF12/9/2007Margot RN BScN CGNdeath by starvation12/8/2007Margot RN BScN CGNmetastic melanoma spread to liver12/8/2007Margot RN BScN CGNMother wont eat12/5/2007Margot RN BScN CGNnon-hodgkin's lymphoma12/4/2007Margot RN BScN CGNhusband's lung/bone cancer12/4/2007Margot RN BScN CGNC O P D11/29/2007Margot RN BScN CGNGrandma11/29/2007Margot RN BScN CGNoccupational requirements11/22/2007Margot RN BScN CGNRenal death in dogs11/14/2007Margot RN BScN CGNdad dying of aggresive rare liver cancer11/13/2007Margot RN BScN CGNterminating life support for organ donation11/13/2007Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.Lung and Liver Cancer11/12/2007Margot RN BScN CGNLung and liver cancer11/6/2007Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.dying from renal failure11/5/2007Margot RN BScN CGNWhat to expect with sick elderly mom11/3/2007Margot RN BScN CGNstage of prostate cancer11/2/2007Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.Define Life Support measures10/31/2007Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.COPD last stages10/31/2007Margot RN BScN CGNMother died of kidney cancer10/30/2007Margot RN BScN CGNpapa dying, close to the the end10/17/2007Margot RN BScN CGNterminating life support10/15/2007Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.terminating life support10/15/2007Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.Non Hodgkins Lymphoma & Lung Cancer10/10/2007Margot RN BScN CGNMy grandmother is dying10/8/2007Margot RN BScN CGNRe: Refusing home care help9/30/2007Margot RN BScN CGNWhat to expect with stage IV prostate cancer when treatments have failed9/28/2007Margot RN BScN CGNlife support9/23/2007Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.Life Support9/19/2007Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.prostate cancer9/12/2007Margot RN BScN CGNkidney shut down - too much potassium9/8/2007Margot RN BScN CGNdeath and dying9/2/2007Margot RN BScN CGNMy best friend has cancer.8/22/2007Margot RN BScN CGNdeath and dying8/21/2007Margot RN BScN CGNDad dying of Prostate Cancer8/18/2007Margot RN BScN CGNmy husband is now with hospice8/16/2007Margot RN BScN CGNDeath and needing to vent8/14/2007Margot RN BScN CGNlife support removal8/13/2007Margot RN BScN CGNLiver Failure / Cirrhosis8/9/2007Margot RN BScN CGNfather dying?8/5/2007Margot RN BScN CGNhow to support my Dad, now that my mother has died7/23/2007Margot RN BScN CGNgeriatric nursing career7/18/2007Margot RN BScN CGNlife support7/14/2007Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.dying from COPD6/14/2007Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.storage of cadaver bones6/7/2007Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.cadaver/organ donation5/19/2007Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.father has cancer of liver5/14/2007Margot RN BScN CGNMetastatic sinonasal melanoma4/30/2007Margot RN BScN CGNmy mother has stopped eating4/27/2007Margot RN BScN CGNcolon cancer4/16/2007Margot RN BScN CGNrenal failure and death4/15/2007Margot RN BScN CGNJaundice after surgery3/14/2007Margot RN BScN CGNend stadges of copd3/3/2007Janice Reevesperson dying continually raising their arms3/1/2007Janice ReevesDying2/24/2007Janice Reeveswhat happens at the edn?2/15/2007Janice ReevesAlzheimers2/4/2007Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.brother's terminal illness1/16/2007Margot RN BScN CGNdiscussion about impending death1/16/2007Janice Reevesards1/14/2007Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.What is life Support?1/14/2007Janice ReevesBrain death1/14/2007Margot RN BScN CGNdiagnosis1/9/2007Janice Reevesmelanoma last stages1/5/2007Janice Reevesfoster child and mother on life support12/30/2006Janice ReevesCause of death12/25/2006Margot RN BScN CGNwhat can we expect?12/12/2006Janice Reevesdoes jaundice mean the end is near12/11/2006Margot RN BScN CGNCritically ill brother-in-law12/11/2006Janice ReevesEye color at death12/8/2006Margot RN BScN CGNEnd Stage Renal Failure Death12/6/2006Janice Reeveswhat can I expect12/4/2006Margot RN BScN CGNplease right back soon12/3/2006Janice ReevesFriend with Cancer12/1/2006Margot RN BScN CGNlife support11/30/2006Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.non hodgkins lymphoma LTV III11/29/2006Margot RN BScN CGNwhen to withdraw11/27/2006Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.father dying from nonhodgkins lymphoma11/24/2006Margot RN BScN CGNCOPD11/24/2006Margot RN BScN CGNCOPD11/23/2006Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.end-stage lymphoma11/22/2006Margot RN BScN CGNlife support11/13/2006Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.My grandma11/5/2006Janice ReevesWhat was mom feeling?10/27/2006Janice ReevesDoes a dnr stop care for even infections10/26/2006Janice Reeveslife support or let a child die10/16/2006Janice Reeves Is my grandmother dying?10/15/2006Margot RN BScN CGNnew york stage 410/13/2006Margot RN BScN CGNMother's fear of dying...10/12/2006Margot RN BScN CGNcolon cancer and family10/11/2006Janice ReevesMy Mother has dementia10/11/2006Margot RN BScN CGNFather is ill with Lung/Bone Cancer10/9/2006Janice ReevesHow do I know if my grandparents are dying?10/5/2006Margot RN BScN CGNStage 4 DLC Lymphoma10/4/2006Margot RN BScN CGNMY GRANDMOTHER IS PROBABLY DYING10/3/2006Janice ReevesLast stage of death10/2/2006Margot RN BScN CGNKidney Failure10/2/2006Janice Reevesbreathing at the end10/1/2006Margot RN BScN CGNdying9/30/2006Margot RN BScN CGNDealing with Death after cancer9/29/2006Janice Reevesmelanoma metastasis to liver-liver failure9/29/2006Janice Reevesliver failure related to metastatic melanoma9/28/2006Margot RN BScN CGNLiver Cancer Death9/16/2006Margot RN BScN CGNLarge cell carcinoma(lung cancer)9/14/2006Margot RN BScN CGNMy Grandmother9/9/2006Janice Reeveslife support withdrawal9/9/2006Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.friend dying of cancer9/6/2006Margot RN BScN CGNCOPD9/3/2006Janice ReevesCOPD8/30/2006Margot RN BScN CGNDeath / Blood / Colour8/20/2006Janice Reevesdying process of Parkinson patient8/20/2006Margot RN BScN CGNThe Final Process8/18/2006Janice Reevesliver failure7/13/2006Janice Reevesshould I tell the kids their Mimi is dying?7/3/2006Janice Reevesmother has lung cancer6/25/2006Margot RN BScN CGNkidney failure6/23/2006Margot RN BScN CGNdad6/22/2006Janice ReevesRenal Failure and death6/19/2006Margot RN BScN CGNDying from oral cancer6/18/2006Margot RN BScN CGNHospice6/17/2006Margot RN BScN CGNdying/ the elderly6/7/2006Janice ReevesMy Best Friend is Dying6/3/2006Margot RN BScN CGNWhat to expect6/1/2006Margot RN BScN CGNSupporting a friend with terminal cancer5/31/2006Janice ReevesSupporting a friend with terminal cancer5/31/2006Margot RN BScN CGNStage IV Agressive Non-Hodgkins5/28/2006Margot RN BScN CGNBedridden, dementia mother won't eat5/27/2006Margot RN BScN CGNLiver Failure - the process of death, what to expect5/27/2006Janice Reevesdeath and dying5/26/2006Janice Reevesdying WITHOUT dignity5/25/2006Janice ReevesAlzheimers, dying and bowel problems5/25/2006Margot RN BScN CGNlife expectancy on morphine5/23/2006Janice ReevesWhat should we expect?5/18/2006Janice Reevesdying5/15/2006Margot RN BScN CGNdying from renal failure5/15/2006Janice ReevesHelping my friend say goodbye5/15/2006Karen Brawnermorphine doages5/12/2006Margot RN BScN CGNControlling pain from bone cancer5/5/2006Margot RN BScN CGNShould dying people be put on life support5/4/2006Karen BrawnerEnd Stage Information4/26/2006Janice Reeves"mask of death"4/4/2006Margot RN BScN CGNMy mom has Liver andlung cancer3/28/2006Margot RN BScN CGNcopd and dying3/28/2006Margot RN BScN CGNdying stage 4 lung/bone cancer3/13/2006Margot RN BScN CGNLife after death3/2/2006Margot RN BScN CGNSleeping 22 hours a day2/28/2006Margot RN BScN CGNCOPING/I HAVE TWO LOVED ONES WITH TERMINAL CANCER1/20/2006Karen BrawnerI have just spent a month...1/3/2006Margot RN BScN CGNAppearance as death approaches12/30/2005Janice ReevesHospice patient w/ nosebleeds12/7/2005Janice Reevesdying mother??11/19/2005Margot RN BScN CGNstrange question maybe10/30/2005Margot RN BScN CGNDied while on life support10/2/2005Janice Reevesmy mum has terminal lung cancer spread to liver and bones8/22/2005Margot RN BScN CGNWhat is death?7/19/2005Janice ReevesPartial removal of a meningioma brain tumor7/8/2005Margot RN BScN CGNLife support6/16/2005Janice ReevesMDS6/9/2005Karen BrawnerMDS6/9/2005Margot RN BScN CGNseizures5/29/2005Karen BrawnerPhysician assisted suicide/euthanasia4/20/2005Margot RN BScN CGNPhysical change at death4/20/2005Margot RN BScN CGNEnd of life care4/12/2005Margot RN BScN CGNHubby Terminal3/29/2005Karen Brawnerlife support systems3/21/2005Margot RN BScN CGNHow to cope3/18/2005Karen Brawnerterminal3/6/2005Karen BrawnerRemoving my father from the ventilator2/28/2005Margot RN BScN CGNDeath2/20/2005Margot RN BScN CGNDying with cancer2/8/2005Margot RN BScN CGNHospice12/30/2004Janice Reevesdying of old age12/28/2004Margot RN BScN CGNUrgant Responce Needed12/24/2004Margot RN BScN CGNPreparing for the death of my father, 7712/18/2004Margot RN BScN CGNMy father, near death decisions12/18/2004Janice ReevesNot sure you can answer this11/25/2004Margot RN BScN CGNmy friend is dying - family in denial11/22/2004Karen Brawnercome11/16/2004Margot RN BScN CGNdeath/signs/nutrition11/15/2004Janice Reeveshospice care for grandmother with small children in home11/10/2004Margot RN BScN CGNstage of death11/7/2004Margot RN BScN CGNRenal shutdown/life expectancy10/5/2004Margot RN BScN CGNlarge cell carcinoma10/1/2004Karen BrawnerWhat can I expect from Hospice9/19/2004Janice Reevesdeath9/15/2004Margot RN BScN CGNdeath9/14/2004Janice ReevesCOPD and truth8/1/2004Margot RN BScN CGNcremation7/23/2004Karen BrawnerMorphine and the Elderly7/22/2004Margot RN BScN CGNdying how long7/21/2004Margot RN BScN CGNCLL tx and diagnosis7/15/2004Janice Reevesscared of something7/1/2004RuthieDeath and denial6/30/2004Janice Reevesend-stage non-hodgkins lymphoma6/23/2004Janice ReevesTwo problems6/20/2004Janice ReevesWhat would this be?6/6/2004Janice ReevesKidney shutdown in 97 year old5/31/2004Margot RN BScN CGNplease help me5/20/2004MDCDeath from kidney failure5/20/2004Margot RN BScN CGNAlzheimers and dying5/16/2004Margot RN BScN CGNfear of death5/10/2004Margot RN BScN CGNFear of death and dying5/9/2004RuthieComa5/8/2004Janice Reevespulmonary embolism5/6/2004Margot RN BScN CGNdying, signs of4/17/2004Janice ReevesI have a 76 year old mother...2/9/2004MarcSevered Head Awareness11/21/2003Theresa LongoDying And Morphine9/25/2003Margot RN BScN CGNTerminal Cancer9/15/2003Karen BrawnerWhen can i expect to die?8/27/2003Theresa LongoAfter Life Support7/31/2003Diane Lawrence RNWhat to expect.........?7/3/2003Carol K HammondHusband w/Kidney Problems4/23/2003Karen BrawnerQuick 4/16/2003Carol K Hammonddeath4/10/2003Margot RN BScN CGNLife Support4/10/2003Diane Lawrence RNAffiliations3/10/2003RuthieQuick question3/6/2003Carol K HammondDying Process in the elderly2/22/2003Margot RN BScN CGNpeg feeding2/19/2003Margot RN BScN CGNEnd Stage Alzheimers; Swallowing Reflex gone1/24/2003Margot RN BScN CGNMelanoma: From Go to Whoa1/21/2003Karen Brawneri need to interview an RN!!!12/8/2002Carol K HammondNon Hodgkins Lymphoma9/9/2002Janice ReevesJob responsibilities8/13/2002Janice Reevesdeath of father5/19/2002Margot RN BScN CGN13 yr old boy's mother is dying-cancer5/18/2002Janice Reevesterminal cancer care at home5/7/2002Margot RN BScN CGNHospice care3/23/2002Janice ReevesALS11/13/2001Rev. Jim JohnsonStages of Death in the Elderly10/19/2001Margot RN BScN CGNlack of nutrition & hydration9/6/2001Janice Reevestime spent in hospice7/14/2001Janice Reevestime after death6/28/2001Janice Reevesliving heart donors4/28/2001Rev. Jim Johnsondeath4/23/2001Rev. Jim Johnsonwhat to expect4/9/2001Margot RN BScN CGNcopd3/26/2001Margot RN BScN CGNBereaved Families3/16/2001James Lee Barlitt, RN, LNC, NREMT-P, CRTCancer3/3/2001catabusive parent dies ???mixed feelings1/6/2001Janice ReevesDEATH & DYING12/2/2000Janice Reevesassisted suicide ???11/25/2000Janice Reevesrenal failure7/23/2000Janice ReevesHi. I am currently in the...6/17/2000Janice Reevesthe human soul4/24/2000Janice ReevesPulling the plug on a young child4/21/2000Janice Reevescoma4/15/2000Janice ReevesPage:  Most Recent   |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10   |   Oldest
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