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Postby Darius » Wed Apr 26, 2017 7:54 pm

s SubjectDate AskedExpertQuery Regarding Export Business11/1/2016Mr. Rohit PawarInternational LC -- payments in tranches?3/28/2016Richard BarrImporting small crafts, boats2/5/2016Pallas21Cut price of raw materials12/26/2015Pallas21Immitation jewelry Export from India12/21/2015Mr. Rohit PawarSeeking details on Import of Cushion Covers from India10/27/2015Mr. Rohit Pawarimport olive oil as suplement8/20/2015Pallas21Shipping from Mexico to US7/26/2015Pallas21Importing clothing6/10/2015Pallas21export of hand made bags, jholas etc to USA4/14/2015Mr. Rohit Pawarimport export inquiry3/10/2015Mr. Rohit PawarFOB2/5/2015Mr. Rohit Pawarimporting gold into US10/5/2014Lisa MadridGoods Transaction Advice needed..8/15/2014Richard BarrImport to US from China of a part made in France7/23/2014Lisa MadridExporting "Test/Demo" Unit to China, how to avoid Duties & Taxes Legally6/4/2014Pallas21Importing hello kitty shoes from china5/21/2014Mark Mokcountry of origin5/20/2014Lisa Madridexport import5/14/2014Mr. Rohit PawarHow to claim import custom tax3/19/2014Mr. Rohit PawarSourcing from China/Asia2/10/2014Mark MokSourcing from China/Asia2/10/2014FoxOfferImporting handmade jewelry from Europe2/8/2014Lisa MadridImporting sauce products to US1/28/2014Lisa Madridimport from china1/1/2014Mr. Rohit PawarHow to clear shipments on my own?12/2/2013Lisa MadridUSA Import of Goods for Purpose of Repair from Goods Previously Exported to Germany11/26/2013Lisa Madridhello buddy11/23/2013FoxOfferhandbags imported into the US...11/13/2013Lisa Madridhow to start Import Export business?10/31/2013Mr. Rohit PawarExport and Import Data of Maternity products10/19/2013Mr. Rohit PawarImporting maternity clothes from Peru10/10/2013Lisa Madridexporting from US10/4/2013Pallas21Export from India9/3/2013Pallas21sipping from China to Canada and US8/25/2013Lisa Madridimporting silver jewlery to the US8/20/2013Pallas21Manufacturer insurance - URGENT8/13/2013Mark MokSteps For Importing From China8/1/2013Lisa Madridimporting goods from Africa7/28/2013Lisa MadridManufacturers policy - how to7/28/2013FoxOfferMADE IN label7/28/2013Mark Mokshipment from china7/15/2013Hank Sdesign inquiry6/24/2013Doracy De Magalhaes PintoPayment for Imports6/24/2013FoxOfferSource Tea Importers in China6/17/2013FoxOffereconomy help6/9/2013Mr. Rohit PawarTaking previously exported items back into US6/7/2013Lisa MadridTravelling into states with commercial vehicle6/7/2013Lisa MadridBuying from china5/29/2013FoxOfferart into USA5/14/2013Lisa MadridExport from India5/3/2013Lisa Madridimporting pisco4/18/2013Doracy De Magalhaes Pintoregarding DP credit terms3/30/2013Steve Van DuzenImporting from India to the uk3/27/2013Steve Van DuzenImport and Re-Export3/8/2013Steve Van DuzenCountry of Origin labeling3/5/2013Lisa MadridSite visit/Inspection3/4/2013Hank SExport clothing from USA to Taiwan3/3/2013Steve Van Duzenshipping charges2/28/2013Steve Van Duzenjewellery export from egypt to USA2/24/2013Lisa Madridimport children clothes from Spain2/20/2013Lisa MadridImporting machines to India2/19/2013Steve Van Duzenfinding a supplier in china2/16/2013Hank SExport clothing from USA to South East Asia2/16/2013Steve Van DuzenExport to Brazil from India2/8/2013Doracy De Magalhaes Pintocreating my own tea label2/2/2013Pallas21Importing Gold Jewelry2/1/2013Lisa Madridimporting from India1/29/2013Lisa MadridRe: Export Dog Food to China1/28/2013Steve Van Duzenimporting from colombia to U.S.A1/18/2013Pallas21Importing Goods to n.y1/14/2013Pallas21want to export indian materials to US1/14/2013Pallas21Re: Importing clothes from China to Cape Town, South Africa1/11/2013Philip LiuImport nonwoven disposable apparel1/9/2013Steve Van DuzenImporting to the US from India1/9/2013Steve Van DuzenHousewares12/25/2012Lisa Madridimporting mid-tech products to Brazil12/17/2012Doracy De Magalhaes Pintoimporting gold from uae12/17/2012Lisa Madriduse of power of attorney12/9/2012Lisa MadridImporting to US from Argentina11/26/2012Lisa MadridImport garment to US11/7/2012Ruth Rossimport and selling into USA as non resident11/6/2012Lisa MadridToilet Paper Importing From China10/28/2012Lisa Madridimport export agent10/24/2012Ruth Rossgetting equipment back from canada10/22/2012Pallas21CAD10/12/2012Ruth RossImporting goods from China to New York10/4/2012Ruth RossImporting furniture from India for resale in US - duties and brokers10/2/2012Lisa MadridMedicines shipping10/1/2012Lisa MadridCustoms for non-commercial textile shipments?9/28/2012Lisa MadridSelling African-made crafts as fundraiser9/27/2012Lisa MadridExporting non-textiles to Germany9/24/2012Lisa MadridImport Procedures from Colombia9/21/2012Lisa MadridShipping/custom cost importing jewelry from Italy to USA, California.9/20/2012Pallas21Exporting goods from Usa to Europe9/19/2012Hank SExporting used electronics from USA to India9/14/2012Pallas21Import clothes from Spain9/7/2012Lisa Madridimporting arts and crafts from africa9/6/2012Lisa MadridImporting Leather Gloves from Pakastain into US9/1/2012Lisa Madridprice negotiation8/31/2012Hank SHow to import candies from Colombia to the US8/31/2012Lisa MadridBusiness: Import8/29/2012Hank SNeed Help finding HS Code8/24/2012Doracy De Magalhaes PintoImporting goods into the UK8/17/2012Doracy De Magalhaes PintoImporting a single piece of furniture from India to Houston, TX8/14/2012Lisa MadridExporting Gold from Columbia8/9/2012Lisa MadridImporting gold into US from Africa8/5/2012Lisa MadridHow to start import business in Fabrics7/31/2012Lisa Madridimporting7/23/2012Lisa MadridCigars7/14/2012Lisa MadridImporting used furniture to USA from India for commercial purpose7/11/2012Lisa MadridSeeking a Supplier7/9/2012Hank SImporting handmade bar soaps.6/23/2012Lisa MadridImporting to Brazil from USA6/22/2012Doracy De Magalhaes PintoExport Tariffs6/18/2012Kenneth HuHow to import from Taiwan6/13/2012Lisa MadridImport from Bangkok6/8/2012Kenneth HuImporting from China6/6/2012Hank SImport/Export to China6/5/2012Hank SImporting Sterling Silver with gemstone jewelry from India...6/5/2012Lisa MadridImport Tariff on Cotton suits5/25/2012Lisa MadridImport/Custom fees5/23/2012Lisa MadridExport from China5/22/2012Kenneth Hucustoms5/22/2012Lisa Madridstarting a tea business5/22/2012Hank SImport5/11/2012Lisa MadridImports from China5/10/2012Lisa Madridimport from china5/9/2012Hank SExport to Brazil5/7/2012Doracy De Magalhaes Pintoexporting fertilizer from china5/3/2012Hank SImporting from Brazil5/1/2012Lisa MadridImporting from Colombia4/30/2012Lisa Madridnew online usiness4/19/2012FoxOffernew online business4/19/2012Doracy De Magalhaes PintoSending plant seeds to US4/18/2012Lisa MadridOnline business selling into the USA4/17/2012Lisa MadridImporting Old Trucks from Colombia4/16/2012Lisa MadridImporting/selling crafts from Mexico to the U.S.4/11/2012Lisa MadridExporting crisps to China4/10/2012FoxOfferExport Business Guangzhou Local Expat4/9/2012Hank SImport to Chile from China - Scooters4/4/2012Doracy De Magalhaes Pintonew business3/31/2012Lisa MadridImporting from China to California Customs Tax ETC3/29/2012Lisa MadridCanadian Sales Tax on Imported Equipment3/29/2012Lisa MadridImporting from Ukraine3/23/2012Lisa MadridBringing Gold in to the Us from Africa3/13/2012Lisa MadridImporting cloths from China3/13/2012Philip LiuImporting Handbags into Canada from the U.S.2/20/2012Lisa MadridImporting from China2/10/2012Lisa MadridExport business in Chile to India2/6/2012Doracy De Magalhaes PintoImporting goods from us to China2/1/2012FoxOfferfollow up re: general requirements to import goods1/17/2012Lisa MadridGlass Production in Central & South America1/17/2012Doracy De Magalhaes PintoGold from Tanzania1/13/2012Lisa Madridimporting childrens clothing1/4/2012Lisa MadridImporting products12/27/2011Kenneth HuImporting into USA from India.12/15/2011Lisa MadridImporting/Exporting12/14/2011Hank SImporting/Exporting12/14/2011Lisa Madridexport to China for reimport11/30/2011Kenneth HuImporting paintings11/23/2011Lisa MadridCOO for Chinese goods11/9/2011Doracy De Magalhaes PintoLooking for a factory?10/25/2011FoxOfferart thru airport customs10/10/2011Lisa MadridCustoms rules for small shipments10/4/2011Lisa MadridMattress export to USA10/2/2011Lisa Madridimporting cold rolled zinc alume steel9/21/2011Lisa MadridFinding the right provider9/15/2011Philip LiuImport of womens clothing9/15/2011Philip LiuImporting accessories from the Philippines9/14/2011Mark Mokpaintings to USA9/4/2011Lisa MadridCustoms Clearance9/1/2011Lisa Madridlabelling requirements for good made in China9/1/2011Mark Mokimporting coffe from Guatemala8/25/2011Lisa Madridexporting from China8/25/2011Hank SVAT executed when transporting goods from Italy to UK8/20/2011Kenneth HuHow to ship loaned item in-out China without tax?8/18/2011Philip LiuImporting from China8/12/2011Philip LiuImporting from China8/12/2011Hank SImporting from France for personal use8/4/2011Lisa Madridsourcing company8/1/2011Hank SCountry of Origin of Multiunit Package8/1/2011Lisa MadridImporting Goods from china and labeling7/29/2011Lisa MadridHow can I import Fishing reels from China to Mexico7/24/2011FoxOfferlabeling and financing orders through china7/22/2011Hank SImporting sterling silver jewelry from Peru into the US7/18/2011Lisa Madridcustom invoice7/15/2011Philip Liuliniment7/15/2011Lisa MadridImports and Exports7/12/2011Lisa MadridWanting to Import to FL from Pakistan7/11/2011Lisa Madridgold imports from Africa7/10/2011Lisa MadridCustoms Valuation for Repaired Items7/6/2011Lisa Madridimporting packaging goods7/5/2011Lisa MadridImporting from China.6/29/2011Philip LiuImporting Oil from Europe6/29/2011Lisa Madridimported beautician scissors6/28/2011Lisa Madridimport plywood6/25/2011Lisa Madridfurniture6/21/2011Lisa Madridimporting small goods from china6/21/2011Philip LiuChildrens clothing and accessories import from china6/12/2011Philip LiuGerman company importing chinese goods to US6/9/2011Lisa MadridPurchasing Overseas6/7/2011Hank SAntique Ivory6/2/2011Lisa MadridForm E5/29/2011Philip Liushoe manufacturer in china5/27/2011Philip LiuDrop shipping items from China5/25/2011Philip Liuimporting clothing into usa5/18/2011Lisa MadridImporting Tea From China to UK5/15/2011Philip LiuImport clothing from India5/13/2011Lisa MadridChina exchange rates5/13/2011Hank SRates5/12/2011Kenneth HuImport to NJ5/5/2011Lisa MadridHow we can return our goods in the case buyer could not pay our fund5/3/2011Kenneth Huchina products4/24/2011Kenneth HuImport Arts to United States4/22/2011Lisa MadridImporting from China4/21/2011Hank Spayment terms - d/p4/19/2011Richard BarrItems exported to Canada from China4/17/2011FoxOfferImporting Lingerie form istanbul.4/15/2011Lisa MadridOutsourcing production to China4/15/2011Hank Sstarting a new lineof sneakers4/1/2011Philip Liuimporting clothes to the US3/31/2011FoxOfferGuarantee of shipment using aTT payment-Is payment held3/31/2011Hank SHARLEY BIKE3/27/2011Lisa MadridIMPORT LEATHER GOODS FROM PAKISTAN3/26/2011Lisa MadridExporting soap making supplies from India3/25/2011Lisa MadridDetails required for importing Canned Foods3/23/2011Philip LiuStarting an import business with a little initial funds3/22/2011Richard BarrHOW CAN WE SECURE ON DA TERM3/17/2011Richard BarrImport scarves from India3/13/2011Lisa MadridChina Trade3/8/2011Hank Simporting from canada3/4/2011Lisa MadridIMPORTING PAINTINGS FOR EXHIBITION2/28/2011Lisa MadridDuties on import of consumer electronics2/28/2011Lisa Madridimporting to the states2/28/2011Lisa MadridBusiness Planning2/22/2011Philip Liuimporting cigars from china2/19/2011Lisa MadridSample Charges2/17/2011Hank SEuros to Dollars2/15/2011Richard Barrhow do i verify if a company is good2/12/2011Philip LiuProcess to Import merchandise from Bangladesh in New York.2/11/2011Lisa MadridImporting Interactive white boards from China.2/10/2011Philip LiuI wanna export cloth from US1/30/2011Lisa MadridImport duties/tariffs1/26/2011Lisa Madridhow to verified chinse company1/24/2011Hank SImport apparel from China1/23/2011Lisa Madridhow to get an certificate of origin1/21/2011FoxOfferbuyers risk.1/19/2011Richard BarrImport taxes, custom duties and other fees1/17/2011Lisa MadridExtra Virgin Olive Oil1/17/2011FoxOffershipper bankruptcy1/16/2011Lisa MadridMade in China requirement1/13/2011FoxOfferCountry of Origin1/13/2011Philip LiuOil painting import/export to the USA1/12/2011Lisa MadridSecure Payment for Importing Sugar from Turky1/12/2011Richard BarrWhat to expect when importing from China1/9/2011Lisa MadridImporting Finished Leather goods from the Philippines1/9/2011Lisa MadridTransferable LC1/7/2011Philip LiuGold Import from Africa1/6/2011Lisa Madridimporting gold from Colombia1/5/2011Lisa Madridlogistics1/4/2011Mark MokImporting from Italy1/2/2011Lisa Madridsupplier in china12/31/2010Philip LiuImporting cosmetics and other things from china12/30/2010Philip LiuImporting12/28/2010Mark MokTextile, garment business12/28/2010Mark Mokimport gold and patriot act?12/19/2010Lisa MadridI recevied the following copy..is this a scam or real?12/18/2010Richard Barrwhat is LC ,CAD AND T/T12/16/2010Lisa MadridBeginner12/11/2010Hank Sproducts from china12/1/2010Hank SLabelling Requirements11/24/2010Lisa Madridexporting to vietnam11/12/2010Hank SBlackBerry & iPhones OEM from China11/11/2010Hank SImporting Goods From China11/1/2010Lisa MadridImport into the USA10/17/2010Lisa MadridExporting clothing and related goods from Asia10/7/2010Hank SIMPORT - TERMS10/6/2010Richard BarrTransferable Standby LC10/5/2010Richard BarrImporting 10/4/2010Hank SL/C10/3/2010Richard Barrcoffee9/30/2010Lisa MadridL/C cost9/25/2010Mark Mokimporting9/13/2010FoxOfferApple MacBook Pro 17" 2.53ghz9/3/2010FoxOffer Payment9/2/2010Mark MokBuying From China8/28/2010Hank SNon-Circumvention8/24/2010Hank STaxes & Tariffs8/13/2010Hank Simporting trousers from china8/10/2010FoxOffermachine cut glass chatons will import and safely payment8/2/2010Philip LiuImport rules...8/2/2010Steve Van DuzenPayments8/1/2010Mark MokForeign Exchange7/30/2010Steve Van DuzenDealing with factories in China and US middlemen7/29/2010Hank Sonline business7/28/2010FoxOffersurety bond7/27/2010Steve Van Duzendomestic vs. international production7/26/2010Steve Van Duzengetting own designs of furniture made and exported to the UK.General interiors and unusual furniture importing to the UK7/25/2010Philip LiuImporting branded clothing to Canada7/22/2010Steve Van DuzenExporting goods but retaining Ownership7/21/2010Steve Van Duzenexporting garments7/19/2010Steve Van DuzenRemit Customs Duty before receiving product7/14/2010Steve Van DuzenCustoms and regulations on exports to US7/11/2010FoxOfferDP SIGHT7/10/2010Richard BarrCertificate of Origin7/7/2010Steve Van DuzenImporting Electronic items from China to Ontario7/4/2010Philip Liuimporting wood chippers, bucket trucks into Brazil7/3/2010Steve Van DuzenFOB US Port7/1/2010Steve Van Duzenimport and export6/30/2010Philip LiuDo I need to pay taxes on imported inventory?6/29/2010Steve Van DuzenFinding a Source in China6/28/2010FoxOfferinternational importing from china to canada6/28/2010Philip LiuPayment Terms6/27/2010Steve Van DuzenImporting clothing6/25/2010Steve Van DuzenVisiting factories6/16/2010Philip LiuAbout taking orders against documents CAD or DP!!!!!6/15/2010Steve Van Duzenexport import6/14/2010FoxOfferDrop Shipment Wholesalers6/4/2010Mark MokImport6/1/2010Steve Van DuzenFOB5/31/2010Steve Van DuzenHow to derive the percentage of costing for export5/30/2010Steve Van DuzenHelp Me...Maybe Could Lead to More if you agree5/30/2010Hank Simport products to sell in Canada5/29/2010Hank SChinese custom problems5/28/2010Steve Van DuzenPayment Methods5/24/2010FoxOfferTea from china5/20/2010Hank Sexport to China for re-import to USA5/13/2010Hank SC&F5/11/2010Richard Barrimporting5/9/2010Hank SImporting Olive Oil from Mexico?5/2/2010Steve Van Duzenimport and exporting olive oil5/1/2010Steve Van Duzenimporting brazillian coffee5/1/2010Steve Van Duzenimport of non-woven medical comsumables4/29/2010Steve Van Duzenimports4/28/2010Steve Van DuzenCertificate of Origin4/26/2010Steve Van DuzenProduct Labeling Requirements4/24/2010Steve Van DuzenExporting Liquor4/23/2010Steve Van DuzenBuying shoes from China4/22/2010Hank SImporting Regualations for Olive Oil and compressed coffee from Spain in container load4/21/2010Steve Van DuzenImporting leather goods from uruguay4/15/2010Steve Van Duzenprocess for import for chairity4/14/2010Steve Van DuzenImporting wine from Italy4/6/2010Steve Van Duzenimporting scrap metal in US4/5/2010Steve Van Duzenbringing silver into Canada3/30/2010Steve Van DuzenTT Payment3/27/2010Steve Van DuzenExport to UK3/25/2010Steve Van DuzenRisk of Importing goods3/25/2010FoxOfferImporting cigars from Peru to the US3/24/2010Steve Van DuzenImportation3/22/2010Philip Liuexport goods to uruguay3/18/2010Steve Van DuzenNatural Fiber3/18/2010Steve Van Duzenresale goods3/15/2010Richard BarrImporting alcohol into the UK from the USA3/11/2010Steve Van DuzenExporting Clothes to brasil3/9/2010Steve Van DuzenImport and export trading for International Artists3/6/2010Steve Van Duzenleather good business3/4/2010FoxOfferImport clothing to Mexico3/3/2010Steve Van Duzentrade as middle man3/3/2010Richard BarrImporting medical Catheters from Ireland2/28/2010Steve Van DuzenMade in China Label requirements2/25/2010Hank SMade in China Label requirements2/25/2010Philip LiuMade in China Label requirements2/25/2010Steve Van DuzenImporting Headphones from China2/25/2010FoxOfferManufacturer2/24/2010Steve Van DuzenImporting shoes from China2/23/2010Hank SSOURCING2/22/2010FoxOfferimporting clothes from thiland to india2/19/2010Steve Van DuzenI have a supplier in china. how can i get product to canada2/8/2010Hank SStarting a factory in china2/8/2010Hank Sbook, office supplies import to Indonesia2/7/2010Philip LiuLooking to Sell Cloths from China in Australia2/2/2010Mark MokCountry of Origin Marking2/1/2010Hank SPrice negotiation China1/29/2010Hank SQUOTE AND TAX1/21/2010Philip LiuRepaired Goods1/20/2010AlexanderImporting from China1/5/2010Philip LiuExporting Foods to Chengdu1/1/2010Philip LiuCertificat of Origin12/14/2009Mark MokNew to the business11/20/2009Mark MokImporting Italian Design from China11/18/2009Hank Simport and export license11/17/2009FoxOfferexport11/11/2009FoxOfferchemical import in India from china11/7/2009Philip LiuChina Goods Production10/29/2009Philip LiuShoe Suppliers in China10/29/2009Hank SImporting from China to Mexico through USA10/21/2009AlexanderCertificate of origin10/20/2009Philip LiuFORM E for AFTA "China - Thailand"10/20/2009FoxOfferimport licence in UK10/13/2009FoxOfferregarding china10/13/2009Philip Liuimporting from china10/12/2009Philip LiuImport duty on electronic goods from China10/12/2009Hank SImporting small amount from China10/12/2009Hank SPaying large amounts to China10/11/2009Hank SChinese price in USD10/9/2009Hank SFood export10/5/2009Philip LiuStandard commercial practice with respect to shipped goods10/1/2009Richard BarrImporting metal shower heads from China9/30/2009Hank Simporting electronic goods from china9/30/2009AlexanderImport from Taiwan - Bicycles9/29/2009Alexanderquestion9/26/2009Mark MokExport9/25/2009AlexanderShoe Manufacturing9/24/2009Hank SManufacture in China9/18/2009Philip LiuGeneral9/18/2009Hank Simport from China9/16/2009Philip LiuInformation for licensing procedures9/16/2009Alexanderbuying from china9/15/2009FoxOfferimport electronic goods from china9/14/2009FoxOfferFCC certifications on Chinese imported consumer electronics9/10/2009Hank SChinese Manufacture terms9/5/2009Hank Schina8/11/2009Mark MokHow to make sure respect for IP8/8/2009FoxOfferhelp in finding manufacturer of jewellery making beads8/4/2009Mark Mokbeads wholesaler from china8/3/2009FoxOfferPayment of foreign proceeds7/30/2009Hank SDresses from Asia7/27/2009Hank SImporting Cosmetic Refrigerators7/27/2009FoxOfferDuty on sandals into USA from China7/12/2009Hank SCourier service from USA to MEXICO7/11/2009AlexanderCanadian GST7/8/2009Mark MokImporting optical frames and electronic goods from china7/5/2009FoxOfferImporting Spotlights from China for US Distribution6/26/2009Hank SHow to start import goods from Sri Lanka6/25/2009Alexandershipping food to china,6/25/2009FoxOfferchina exports & fraud6/17/2009Hank SElectronic-cigarette Provider(suppliers)wanted6/13/2009FoxOfferCountry of Origin6/3/2009Alexanderauthentic goods5/30/2009FoxOfferForm E, imports China to Thailand5/29/2009FoxOfferopening a store5/28/2009Hank Sbopp films5/27/2009Mark MokWhere to begin?5/25/2009Mark MokImporting IPods from china to India5/21/2009FoxOfferpurchasing goods from China5/20/2009FoxOfferpurchasing goods from China5/20/2009Hank Shi5/18/2009Hank Sgetting started5/11/2009Mark Moknew business5/8/2009Mark Moknew business5/8/2009FoxOfferTerms of sales5/7/2009Richard BarrLabel and packaging for imprort items4/29/2009FoxOfferimporting from china4/27/2009Hank SDA or DP4/27/2009Richard BarrChina - Exporting Flat Irond4/23/2009Hank SImporting from S. Korea4/19/2009Hank SSubject: we manufacture much concrete block products and we look for more importers abroad4/19/2009Hank Sfirst time importing from China4/15/2009Hank Simporting textiles from China4/15/2009Hank SHow can I secure my funds when importing from Asia?4/8/2009Richard BarrChinese invitation letter to Canton Fair4/7/2009Alexanderimporting from china4/7/2009Hank SHow to import from China to Canada4/7/2009FoxOfferescrow account4/2/2009Richard BarrRe-export4/2/2009Hank SL/C Issue3/30/2009Richard Barrimport from china3/26/2009FoxOfferA draft copy for business contract and terms and conditions3/25/2009FoxOfferinspection of goods3/20/2009Hank Sexport permit3/17/2009FoxOfferVerifying a Chinese Import & Export Co.3/16/2009AlexanderChina Customs Regulation for Export items3/12/2009Hank Scommercial invoice & other importing documents3/11/2009FoxOfferreferral bonuses3/8/2009FoxOfferImporting from China, Taiwan and S. Korea3/8/2009Alexandername brand products from China2/14/2009Alexanderselling goods from uk address but shipping from china2/13/2009FoxOfferDo I need an import export license in China?2/11/2009Alexanderinternational shipping and fob1/15/2009Richard BarrAdvice needed1/15/2009Hank SWhat is Hott right NOW??1/15/2009FoxOffergetting stuff from china1/8/2009Alexanderelectronic cigarettes Provider,Supplier,importers License1/5/2009FoxOfferPrivate Label Shoes1/5/2009Hank SChina Labelling to USA1/2/2009FoxOfferwant to know the custome process12/25/2008FoxOfferImporting printed materials to US12/14/2008Robert Duggerpayment terms12/13/2008FoxOffershipping and manufacturing in China12/11/2008Hank SGranite12/3/2008Hipo Wongimporting from mexico12/3/2008Robert DuggerImporting Germany parts from Mexico12/2/2008Robert DuggerVerify Company11/28/2008FoxOfferStarting a Import bsuiness11/25/2008FoxOfferbiss11/25/2008FoxOfferCert of Origin for China made metal panels11/24/2008Hank Simport11/22/2008Hank STT payment11/20/2008Richard Barrcertificate of origin - Asean Form E11/19/2008FoxOffersimple query11/14/2008Richard BarrImporting a container load11/5/2008Hank SPaying for imported good from china11/3/2008FoxOfferChina Referrals Source10/31/2008Hank SImport license10/19/2008Robert DuggerMy order imported that I received is wrong10/18/2008FoxOfferImport Label requirements items from China10/18/2008Robert Duggerdrop shipping from china to germany10/16/2008Hipo WongImporting gold10/15/2008Robert DuggerImporting Gold from Africa.10/12/2008Robert Duggerbuying from china10/10/2008Hank SImporting handheld game device10/10/2008Robert Duggerexport coating powder to US10/5/2008Robert DuggerImporting marble from Greece10/1/2008Robert DuggerExporting to China9/29/2008Hank STrade Fairs & the first import9/29/2008Hank Show to negotiate price?9/25/2008Hank Si want to import Goods from india to USA by a Ship9/19/2008Robert DuggerImportred Copper9/17/2008Robert DuggerManufacturing Fishing Poles9/10/2008Hank Simporting for our own use9/4/2008FoxOfferimporting form mexico9/2/2008Robert DuggerComputer Wholesalers8/29/2008FoxOfferbroker8/22/2008Robert DuggerImport License8/20/2008FoxOfferoriginal oil paintings8/19/2008Robert DuggerExporting & Importing Goods8/19/2008Robert DuggerChinese imports8/18/2008Hank SImporting Scooters8/8/2008Robert DuggerImporting Sterling Silver jewelry into the US8/8/2008Robert Duggerexporting fees8/7/2008Hipo WongBuying Bulk Electronics in China7/31/2008FoxOfferExporting to China...?7/30/2008FoxOfferWhos buying all this?7/26/2008Hank Sconsolidating goods from multiple factories7/25/2008Hank Simport of fantasy jewerly to USA7/24/2008Robert Duggerimporting diamonds7/23/2008Robert Duggerabout importation from china7/19/2008Hipo Wongus money to uk money7/17/2008Richard Barrhow to freigt goods from china to USA7/16/2008Robert DuggerImport7/15/2008FoxOfferImport d goods7/14/2008Robert Duggerabout importation from china7/14/2008FoxOfferExport Samples to Mexico7/11/2008Robert DuggerAlkaline Batteries7/9/2008Hipo WongChina government increase refund of export tax for fabric from 11% to 13%?7/9/2008FoxOfferPurchasing TV from China7/4/2008Hank SImport clothing to Mexico6/24/2008Steve Van DuzenBuying from Hong Kong6/24/2008Hank SQuery about best terms of exporting6/24/2008Steve Van DuzenImporting vs. Manufacturing Domestically6/14/2008Hank SStarting my own shoe line6/11/2008Hank SInquiry6/9/2008Hank Schina to uk/eu countries5/28/2008FoxOfferGot cargo coming from China, now what?5/27/2008Hank Sfinding a manufacturer/import5/18/2008Hank SBuying goods from China4/30/2008FoxOfferImport Taxes4/29/2008FoxOfferImport of Clothing4/28/2008Steve Van Duzenimporting wine from France and sell it in the US4/28/2008Steve Van DuzenExport of Dietary Supplements to China4/28/2008FoxOfferBuying PP fibers from China4/26/2008sinosourcingImport from China4/24/2008Jennifer JohnstoneEXPORT4/22/2008FoxOfferStarting a Import&export business in uk4/21/2008FoxOfferexport waste paper from india4/20/2008Steve Van DuzenImporting from Brazil to USA4/17/2008Steve Van Duzenexporting silver from Taxco Mexico4/15/2008Steve Van Duzenexporting coffee to Canada from Italy4/14/2008Steve Van DuzenImporting Boats from America to Australia4/13/2008Steve Van DuzenImporting Jewelry4/10/2008Steve Van Duzenthe price on the commercial invoice4/4/2008Hipo Wongexporting textiles from China to Canada4/3/2008Hipo WongExporting to Jamaica4/1/2008Jennifer Johnstonebuying brand clothing from china3/21/2008Richard BarrExport Funds request via TT3/18/2008Richard BarrUnderstanding pricing3/17/2008Hank SImporting from China3/14/2008Hank SThe need for I/E licensing3/14/2008Hank SImporting from China - Label requirement3/13/2008Hank Sexporting granite to canada3/11/2008Hipo Wongimporting to Canada3/3/2008Steve Van DuzenExporting jewellery from Brazil to UK2/29/2008Steve Van Duzenstarting buisness wid china in gifts and fashion acces.2/28/2008Hipo Wongcif vs fob2/25/2008Steve Van DuzenChildren's wear export from Malaysia to Australia2/25/2008Steve Van DuzenImporting from South Africa2/22/2008Steve Van DuzenShipping Import & Export Terminology2/21/2008Steve Van DuzenI just want to design cute furniture... for crying out loud.2/18/2008Steve Van DuzenInport of wine to the UK2/15/2008Steve Van DuzenImporting Silver from Mexico2/15/2008Steve Van Duzenimporting products to germany2/12/2008Steve Van DuzenI am Chinese and I want developing in UK market2/5/2008Steve Van Duzenimporting authentic brand name electronics2/4/2008Hank SHelp Please,2/4/2008Hank Svisiting companies in China2/1/2008Hank Swanting to import fashion apparel from china to mexico1/23/2008sinosourcingImporting gas scooters from China1/17/2008Hank Sexporting & importing goods1/16/2008Richard BarrImport from China1/15/2008sinosourcingImporting from China1/12/2008Hank SBuying good from China1/7/2008sinosourcingelec-bc1/3/2008Hipo Wongbuyers and sellers for a new buisness1/1/2008Hipo WongInformation about import export buisness12/31/2007Hipo WongPlease help me with this company, I think I have been a victim of fraud12/31/2007sinosourcingCustoms taxes - exporting from China12/31/2007Hipo Wongimporting granite12/30/2007Hipo WongImport from China to the UK12/30/2007Hank SWhat's the import fee from China into USA ?12/21/2007sinosourcingCertificate of Origin12/20/2007sinosourcingBuying from web site in China12/20/2007Hipo WongLeather goods Import into UK12/19/2007Ramananda Rayimport tax on items not for resale?12/19/2007Hank SNeed to verify supplier12/17/2007Ramananda Rayinfo on importing12/16/2007Ramananda Rayexporting from China12/15/2007sinosourcingcould you let me know about this company?12/7/2007sinosourcingSending bags to Holland12/5/2007Hank Simporting from China12/4/2007Hank SImporting beaded handbags into the US12/4/2007Hank Simporting machinary from the US12/3/2007Sheila Yoderimporting ivory into the US12/2/2007Sheila Yoderneed to ask11/30/2007sinosourcingBuying and obtaining private label women's shoes for our store11/29/2007Hank Sneed to ask11/29/2007Hank Simporting gifts11/28/2007Steve Van Duzenexporting to the uk from the usa11/26/2007Steve Van DuzenUK import and export policies11/26/2007Steve Van Duzenoutport entries11/24/2007Sheila YoderShipping from China to U.S.11/23/2007Steve Van Duzenbuilding a custom home11/22/2007Hank SDemurage fee11/22/2007Steve Van DuzenStarting out in Importing goods11/21/2007sinosourcingInquiry on importing chinese producs11/20/2007Hank Simporting goods into Canada from Mexico11/20/2007Steve Van DuzenU.S. import from India11/19/2007Steve Van Duzenbuying dental equipment in USA11/19/2007Steve Van DuzenImporting from Italy to UK11/19/2007Steve Van DuzenShipping a computer to China from the US11/18/2007Steve Van DuzenClothing to Mexico11/17/2007Steve Van Duzenimporting from UK11/16/2007Sheila YoderImporting goods...specially office supplies or hardwares construction supplies11/16/2007sinosourcingshipping to india11/15/2007Steve Van Duzenimporting11/14/2007Sheila YoderVideo Game Imports11/12/2007Steve Van Duzenimport/export Brasilian beef11/7/2007Sheila YoderImporting Olive Oil from Portugal11/7/2007Sheila YoderSourcing Products from China11/6/2007Hank SCarrying T Shirts to the US11/5/2007Steve Van DuzenLeather goods from Guatemala11/5/2007Sheila YoderAbout Importing Muscle Balm11/2/2007Sheila YoderExport Custom fee11/2/2007Hipo WongExport Custom fee11/2/2007sinosourcingSending DVDs To My US Customers11/2/2007Steve Van Duzenbathroom tissue11/2/2007Sheila YoderBuying from manufacturer in China10/30/2007Hank Sexporting from UK to ukraine10/30/2007Steve Van Duzenimport /export.10/29/2007Sheila Yoderimporting from southeast asia10/27/2007sinosourcingGold Jewelry from Africa10/26/2007Sheila Yoderincoterm10/24/2007Ramananda RayImporting from china to US10/23/2007Hipo WongWhy do importers prefer CIF terms?10/22/2007Steve Van DuzenImporting China - Australia10/21/2007Hank SImporting from Taiwan10/21/2007Steve Van Duzenexporting from China to Canada10/20/2007Hank SImport from China to USA10/20/2007sinosourcinglegal aspcts of export sales10/19/2007Sheila Yoderfreight Shipping10/19/2007Steve Van DuzenImport from China to Mexico10/18/2007sinosourcingImport from China to USA10/17/2007Sheila YoderImport from China to USA10/17/2007sinosourcingShipping from China10/15/2007sinosourcingExporting waste paper10/14/2007Steve Van Duzenimporting car/scooter parts from japan10/14/2007Sheila Yoderimport purse hangers from China to USA10/13/2007Hipo Wongimporting10/13/2007Hipo Wongquestion revised10/13/2007Steve Van DuzenChinese import packaging and labeling10/9/2007Sheila YoderEXPORT10/5/2007Steve Van DuzenImporting from China10/5/2007Hank SImport10/5/2007Steve Van Duzen about exporting an antique painting10/4/2007Steve Van DuzenImport Wine10/3/2007Steve Van DuzenTrade Terms10/3/2007Steve Van DuzenStarting a Jewellry Business in England10/2/2007Steve Van DuzenExport custom fee ?10/2/2007sinosourcingImporting from Brasil10/2/2007Sheila YoderFOB responsibility10/2/2007Steve Van DuzenImporting and Exporting Goods internationally9/27/2007Steve Van DuzenExporting Waste Paper to India9/27/2007Steve Van DuzenImporting from india9/25/2007Steve Van Duzendropshipping9/22/2007Sheila YoderImporting from America to Australia9/22/2007Hank SAustralian importing9/20/2007Steve Van DuzenImporting digital equiptment from Asia9/19/2007Steve Van DuzenImporting to the UK from Mexico9/17/2007Steve Van DuzenWaste Paper importing to USA9/17/2007Sheila Yodersafe payment options9/15/2007Richard Barrimport from china9/15/2007Steve Van DuzenImporting from US.9/12/2007Steve Van DuzenExporting garments made in China from the U.S.9/12/2007Steve Van Duzenlabeling requirements9/12/2007Sheila Yoderchina imports9/12/2007Hank SI need help & fast(my shipment arrives from China Sept. 21st)!9/11/2007Sheila YoderImporting to the USA from Philippines9/11/2007Hipo Wongimporting laws9/10/2007Sheila YoderCost of Freight9/10/2007Sheila Yoder2 BLs in one invoice under LC where LC permits partial shipment9/10/2007Steve Van DuzenGetting contacts or connections for agricultural products9/9/2007Steve Van DuzenImport fees for a mixture of items9/7/2007Sheila YoderShipping fees9/5/2007Steve Van DuzenImporting from S.A. , Colombia9/5/2007Sheila YoderImporting from China to UK9/4/2007Hank SL/Cs9/4/2007Richard Barrimporting from china9/3/2007Hank Simporting from china9/3/2007Sheila Yoderimporting from india9/2/2007Steve Van Duzenimport silver from Mexico to Canada9/2/2007Steve Van Duzenask about9/1/2007Steve Van DuzenImporting from China9/1/2007Sheila Yoderimporting private label shoes8/31/2007Hank SImporting general goods from china8/30/2007Steve Van Duzenimporting silk from India8/27/2007Sheila Yoderbuying and selling8/27/2007Ramananda RayImport Customs Inspection Taxes8/23/2007Hipo WongImporting Black Tea from Sri Lanka8/22/2007Steve Van DuzenImporting to US Organic Soap8/18/2007Steve Van Duzenexporting waste paper from USA8/17/2007Steve Van DuzenImporting sandals from china into uk8/15/2007Hank Simporting goods8/14/2007Hank SImporting apparel subject to quota from China to US8/13/2007Hank SImporting from China8/12/2007Hank SImporting from China, customs/taxes/duties, more8/11/2007Hank SImporting from China8/7/2007Hank SImporting electronics from China8/6/2007Sheila YoderFees to import electronics from China8/5/2007Hank Sexport guidance8/5/2007Ramananda RayGuidance for export8/4/2007Steve Van Duzenabout L/Cs8/2/2007Richard Barrask about8/1/2007Hank Sask about8/1/2007Steve Van Duzenkids licensed clothes8/1/2007Hank SDropshipping8/1/2007Steve Van DuzenCountry of Origin requirements8/1/2007Sheila Yoderexporting to Canada7/31/2007Steve Van DuzenExport Payments7/31/2007Ramananda Rayit need advice7/29/2007Steve Van Duzenimporting from china7/29/2007Hank Sstart import business7/28/2007Sheila YoderImporting Clothing form Asia7/24/2007Hank STrade Finance S/W company7/24/2007Richard BarrRTGS7/24/2007Richard Barrexporting to mexico7/24/2007Steve Van Duzenexport to italy7/22/2007Steve Van DuzenBusiness License in China7/21/2007Hank Simporting from uk7/20/2007Steve Van Duzenbusiness query7/18/2007Steve Van Duzenbusiness query7/18/2007Sheila Yoderbusiness query7/18/2007Ramananda RayImporting into US7/18/2007Sheila YoderExporting from China mainland to HK7/18/2007Hipo Wongfuneral caskets.....coffins....PLAIN7/18/2007Steve Van DuzenImporting Seeds7/16/2007Sheila YoderImporting Seeds7/16/2007Steve Van DuzenGame consoles7/16/2007Sheila Yoderimporting from Ukraine7/14/2007Steve Van Duzenimporting soap7/6/2007Steve Van Duzenwhat is price FOB7/6/2007Steve Van Duzenchinese company verification7/5/2007Hipo WongCLAY TILES7/4/2007Steve Van DuzenImporting information7/4/2007Steve Van Duzenimport to US from china7/1/2007Hipo Wongimport6/30/2007Steve Van DuzenWhat requirements do I need to start importing from China?6/28/2007Hank SSending samples of my jewelry to the US6/25/2007Steve Van DuzenCustom duty on IMports6/23/2007Steve Van DuzenShoe Manufacturers6/20/2007Hank SImport of recovered metals and chemicals6/20/2007Sheila YoderImporting Granites to UK6/20/2007Hipo Wongjewelry import6/19/2007Sheila Yoderstarting a small business6/18/2007Sheila YoderChina/Hong Kong exporting garments6/15/2007Steve Van DuzenChina/Hong Kong exporting garments6/15/2007Sheila Yoderimport-export in uk.6/13/2007Steve Van DuzenImports from China6/12/2007Sheila YoderShipping Cost.6/12/2007Steve Van Duzenexporting granite to US6/11/2007Sheila YoderUkranian export laws6/8/2007Steve Van DuzenImport License6/7/2007Sheila YoderExport Payment Terms6/6/2007Mark MokPayment Terms: International Trade6/2/2007Steve Van Duzenpaying for goods in Hong Kong/China6/2/2007Richard BarrStarting a Import business5/31/2007Sheila YoderImport into the US from Russia5/30/2007Sheila YoderImport of Granite into Canada5/27/2007Hipo WongRe: Is Beneficiary shall responsible ?5/25/2007Richard BarrMeaningf of PI5/25/2007Mark MokImporting Mobile Phones From Hong Kong5/23/2007Hank SImporting Mobile Phones From Hong Kong5/23/2007Mark MokImporting Mobile Phones From Hong Kong5/23/2007Sheila Yoderre : procedures & legal formalities about importing goods from china5/21/2007Mark Mokbusiness proposal5/21/2007Hank Sbusiness proposal5/21/2007Mark Mokimporting from china5/11/2007Hank SImporting electric pumps into North America5/9/2007Hank Slabeling requirements for products made in China5/8/2007Mark Mokstart business5/8/2007Mark Mokstart business5/8/2007Hipo Wongstart business5/8/2007Hank SProduct Labelling5/8/2007Mark Mokabout import in uk5/3/2007Hank SPreadvice4/27/2007Richard Barrpayment modes4/27/2007Richard Barrask about4/26/2007Steve Van Duzenask about4/26/2007Hank Sask about4/26/2007Hipo WongLabeling Requirements4/26/2007Mark MokLabeling Requirements4/26/2007Sheila YoderImporting granite from china into Canada4/25/2007Hipo WongImporting in UK4/24/2007Jame Wangimport and export4/23/2007Jame Wangalternate for these problems4/22/2007Sheila Yoderimporting from china4/19/2007FangImport License in U.S.4/16/2007Jame WangUL label required?4/16/2007Fangurgent information required if you can answer thankyou4/13/2007Mark MokSourcing Chinese electronic supplier who will customise requirement4/12/2007Hank SEXW vs. FOB export to China4/12/2007Hipo WongImport License4/6/2007Mark Mokto know about import goods4/4/2007Mark MokPAYMENT FOR GOODS4/4/2007Mark Mokexporting issue's4/2/2007Jame WangImport procedure3/31/2007Mark Mokcomputer tables3/31/2007Jame Wangcomputer tables3/30/2007FangCertificate of Origin3/27/2007Jame WangBusiness proposal from Haiti3/26/2007Hank SProposal from Haiti3/26/2007Jame WangBusiness proposal from Haiti3/26/2007Mark MokProposal from haiti3/26/2007Fangimport3/24/2007Mark MokBuying wholesale3/22/2007Mark Moktrading paterner3/19/2007FangMushrooms3/8/2007Jame Wangimporting electronics frm China3/2/2007Fangneed to know2/15/2007FangHello1/29/2007Mark MokImporting into USA from China1/18/2007Mark MokImport Cellphone Bluetooth from China to US1/8/2007Mark MokDetermining Reputable Dealers1/8/2007Mark Mok safest payments terms1/8/2007Richard BarrImport question to canada1/2/2007FangPoor quality of goods12/31/2006Fangneed help12/28/2006Hipo Wongneed to know12/28/2006Fangneed to ask12/28/2006Mark MokContact Suppliers12/27/2006Mark Mokimporting eternal hard disk drives from china to india12/23/2006FangShipping Rates12/21/2006FangImport tax12/19/2006FangRound Box12/19/2006Mark Moklooking for contacts12/17/2006Mark Mokneed to ask12/14/2006Mark Mokneed to ask12/14/2006Fangimporting good from china12/13/2006Mark MokImporting from China12/9/2006Mark MokNominated Cargo Agent12/1/2006Fangneed to ask11/29/2006Hipo Wongi need your help11/27/2006Hipo Wongworried11/25/2006Mark MokImport Export11/23/2006Mark MokLED lighting11/22/2006Mark Mokexport transit11/16/2006Mark Mokimporting11/15/2006FangRemittance TT11/14/2006Mark Mokpizza boxes11/11/2006FangAccessory shop11/10/2006Fangimporting from China11/9/2006Mark MokImporting from India11/8/2006FangExport-Import question.11/6/2006Hipo WongHistorical Inflation Rates for Bogota, Columbia11/4/2006Richard Barrexport import enquriy11/1/2006FangImporting from China10/27/2006Mark MokImports from China to Australia10/27/2006FangTransferable LC Pre-Advice10/26/2006Richard Barrsmall business export10/26/2006FangImporting goods10/24/2006FangFOB price10/23/2006Mark MokImport Small Electronics from China to US10/20/2006Mark Mokgeography - school10/14/2006FangNeed some career advice10/10/2006Richard Barrimporting goods from china to Canada10/7/2006Fangimporting goods10/6/2006Mark MokImporting from China10/4/2006Mark MokE-store globally10/4/2006Hipo Wongimporting items9/29/2006FangPayment overseas9/20/2006Richard BarrTransfer of Title9/19/2006FangImporting Electronics from China9/17/2006Mark Mokproducts to buy9/16/2006Mark MokExport from China to US of CPAP9/16/2006Fangalluminium export from china9/13/2006Fangbuying name branded shoes9/11/2006Fangimporting into australia9/9/2006Mark MokReceiving payment / protecting your account info9/8/2006Richard Barrbeing registered and importing9/7/2006Richard BarrNew Business in UK9/6/2006Hipo Wongimporting wine from Italty9/4/2006Mark MokHelp me understand FOB9/2/2006Mark MokExport License for Trees or horticulture8/31/2006Fangorder financing8/30/2006Richard BarrHelp on importing8/30/2006Mark Mokconcerning about ec-digital.com8/29/2006Fanghow to find a broker or agent in china8/23/2006Mark Mokimporting electronics from china8/22/2006Richard Barroverseas purchase through attorney8/20/2006Richard BarrExport/Import Procedures8/18/2006Mark MokChinese Vendor8/17/2006FangUL Certificate, what's applicable?8/17/2006Mark MokImporting from Italy8/11/2006Richard BarrExports from Yiwu n safety aspects on receipt of payments thru trading co.8/10/2006FangProcess of Importing from China8/9/2006Mark Mokimporting into the u.s8/9/2006Richard BarrImporting a product from China procedures8/2/2006FangImporting Materials8/2/2006Mark MokExport / Import initials8/2/2006Richard BarrImport Duties8/2/2006FangExplanation of initials8/2/2006Richard BarrChina Imports direct to European Clients ?7/26/2006Fangimporting from china7/25/2006FangLegitimacy of chinese company7/20/2006Fangimporting7/13/2006Fangc & f Auckland New Zealand7/11/2006Fangcustoms charges/ duties7/10/2006FangHow to get an importing license?7/10/2006FangImport goods from China7/8/2006Fangexport for assembly and reimport7/8/2006FangGroup project for class in IB7/7/2006Fangauthenticity inspections in China7/5/2006Fangimport7/5/2006Mark Mokimport7/5/2006FangImporting from China7/4/2006Richard BarrPresence in USA7/2/2006Fangimport via ups6/20/2006Mark Mokbusiness start up6/19/2006Mark MokImported product issue6/15/2006Mark MokImported product problem6/15/2006FangImport6/12/2006Mark Mokre: Payments & collections6/7/2006Fangre: Payments and collections6/7/2006Mark Mokre: Payments and collections6/7/2006Richard Barrimporting from China6/6/2006FangImports from China6/5/2006FangImporting license? Why?5/22/2006Mark MokShipping from China5/20/2006Mark Mok Setup U.S. Presence5/18/2006FangBuying From China5/13/2006Mark MokFOB Price5/11/2006FangSupplier wants Shipping Terms5/9/2006Fangcan i buy resale products that I bought from discount stores?4/23/2006Mark Mokto import lamps4/15/2006Mark Mokjoint venture4/12/2006FangBuying goods from China4/11/2006Fanglooking for an agency of a reputable co.4/11/2006Mark Mokhow to buy LCL quantities4/3/2006FangImporting to Canada3/22/2006FangDoubt11/9/2005Richard BarrProtecting my sources10/14/2005Richard BarrImporting into the UK8/29/2005Richard Barrinformation on import/export8/20/2005Richard BarrImport regulations5/10/2005Imran RashidStandby L/C3/14/2005Richard BarrExporting Garments from Mexico into the USA2/26/2005David HanzalThe process when a container comes off a ship2/22/2005Imran RashidCanadian money order from U.S.2/16/2005Richard BarrWine Importing2/8/2005David HanzalTips- Business in China2/5/2005Richard BarrGeneral process of importing2/3/2005Imran RashidDoubt2/1/2005David HanzalHOW TO VERIFY THE IMPORT1/28/2005Imran RashidCustoms Broker1/26/2005Imran RashidCustoms Broker1/26/2005Richard Barrexports from ecuador1/18/2005David HanzalHi David, Have you heard...1/10/2005David HanzalImporting Goods12/27/2004David HanzalApparel import to UK12/27/2004Imran Rashidimporting upholstery leather hide to australia frm india12/24/2004Imran RashidFashion12/12/2004David Hanzalsolas convention11/25/2004Imran Rashidsolas convention11/25/2004David HanzalLOI,POP,PB QUESTION11/23/2004Imran RashidNew to Export Busniess11/14/2004Imran Rashidimport/export terminology...10/13/2004Richard Barrimporting10/5/2004Imran RashidStarting a small buisness9/25/2004Imran RashidInternational prices9/10/2004Imran RashidImporting from China and Customs9/4/2004Imran Rashidimport/export terms9/2/2004Imran Rashidchina8/2/2004Richard BarrImporting Goods Into US5/29/2004Michelle R Raseyexport of jewelry to U.S.5/26/2004Michelle R RaseyImport and distribution. US-Scan.5/10/2004Michelle R RaseyImporting - Fees and Tariffs4/29/2004Michelle R RaseyImporting to the UK4/28/2004Michelle R RaseyMaking sure the goods are in the box4/12/2004Richard BarrHow to know if a company that your placing a order with and giving money to exists?3/15/2004Richard BarrImporting process3/14/2004Richard BarrCanadian Brokers11/26/2003Richard BarrWhere to buy faulty stuff?2/22/2003M Silvacan I import 200$ worth of goods through postal service?1/26/2003M SilvaImporting basics1/14/2003M SilvaImporting by mail1/8/2003M SilvaFCL Rate Calculator12/22/2002M SilvaValue for customs exporting in a service industry?11/7/2002M Silvaexport laws of vodka in Russia11/2/2002Oleg Khokhlovpaperwork needed to import into Canada11/1/2002A1 Warehousing Ltd.Import2/26/2002Imran RashidWine Imports1/27/2002C.L. DE SEILLECountertrade11/19/2001Oleg KhokhlovL/C Payment11/19/2001Imran RashidExport term9/27/2001Imran Rashidbranch of a foreign company4/2/2001Thomas J. Judge Jr.who do you contact?3/7/2001Thomas J. Judge Jr.medical devices3/3/2001Thomas J. Judge Jr.Getting a Distribution.1/19/2001Thomas J. Judge Jr.small exports from australia10/9/2000Thomas J. Judge Jr.payment method9/23/2000Imran Rashidimported product advertising7/10/2000Imran Rashidbuyer`s private labeling7/3/2000Imran RashidFOB or export price6/29/2000Imran RashidPage:  Most Recent   |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10   |   Oldest
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