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Postby Wokaihwokomas » Tue Apr 25, 2017 8:09 am

s SubjectDate AskedExpert5 weeks pregnancy abortion3/6/2013Pat G  Q: i was 5 weeks pregnant. i had mifepristone and after 24hr 1 dose of misoprostol.i repeated ...   A: G'day, sonia, You really should be checked by a doctor. You may have had an incomplete abortion. If ... surgic abortion3/6/2013Pat G  Q: i had my surgical abortion(d &c) last jan 29 2013. my last period start lat dec 24 2012. after two ...   A: anne, Because of the law in your country, it isn't possible to trust anyone who would do an ... Men dying after having sex with a woman who has had illegal abortion3/5/2013Pat G  Q: I am writing you from Malawi in Africa and we are having a debate on the issue of men who die after ...   A: Siku, I haven't heard of such a thing. I did try to do a little research, but I didn't find ... Pregnancy3/4/2013Doctor Early Options  Q: My last perid started on feb 20 and I had unprotected sex for the last 4 days(28,1,2,3).... Most ...   A: You can take the emergency contraception. Emergency Contraception in United Arab Emirates Oral ... Abortion3/4/2013Diane Cheryl  Q: I had an abortion on the ist of february 2013,but till date the pregnancy test is still ...   A: Sometimes your pregnancy test will show positive but you aren't pregnant. This is due to the ... advice on pregnancy3/3/2013Pat G  Q: I am a 25 years old female. In chronological order i am telling my problem. I had my periods on ...   A: Rita, You are obviously living very dangerously. Condoms do not work. They may delay pregnancy, but ... abortion3/2/2013Pat G  Q: a friend of mine was involve in an abortion sometimes ago and she is o negative and didn't take any ...   A: tehan, The medical literature says the injection has to be taken immediately. I don't know what ... medical abortion and defects on baby3/1/2013Pat G  Q: Am a mother of a 10 months, took in mistakenly, we decided keeping it will be too much for me, so I ...   A: Mother, I can't tell you definitively that there would be no problems; however, it would seem that ... Abortion2/28/2013Diane Cheryl  Q: I didn't receive a follow up appointment from my hospital. I telephoned the hospital to let them ...   A: Stephanie, I have read and heard stories of twins in this situation. One twin was aborted and the ... BLEEDING STOP ON 5TH DAY AFTER ABORTION PILLS2/28/2013Pat G  Q: I need some advice and help. I get to know that i m a one week pregnant. After dat i suddenly ...   A: Priya, I need to know more before I can tell you anything. When was your last menstrual period? Are ... Abortion2/26/2013Pat G  Q: My wife has missed her periods, she was due on 17-18th Feb. What are the options for abortion, as ...   A: Rajat, There are NO SAFE options for abortion. About 10,000 women are killed each year, from ... pregnancy termination2/26/2013Diane Cheryl  Q: Iam rachitha 22year old from hassan(India), till january i hav reguler periods of 30 days, thogh it ...   A: Have you confirmed if you are pregnant? Do you have pregnancy tests there that you can take a test? ... Termination and pregnancy2/26/2013Pat G  Q: .. Even tho it was he hardest thing I ever had to do and would never do again I'm 39 years of age ...   A: Nicola, There are a couple of things about your message that I find confusing. Are you saying that ... Misoprostol2/25/2013Pat G  Q: I recently took Misoprostol, to help because of miscarriage(this was my first pregnancy). Doctor ...   A: Christine, You're welcome. First of all, don't have anything further to do with that doctor! ... m2/25/2013Pat G  Q: i got abortion an hoour ago...can i take methergine instead of scraping to remove the excess?   A: shiela, Having an abortion was not a wise thing to do. You can do anything you want, obviously. ... am i conceive ?2/25/2013Pat G  Q: Iam rachitha 22year old from hassan(India), till january i hav reguler periods of 30 days, thogh it ...   A: Rachitha, I assume you are pallavi as well. But earlier you told me you had sex on the 14th. There ... abortion2/25/2013Pat G  Q: I am 22 year old girl , unfortunately me and my boyfrend had sex on this feb-14th, which was 30th ...   A: pallavi, Please know that I am a woman. And since you are 22, you are also a woman, not just a ... misoprostol2/24/2013Doctor Early Options  Q: bleeding is continued a littlefor 13 days. last cycle was on 1st jan 2013. Before bleeding 2-3 ml ...   A: You should take a pregnancy test. It should be negative. If it is positive, you can use this info. ... Help2/24/2013Diane Cheryl  Q: I was 4 weeks pregnant and went for an abortion. They couldn't see anything on the ultrasound. They ...   A: I think you sent me an email because your question sounds familiar. Did you ever see your OB or what ... Medical Abortion2/23/2013Pat G  Q: I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend, she took two tablets of gynaecosid and after 5 days she ...   A: Nayab, Gynaecosid isn't supposed to be used in that way. It can cause your girlfriend to bleed to ... urgent2/23/2013Pat G  Q: Pls, at what stage of pregnancy can abortion pill affect a baby? I took some a few days ago but I ...   A: emily, I hate it when the father tries to coerce a woman into having an abortion she doesn't want! ... Miscarriage - Bleeding after 2 weeks of miscarriage2/21/2013Pat G  Q: I am 37yrs old. I had a miscarriage at 6weeks. It was found that there is no heartbeat. I took ...   A: Ashley, I am so sorry things have gone this way for you! Whoever instructed you to take misoprostol ... Home abortion2/20/2013Pat G  Q: i found out that i was two weeks pregnant two weeks ago,so i took a drug called isovent. i swallowed ...   A: Stephanie, Isovent is Misoprostol. It won't necessarily cause an abortion. It is VERY dangerous to ... Regarding My Abortion2/20/2013Diane Cheryl  Q: My reason for coming to you today is because I have a question I would like to get an answer to ...   A: This concerns me and I think you should go to your doctor as soon as possible. I don't know if it ... No second period after D and C2/20/2013Doctor Early Options  Q: Iam from Nigeria,West Africa.I had a D and C on January 10 and had my period for 4 days starting on ...   A: Take a urine pregnancy test to make sure that you are not pregnant. the withdrawal method is not a ... termination of pregnancy2/19/2013Pat G  Q: What immediate options are available to terminate s one mnth old pregnancy. As am not ready for it ...   A: Elizabeth, I assume you do not want me to recommend any method which could kill you. If that is the ... medical Abortion - scared a lot ..Do help!!!2/19/2013Diane Cheryl  Q: I am scared when i found that am pregnant after 2 pregnancy test showing a positive result. As a ...   A: I just received your question so I am wondering what has happened in your situation. I hope you are ... Hello Pat2/19/2013Pat G  Q: My name is felicity I recently turned 18 I have 1 daughter who I had by c-section when I was 16..I ...   A: Felicity, A woman should never have an abortion she doesn't want. I am so sorry you have been going ... Need Help/2/18/2013Doctor Early Options  Q: I would like to ask question on behlafof my wife who is 32yrs. she had 3 kids all with c section. ...   A: The World Health Organization does recommend at least 15 months between pregnancies to decrease ... After 20days of medical abortion2/17/2013Doctor Early Options  Q: Today is 20th day after medicalabortion, normal bleeding was going on for the past 3/4 days. Today ...   A: It is 5 weeks and 1 day. You maybe having a heavy period at this point. The bleeding maybe due to ... Little bleeding after medical abortion, is there a chance I'm still pregnant?2/15/2013Doctor Early Options  Q: I'm 24 years old and I live in Trinidad, which is in the West Indies, Caribbean. I got my last ...   A: This site can help ... abortion bleeding2/13/2013Pat G  Q: i did abortion on jan 16 still i get bleeding..it makes any problem?please answer me   A: sujitha, It is definitely a problem, perhaps a serious one. It sounds like you took pills. The ... abortion2/10/2013Pat G  Q: iam 23 years old.i had used mifepristone and misoprostol for abortion. i had taken mifepristone on ...   A: nokia, How long ago did you take those pills? Did you put any into your vagina? Nobody is going to ... abortion pill2/10/2013Pat G  Q: Im Apple, 23 years of age from philippines and got pregnant at my early age at 18 to my first child, ...   A: Apple, First, I need to tell you that a number of things you have been told are simply not true. ... abortion by pill2/9/2013Diane Cheryl  Q: My name is Liz... About 3 weeks ago I had a medical abortion(abortion by pill) I has heavy ...   A: I hope you can get to a doctor as soon as possible. I was not able to get your question until now so ... STILL POSITIVE2/5/2013Pat G  Q: Had a surgical abortion two weeks ago and pregnancy was nine weeks and three days,had serious cramps ...   A: Sarah, About these issues, no, you shouldn't be particularly worried. Fatigue would be due to the ... pregnant after abortion2/5/2013Pat G  Q: I had an abortion 6 weeks ago .. I had unprotected sex about 3 weeks after on three different ...   A: dotun aina, What clinic do you propose going to? The one where they did your abortion? I would sure ... AllExperts2/4/2013Diane Cheryl  Q: i got pregnant a day after my menses cos of unprotected sex.two weeks later i took mitropostol and i ...   A: Favour, There is no guarantee that the abortion took place. Your symptoms sound like they could be ... medical abortion2/4/2013Pat G  Q: I have had a medical abortion 7 weeks ago but I am still looking pregnant and I still have not got ...   A: candice, How far along were you when you had this pill abortion? Are you measuring from your last ... I HAVE TAKE ABORTION PILLS2/3/2013Pat G  Q: I was pregnant 6 weeks 5 days on 30th Jan,2013 I took 4 tablets of ST MOM 200 mcg(Total 800 Mcg), ...   A: Manisha, It doesn't sound like you are still pregnant. However, the lack of cramps concerns me ... Page:   Prev  |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  | 7 

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