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Postby Carraig » Tue Dec 20, 2016 10:16 am

s SubjectDate AskedExpertKidney stone10/11/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: I have been detected with a 6 mm kidney stone in he upper 1/3rd of my right ureter.i had a pain ...   A: Vinay While the stone most likely cannot be dissolved, medication can help it to pass. However, it ... Prostate cancer and Testosterone level heritability10/11/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: My question has a few elements and pertains to family history, prostate cancer, and testosterone ...   A: Harmon While it is thought that persistently elevated levels of testosterone might contribute to ... hourglass10/10/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: Hey dr I emailed you last week. Im sorry to bother you again. My penis when its flaccod or semi ...   A: Devin: An hourglass configuration when rigid suggests Peyronie's but you describe something less. ... sensitivity problems on the tip of the penis(glans)10/10/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: i have this problem as long as i can remember. i have been circumcised 8 years ago. i have a ...   A: Raunok: It certainly sounds like you have a problem with glans sensitivity. This is usually due to ... frequent urination10/9/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: you said in pryor e-mail that frequent urination does not harm kidneys or bladder/only if prostate ...   A: Howard: In the presence of prostate obstruction, you may or may not have less urine coming out but ... ed?10/6/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: Hey. Im curious sometimes with my girlfriend I cant get it up but sometimes I can.. and I almost ...   A: Craig: It's very rare to have someone in your age group without a major trauma or surgery develop ... damage?10/5/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: .. I occasionally have situational ed and my penis sometimes looks funny when its flaccid.. is it ...   A: garret: Other than questionable typing skills and some anxiety, I doubt there is much wrong with ... help10/5/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: ...after 4 episodes of clinical or major depression I have been 3 years without sexual intercourses ...   A: Anton: There are no easy solutions. Your testosterone needs to be checked and corrected if ... UTI10/5/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: sir, Iam a male 54 yrs otherwise healthy but a patient of hypotonic bladder that was operated ...   A: Chandraprasad: You could have post prostatectomy prostatitis which would explain some of your ... Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy - Recovery10/5/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: Leslie, I'll be brief. Here're my stats: 53 y/o, athletic complexion, perfect health till 2015, ...   A: Richard: Since you are doing this without a partner, it's a little difficult. Telling the ... urination10/1/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: I urinate every hour.went to e urologists it is from enlarged prostate.last urologist said my ...   A: Howard Frequent urination does not damage the kidneys or bladder, but the underlying prostate ... weight loss9/30/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: I pee a good amount every hour.in spit of drinking 8 glasses of water I still lose 3 ponds over ...   A: Howard Not enough information is.provided to give.any kind of.reliable answer but clearly you ... 37 yr old husband has low eGFR9/29/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: I just wanted to ask some thoughts about what is going on with my husband. My husband gets regular ...   A: Rose: GFR is a measurement of the capacity of the kidneys. It tends to slowly go down as we get ... Pain in right testical9/29/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: Sir I had slight pain in both my testicals I went to Doctor he said it was epididymitis. I ate the ...   A: Anshul: It's impossible to predict how long an infection or a pain will take to dissipate, ... infection9/26/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: I had utis a month ago.i have large prostate.took cycline for 5 days.now urine culture said 10000 ...   A: Howard Sometimes it takes.longer.than 10 days to fully get rid of an infection. The enlarged ... Lesser Sperm Count, Low Sperm Density9/25/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: Sir, since last few months i am having a strange problem during the morning hours when my mind was ...   A: Vikas: I have no idea what is going on with your thighs or what may be causing the strange feeling ... venous leakk9/25/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: I have this ongoing fear that I have a venous leak. I dont have regular morning wood and I dont get ...   A: Devin: From your description, it certainly sounds like an anxiety issue and not venous leak. For ... testis9/25/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: my left testis felt smaller than the other. It is painless, I recently consulted to an urologist and ...   A: Ankit: It is not abnormal to have one testicle smaller than the other. If there is no pain or ... Urinary Incontinence9/23/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: Sir, My 80 year old mother in law is suffering from Urinary incontinence.Medicines for urinary ...   A: Kaylan: Your options for treatment are a bit limited. There are several types of incontinence and ... ejaculation without erection9/22/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: My husband is one year out from catastrophic cancer removal surgery, which left him with a lifelong ...   A: Joy There are no herbal remedies that have been shown to have any real value in treating ED. Be ... utis9/21/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: dr leslie I had utis a month ago I took doxycycline for 5 days it cleared up.now its back my urine ...   A: Howard Death from a simple uti would be exceedingly unlikely. technically, any uti in a male is ... pelvic floor muscles9/20/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: I am 62. I had radical prosatectomy 3.5 years ago. I had severe pain after catheter removed which ...   A: Eric Unfoftinately , the answer to your question is unknown. Your type of pain is an uncommon ... Urinary system and intestine atrophy9/16/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: I am sorry beforehand if this question is silly. I am writing a fantasy novel in which some people ...   A: Margarita: I can't address the GI tract as that is not my field, but I can take a stab at the ... urethal stricture9/16/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: im a 19 year old female. i had a urethal stricture about 8 months ago and i had a urethal dilation ...   A: Sonia: The cause of your problem is unclear from the available information, but it certainly isn't ... Penile Injury - Follow Up9/15/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: I write in order to give you some follow up to my case of penile injury(...   A: Jim: The purpose of this forum is to give general answers to urological questions and not to be a ... lactulose9/13/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: if you take lactulose twice a week will it reduce your electrilites.is it safe for elderly with ...   A: Howard Frequent urination is much more likely to be from prostate enlargement. There is no need for ... Prostate massage9/12/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: Leslie, Please could you tell me if prostate massage can help prevent or alleviate prostate issues? ...   A: John: This is somewhat controversial. Some believe that a prostate massage can be useful in ... Sperm granuloma9/12/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: I've been suffering from the pain of my sperm granuloma for 3yrs now. Recently, my sperm granuloma ...   A: Ndawe: There are no long term problems related to sperm ganulomas. They usually don't hurt that ... Pain and strange sensations during ejaculation9/11/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: I've been experiencing disturbing symptoms for several months now every time I ejaculate. I feel ...   A: Robert: High pelvic floor tension is like a muscle cramp. Rapaflo specifically relaxes muscles in ... urinary problem9/10/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: I am a 19 years old male.from last 1 month i am having problems in urinating.the first stream is ...   A: Aslam: Yes; not every infection shows up on a urinalysis which is why we sometimes do the ... Penile Raphe Curvature9/9/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: I understand that this may not be in your area of expertise, but I am asking for a professional ...   A: Olly: The median raphe in the scrotum and penis may appear to be curved and not straight. This is ... Hi Cholesterol/Triglycerides/Ferritin and low Testosterone9/5/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: I just received the results from my latest blood tests today and wondered if you can take a look and ...   A: Steve As a general rule, we do not comment to on lab tests or we would be doing nothing else. ... Desensitized penis9/3/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: My partner has had surgery on his penis twice in his life, once when he was younger and another when ...   A: Sam: There may be some treatments for help with maintaining the erection, but there is no specific ... Urology equipment9/2/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: My friend is a pead urologist working in a v underdevloped area.due to lack of equipment the ...   A: Nasreen: I'm not aware of any particular organizations that would do what you want. However, you ... difficulty urinating9/2/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: I am a 19 years old male. From last one month or so I am having difficulty urinating. My first ...   A: Ehtisham: A cystoscopy is reasonable given your lack of response to medications and the lack of any ... Testicle pain8/10/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: When my right testicle pulls up when I ejaculate it hurts. It pulls up into the pelvic area. I have ...   A: Sean You will need to see a urologist. The testicle is brought up by the cremasteric muscle and ... Red Testicle8/6/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: My left testicle is looking red and severe pain is occuring. Is that because of masturbation ...   A: Akshay: The redness could be nothing more than a mild skin irritation or it could indicate some ... Kidney pain8/5/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: ..but when i start drinking water slowly my urine will turn to yellow then white,After this my left ...   A: Danyal The source of your kidney pain and blood in the urine is not clear from the available ... questions8/5/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: can a large varicocele be left alone even if its quite big as long as you dont mind it being there? ...   A: Jim: Large varicoceles are sometimes associated with infertility and testicular shrinkage. If the ... urinary infection8/3/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: dr leslie,I am diabetic and developed lower urinary infection.doctor thinks it might be prostate ...   A: Howard: If your physician has diagnosed prostatitis, then doxycycline is a reasonable treatment. ... Page:  


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Postby Eadwine » Tue Dec 20, 2016 12:04 pm

s SubjectDate AskedExpertPenis Extenders10/31/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: Could you please inform us the latest updates about using Penis Extenders, do they really work and ...   A: Basses There is very little in the medical literature about such extenders. There are a few reports ... Erections problems/ loss of morning woods10/21/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: Dr, do you think paraphimosis can cause impotence, cause i think by left the foresking retracted and ...   A: Jose Paraphimosis can cause pain and damage but has not been linked specifically to venous leak. ... una duda.....10/18/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: please dear doctor, I attached a test of my prostate in order you to give me your kind opinion. ...   A: Anton: These numbers seem way off. In the US, our normal range is around 4 ng/ml or less so I find ... bumps in my urethra10/17/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: . I am 26 years old and have a multiple tiny flat bumps at the opening of my urethra. At first ...   A: Micha, Sorry, but it's not possible to be sure of the diagnosis from only your brief description. ... utis10/16/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: I get enteroccal frequently.just finishedr up with 9 days macrobid amd 10 doxycycline.doc said ...   A: Howard Maybe, maybe not. A thorough look for etiology call factors needs to be done. High ... Loss of erections and no libido10/16/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: i still have my problems with erections, know i have also no libido. Like i said before was sleeping ...   A: Jose It is unlikely you did any permanent damage, but cannot be certain. Obviously, some degree if ... Ureteroscopy10/14/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: Dr. Leslie, I have a delicate male question, but I have to ask. I just had Ureteroscopic removal of ...   A: Lee A nocturnal emission will not cause a problem. 10 days is a little long for a Stent in an ... stone still in ureter but no pain9/26/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: Dr. Leslie, It turns out the kidney stone I thought was in my bladder is still in the upper ureter. ...   A: Lee Stones only cause pain during an acute obstruction. When pressure has had time to equalize and ... cipro9/25/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: in my pryor e0mail I did not mentionthe drug for uninary enterococcus.it was cipro which as black ...   A: Howard Despite the black box warning, cipro is a very safe drug to use and penetrates the prostate ... cipro9/25/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: dr leslie,2 weeks ago I cleared up my infection with microbid.now at er they took urine test using ...   A: Howard Use of a container is acceptable but a sterile cup is better. Cipro is often used in UTIs ... stone prevention9/22/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: Dr. Leslie, sorry to bug you again but your bio said you have a special interest in kidney stone ...   A: Lee Dairy, being high in Calcium, tends to bind oxalate. When this happens in the GI tract, both ... Unexplained masturbation injury.9/22/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: A couple of years ago I had masturbated and subsequently ejaculated whilst in an upright seating ...   A: Robert: Sorry, but I have no suggestions to explain this unusual injury. Your suspicion about the ... kidney stone still in bladder9/19/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: I was told by the ER doctor that I have a 5mm kidney stone. It exited the ureter into the bladder 3 ...   A: Lee If not removed, the stone will grow and cause pain, infections and bleeding. Lithotripsy is not ... Retoraortic renal vein9/15/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: Before a hysterectomy, the surgeon ordered a test which showed my wife had a retro aortic renal ...   A: Bob I doubt the surgeon failed to look at the x-rays or even that the retro caval ureter had ... Swollen Frenulum after Circumcision9/14/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: Its been a week since i got circumcised and im worried that my frenulum is a bit too swollen from ...   A: Rahul Not much you can do, but this usually resolves over time. Check with your surgeon. Sometimes ... kidney stones9/12/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: I'm a 65 yr old male and prone to kidney stones. I started drinking lots more water all day; 2-3 ...   A: Lee The quick answer is yes. You are at risk anytime your urine production is reduced. BPH can be ... zyrtec9/12/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: I have bph and take Flomax I urinate 13 times a day with good stream/think takind 4 zertec tablets ...   A: Howard It should be OK. Do a voiding diary where you record the time and amount yo350 ccu void for ... ed9/10/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: or does it dont make any diference for a doctor who ttreats sexxual problems? well in the mean time ...   A: Gul There is no benefit to most of these extra titles in the USA although there are associations ... Scrotal pain with no etiology9/7/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: Leslie, Can you please advise as to which sacral nerves supply sensory and motor functions to the ...   A: Cam Not that simple a question. The main sensory of the scrotum comes from the perineal branches of ... Venous Leak9/7/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: Recently I have been having trouble with erections and recently had a Doppler ultrasound. I could ...   A: Isaac The results you have indicated are conflicting with some indications of venous leak and ... benadryl9/6/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: I have bph enlarged prostate.my urology doctor said I can bendryl a few times a week for hives.i am ...   A: Howard You can look up the facts on benadryl on Google. Benadryl is an effective antihistamine ... Blood in Urine9/1/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: I had plasma button surgery 2 1/2 years ago for BPH. Following the surgery the longest I've gone ...   A: Jayp: Bleeding can sometimes be difficult to manage. Finasteride can sometimes help with bleeding. ... E Coli Infection8/20/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: My sister is having UTI from time time to time.Her recent urine culture shows E Coli infection ...   A: Kalyan: Sometimes we do that. But mostly we try to improve hygiene first and only use the ... Urine leakage?8/16/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: I am 38 years and married and have 4 children all C-section,last one is 1 year old,after her birth I ...   A: Kiransamma: Gynecologist are not the top experts in bladder or urinary issues which is why you were ... TURP recovery question8/12/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: I'm 70 and in excellent health....had TURP surgery a little over 6 weeks ago(my first surgery ...   A: Don: I'm with you. I think a stricture is certainly possible, but the fact that the need to "bear ... how to do sex after treatment of phimosis8/6/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: I have treated my phomosis now I feel pain during urination. And also I want to know how can I do ...   A: Rahul This is still unclear. Phomosis means scarring or tightness of the foreskin, usually to huge ... Anatomy8/1/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: - Is it possible to have an erection with severe damage to Dartos or buck's fascia? Thanks   A: John Technically, it is possible to have an erection with damage to the fascia, but most of the ... kidney stone7/30/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: sir i have been diagnosed with right renal calclus noted in mid pole calyx measring 6x5mm.right mild ...   A: Brundaban The syrup is not used here as it has never been adequately tested for efficacy. The other ... Pain in penis after masturbation7/30/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: Sorry if this kind of question isn't supposed to be on this site. Anyways, after masturbating last ...   A: Alex We do not give individual advice on this forum. The cause of you pain is not clear, but is not ... study7/29/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: endocrinologist .MBBS .master in it except maths .does to become one .hard job of memorising facts & ...   A: Shahzad To become a urologist you have to complete Medical school, then pass exams to be eligible ... right ureter stone7/29/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: sir starting i had a pain in abdomen since one month. i was consult a doctor he suggest me to take ...   A: Kiran A 9 mm stone is not likely to pass on its own and usually requires surgery. Cystone is an ... problem getting and maintaining erections7/28/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: Leslie I'm a 30yr old male, heavy smoker, overweight and a possible porn/masturbation addiction. I ...   A: Nash The good news is that things will probably improve over the next month or so, but it may not ... Cysticytis7/28/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: My sister is suffering from recurrent symptoms of urinary track infection even after giving ...   A: Kalyan Interstitial cystitis is an inflammatory condition of the bladder characterized by urinary ... testicular injury7/27/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: i feel some pain in my right testis i feel a small bulge of nerves slight above my right testis ... ...   A: Jegannivaash The exact nature of the bulge cannot be determined from the available information. It ... Erectile problem7/24/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: please help. Im 32.Few months back I was rough on my penis. When intercourse with my gf I continued ...   A: Rajib What happened exactly is not clear. It could be anything from a bruise to a corporeal or ... ed7/22/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: once while treating stones was told by doctor to drink plenty of water and walk fast so water is ...   A: Gulmana Water is not digested, just absorbed. Walking fast will not increase absorption and may slow ... fertility question7/20/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: Doc, I had both of my epididymis removed due to pain constant swelling(almost the size of golf ...   A: Sam: With both epididmymis removed, you cannot have children without intervention. You would have ... how are penis injuries diagnosed?7/18/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: Doctor Leslie: How are injuries to the soft tissue in penis diagnosed? Could areolar tissue wear out ...   A: Cam: While almost anything in medicine is possible, wearing out the cavernosal tissue would be ... prostatitis misdiagnosis7/13/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: Leslie, I was on a businesa trip in Asia.had burning at the tip of my penis and went to my doctor. ...   A: John: You may have prostatitis, but this would not explain the lack of support you've described. I ... Penis is Totally Dead/No Morning Erection7/12/2016Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: Im in my late 30s. Ive been taking viagra for about 5-6 times per week ramping up dosages starting ...   A: John First, you should not be fooling with these medications except under Medical supervision. ... Page:  


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