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Postby Dovev » Mon Dec 05, 2016 11:24 pm

s SubjectDate AskedExpertLeaning & Rotting Cactus3/3/2010Maureen  Q: I have a cactus(not sure of the exact type), but within the last two years it started to grow arms. ...   A: Your cactus has rot. It is a bacterial and/or fungal infection that cacti are susceptible to usually ... Aloe Vera Plants2/28/2010Maureen  Q: I have a very tall aloe vera grown indoors it is becoming to heavy and falling over is there a safe ...   A: Your best bet is to cut most of the stalk off, remove the lower leaves so that there is about a 4-5 ... Cactus problem2/27/2010Maureen  Q: i live in south florida. Many of my barrel and small round cactus have problems. It starts with a ...   A: When your cactus develops the tan exterior does the cactus die? When you pulled the plant out of ... Cactus Problem2/27/2010Maureen  Q: My cactus has had a slight indentation on one side for the past year or so. We had a very bad ...   A: Do you have a picture? I'm not sure what you mean by an indentation. Is the area soft, discolored? ... Pachycereus Marginatus2/15/2010Maureen  Q: I have had this cactus since 2002.I got it as a cutting,it was almost 7 feet tall.It was in its ...   A: Are you saying the bottom half developed rot? Where was it injured in the move? Rot usually ... moldy cactus2/13/2010Maureen  Q: I recently left my cactus in the bathroom for a few weeks. It has now gone soft and moldy and I ...   A: I also think it is dying. Excessive moisture especially when a cactus is dormant will most ... TOTEM POLE CACTUS2/12/2010Maureen  Q: I recently took several cuttings from totem pole cactus that I wish to replant at a new home. They ...   A: Sorry of the delay in my response. I wanted another opinion. Here's the consensus. Allow them to ... Sick Mother In Law's Tongue Plant2/10/2010Maureen  Q: I've had my mother in law's tongue plant for about 6 years and i'm worried it might die. I've read ...   A: No worries about the essay, it seems that there is more than one thing going on and it is confusing. ... aloe vera rerooting2/10/2010Maureen  Q: I notice that my aloe plant was leaning to the side.I went to sat it up and it is not root bound in ...   A: Can you clarify a couple of things for me? Do you mean there are no roots or that the roots aren't ... How to make a cactus have branches(bushier)2/7/2010Maureen  Q: We have had this cactus for 3 or 4 years. It has grown from 1' tall to more than 5' tall, as a ...   A: some columnar cacti don't branch, you have to love them like they are. To slow growth you can put ... new growth2/7/2010Maureen  Q: I have an Easter cactus that I replanted in the fall. It now is growing sticks, there are no buds ...   A: The picture is dark(but thanks for it anyway). Are you sure that there's not another plant growing ... Aloe Vera plant2/6/2010Maureen  Q: I have several large aloe vera plants outside around my pond, and I live here in san antonio. It has ...   A: Aloe Vera aren't cold hardy succulents so I suspect those leaves are dead.. If the leaves are soft ... Argentine cactus2/5/2010Maureen  Q: I see some answers contain suggestions of replanting arms or cuttings from Argentine cactus, but ...   A: I am assuming that you have one of the Stetsonias which are quite large and branching and grown ... Christmas catus potting soil2/4/2010Maureen  Q: I have a friend that has a Christmas Cactus and wants nothing but Arizona cactus potting soil he ...   A: Sorry this has taken me awhile to answer. I have talked with, emailed a number of folks from ... Cactus identification1/30/2010Maureen  Q: What is the genus spacies of this cactus? This is my friends plant that she recieved from a hort ...   A: It is very hard to identify a cactus as there are about 14,000 species in the family Cactacae.I ... Repoting a very large cactus1/28/2010Maureen  Q: I have a very large cactus, that is literally leaning on the wall! I need to repot it...today! It ...   A: That's quite an amazing plant. It's not a cactus. It's a Euphorbia tetragona. I'm only tell you ... Saguaro cactus1/28/2010Maureen  Q: I purchased a large(about 17foot) saguaro from a local nursery here in Tucson about a year ago and ...   A: Is that area softer than the rest of the cactus feel weaker? That would tell me there's a problem, ... Cactus1/27/2010Maureen  Q: I have another question. Firstly I have enclosed more photos, close ups so you can see the top of ...   A: If you sent more then one picture I found out that AllExperts only lets one go through. Very ... Sick cactus1/26/2010Maureen  Q: Cactus is discoloring at base. turning a moldy black charcoal color. Plant is 6' tall. See photo. ...   A: The picture is a bit fuzzy but it does look like your plant has sever rot. It is, I believe, a ... overgrown aloe vera1/25/2010Maureen  Q: I have an over grown aloe vera plant(see attached picture). It's in a 12" pot. As you can see, it ...   A: There are a few choices. You could leave it as is. That's not what I'd do. First, I bet it's been ... Organ Pipe Cactus1/25/2010Maureen  Q: I'm about to drive out to Yuma,AZ from Tucson,AZ to help my Mimi fix her cactus. Her and my ...   A: My best recommendation is to find an expert in replanting these large cacti. It can be dangerous to ... What kind of cactus is this?1/24/2010Maureen  Q: My mother recently passed away and I'm caring for one of her cactus plants. I'd like to know what ...   A: I's so sorry about your mother's death and hope you are coping as best as you can. First, I'm not ... Dead Cactus.1/23/2010Maureen  Q: I really hope you can help me. I have had my cactus for about two years now and it has been fine ...   A: First, that's not a cactus, it's a succulent, I believe a Euphorbia. The spines aren't cactus ... the top of my cactus froze1/23/2010Maureen  Q: I have a cactus that is just a tall skinny plant- diameter about 3" and about 2 ' tall. I forgot ...   A: With a sterilized knife, cut the top off until you see an infrastructure without any black, orange, ... saguaro cactus1/22/2010Maureen  Q: i have a 12' saguaro in a pot on my back porch. i live in texas and it recently froze here for about ...   A: I suggest you cut that part off with a sterilized knife. It most dying and can spread disease down ... Cowboy cactus going brown at sides - please help him!1/21/2010Maureen  Q: UK. I really hope you can help - I have just noticed that my large 'cowboy cactus' has been turning ...   A: I love the UK. This plant is not a cactus despite it's name. It is Euphorbia ingens - a succulent ... rootbound Mexican fence cactus1/21/2010Maureen  Q: I have a Mexican fence cactus that is about 20 years old. I cut the tops several times and potted ...   A: Cactus like to be root bound but more importantly when's the last time you changed the soil? If ... potted saguaro giving up on life1/20/2010Maureen  Q: Our potted saguaro has gone from the size of a golfball to about 2.5 inches diameter x 8 inches in ...   A: It can take months to years before one can tell that a cactus has died. It can look perfectly ... damaged cacti1/19/2010Maureen  Q: today my girlfriends little sister and her ferret somehow got into her room and scratched and bit at ...   A: Ah, children and pets! If available, get some fungicide powder and dust the open areas, water ... moving a potted Saguaro1/18/2010Maureen  Q: I have a 42" tall Saguaro in a 17" tall pot. It's on a second story deck in my sunroom. I'm moving ...   A: Courage! I would think that even without a crate you could stabilize it by staking and/or wrap the ... Fence Post Cactus1/18/2010Maureen  Q: We have three sets of Mexican Fence Post Cactus planted in a new landscape design. Our lot is at ...   A: I believe you have Pachycereus marginatus which are a tad more sensitive to frost cold, tho from ... Zygo Cactus1/15/2010Maureen  Q: We have a Zygo cactus that is about 30 years old. We would like to transplant it. But not sure how ...   A: I'm sorry, I did answer this question, don't know why it didn't go through. I wouldn't transplant ... Peruvian Apple Cactus1/13/2010Maureen  Q: ..I live in Austin Texas, I have a Peruvian Apple cactus that I planted about 2 years ago, and it ...   A: Get out your saw and sterilize it. Sterilize it for every new cut as well. The yellow you are ... Damage to Euphorbia1/12/2010Maureen  Q: In Houston we just recently had freezing temps. I have two large Euphorbias which were not covered ...   A: That is heart breaking. Euphorbia are cold hardy up to a point but don't tolerate freezing. The ... help with Cactus1/11/2010Maureen  Q: I hope you can help me I have a Cactus in my Loungeroom that is about 6 foot hight from the base of ...   A: Good for you for cutting off that diseased part. I'd separate the the plants into two pots. make ... top heavy cactus1/10/2010Maureen  Q: my cactus is a trichocereus camarquensis and it only seems to be growing at the top which is making ...   A: Sorry I am so slow in answering. I ma not very familiar with is cactus but believe some are grown ... Cactus/Succulent is turning black and soft1/9/2010Maureen  Q: My girlfriend bought me a cactus or succulent plant during the summer. It has a variety of plants, ...   A: Your cactus has rot and and beyond saving. The rot is coming from the bottom so the roots are ... broken cactus or euphorbia1/9/2010Maureen  Q: I have a cactus or maybe an euphorbia, yesterday she fell off the table and 2 of her arms were ...   A: It does sound like a Euphorbia because of the milky substance - which can be an irritant to your ... aloe plant1/8/2010Maureen  Q: I have an aloe plant that has grown very rapidly. The plant needs to be repotted. The plant is so ...   A: What you have hanging over the side is a very large pup. Take the plant out of it's pot and have ... Aloe Ferox, Aloe Striata, Barrel cactus1/8/2010Maureen  Q: I live in Berkeley, ca. I was wondering if I could plant my potted Aloes(big Ferox, Striata, ...   A: I'm not all that familiar with your climate but as long as there isn't a freeze or frost I think you ... Page:   Prev  |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  | 5 

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