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Postby Kajetan » Wed Nov 30, 2016 1:11 am

s SubjectDate AskedExpertStep-parent boundaries11/21/2016Rick OlsonStepchildren and Biological Children10/24/2016Rick OlsonHealthy Boundaries8/22/2016Rick OlsonInappropriate touching between children5/24/2016KaRae' Carey, PhDStepfamily issues5/24/2016KaRae' Carey, PhDMy stepdaughter's mom is borderline(BPD)5/12/2016KaRae' Carey, PhD18 year old step son4/5/2016Rick OlsonBoyfriend's Daughter Is Disrespectful3/10/2016KaRae' Carey, PhDBlended family10/18/2015Peter Gerlach, MSWToxic stepdaughter's accusations8/25/2015Rick OlsonFuture of Marriage in United States..8/21/2015Peter Gerlach, MSWGirlfriends daughtee7/5/2015KaRae' Carey, PhDAdvice?6/27/2015Rick Olsonco-parenting in need5/21/2015Rick OlsonWhat does this tell you abut an adult man?4/11/2015Peter Gerlach, MSWMy caretaker doesn't show affection or love3/26/2015KaRae' Carey, PhDWhat should I do3/3/2015Rick Olsonadult stepchildren2/17/2015Rick OlsonStep parent role2/12/2015Rick OlsonHusband/Son hate each other1/5/2015Rick Olson50/50 time sharing11/28/2014Peter Gerlach, MSWStep son9/23/2014Rick OlsonDaughter more loyal to step mother and father than biological mother9/6/2014Peter Gerlach, MSWStep Daughter Seeking Advice from Step Mom7/28/2014Peter Gerlach, MSWStep-parenting a 20-year old daughter7/22/2014Peter Gerlach, MSWstepfamily, blended family, parenti9ng, problems7/3/2014Peter Gerlach, MSWhelp!7/3/2014KaRae' Carey, PhDconflict with real father6/13/2014Peter Gerlach, MSWWhat responsibilities does a stepfather have to a stepson?6/6/2014Peter Gerlach, MSWStepson becoming adult4/19/2014Peter Gerlach, MSWOlder step son and younger daughter2/10/2014Peter Gerlach, MSWAdult stepson's behaviors1/27/2014Peter Gerlach, MSW21year old kinda stepson1/24/2014Rick OlsonBoyfriend having difficulties with my kids.11/26/2013Rick OlsonProblems with Boyfriend and Child's Mother relationship10/3/2013Peter Gerlach, MSWHolding on...9/23/2013KaRae' Carey, PhDMy sons' stepbrother hits them9/6/2013Rick OlsonConcerns with blending families8/28/2013KaRae' Carey, PhDFather's wife unkind8/16/2013KaRae' Carey, PhDstep-mother nastyness8/12/2013KaRae' Carey, PhDstep-family dynamics8/12/2013Peter Gerlach, MSWStepson8/5/2013KaRae' Carey, PhDwe thought he wanted a family but maybe not?7/24/2013Rick OlsonStep children6/27/2013Peter Gerlach, MSWstep children6/17/2013Peter Gerlach, MSWvisitation5/30/2013Peter Gerlach, MSWStepson bullying both of my children at school and at home4/3/2013Peter Gerlach, MSW12 yr old step son behavior problem3/28/2013Rick Olson12 year old step son has authority issues3/28/2013Peter Gerlach, MSWoverly affectionate step-son3/27/2013Peter Gerlach, MSW18 Year Old Stepchild3/14/2013Rick OlsonMy daughter disrepsects my husband.3/7/2013Peter Gerlach, MSWstepchildren3/5/2013Rick OlsonStepdaughters lies about stepmom2/28/2013Peter Gerlach, MSWmy boyfriends other child2/24/2013KaRae' Carey, PhDphysically and mentally abusive stepson2/19/2013Rick OlsonStepparenting a 17 yr old2/16/2013Rick Olsonmy Stepson2/14/2013KaRae' Carey, PhDhelp with parenting a step daugther1/9/2013Peter Gerlach, MSWMy husband just met his long lost 12 year old daughter1/6/2013KaRae' Carey, PhDStep children not getting along12/20/2012Rick OlsonStep-mom forbids child's relationship with ex-step-mom12/18/2012KaRae' Carey, PhDGirlfriends Son creates anxiety..11/29/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWstepdad and son11/28/2012Rick OlsonRE: Step Children Ruining My Marriage11/26/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWFinancial Protection for step parent11/26/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWI need advise!11/21/2012Rick Olsonhusband & stepdaughter ruining marriage11/16/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWStep-daughter11/16/2012Rick Olsonstep parenting troubled child11/13/2012Rick OlsonToo much?11/13/2012Peter Gerlach, MSW7 year old daughter hates my new husband11/5/2012KaRae' Carey, PhDInappropriate boundaries between stepdaughter and husband11/5/2012Rick OlsonStep Daughters11/1/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWShould I back off when it comes to my stepson?10/30/2012Rick Olsonmy daughter and step daughter10/27/2012KaRae' Carey, PhDAdult Step Son or Dad ruining marriage10/18/2012Rick OlsonMy step daughter's mother is a drug addict10/17/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWBlended-Family with Kids & Dogs10/11/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWremarriage and step children9/22/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWstepson problems9/18/2012KaRae' Carey, PhDhusband has no tolerance for adolescent stepsons9/7/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWMoral Dilemma8/21/2012Rick OlsonDiscipline8/15/2012Rick OlsonEavesdropping and Violation of Privacy8/13/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWStepdad-Control freak, yet helps mom with bills.. Trapped..8/4/2012KaRae' Carey, PhDReady to give up8/1/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWStep mom needs help with Bio- monster7/31/2012KaRae' Carey, PhDBoyfriend doesn't like kids7/31/2012Rick OlsonHusband and Stepkids7/30/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWTo remain or not remain in step-sons life7/29/2012Rick Olson15 years old step daughter rebellion7/27/2012KaRae' Carey, PhD15 years old step daughter trouble7/27/2012Peter Gerlach, MSW15 years old step daughter trouble7/25/2012Rick OlsonStep children moving out7/20/2012KaRae' Carey, PhDhow to handle a rude stepson7/18/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWteenage stepkids are coming between us7/15/2012Rick Olsonstep-parenting7/8/2012Rick Olsonno communications anymore7/5/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWhelp my stepdaughter is killing my family6/29/2012Rick OlsonTroubled step mother6/19/2012Rick Olsonbelligerent stepson already diagnosed with misogynism and attachment disorder.6/13/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWLove lost between wife and step-daughters6/7/2012Rick OlsonPartner's Daughters5/30/2012Rick OlsonHELP!!!!5/29/2012Rick OlsonEavesdropping 11-year-old5/27/2012Rick Olsonstepchildren someday..problems now5/24/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWI do not like the word stepmother5/15/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWstepdad with no prior children5/8/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWIssues with different parenting methods in blended families5/8/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWmalicious 22 y.o SD, will live with me and my daughter4/28/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWhaving resentment towards step child4/26/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWstep parents and sex4/25/2012Rick OlsonHelp with adult Electra step-daughter4/21/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWBlaming the step-parent for 'negative vibes'4/20/2012Rick Olsondiscipline of significant others child4/12/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWstep daughter4/11/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWvery complicated situation3/29/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWmanipulative stepdaughter3/28/2012Rick OlsonStepson and father issues3/22/2012Rick Olsonhelp I'm so confused3/17/2012Rick Olsonstepdad3/17/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWFather allowing adult stepson to be lazy3/6/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWStepson problems3/1/2012Rick OlsonMy boyfriend and my child2/22/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWStep Son and Daughter2/9/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWDifficult 18 yrs boy--disrepectful, etc.2/8/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWI'm horrified I'm making my boyfriend's kids worse1/31/2012Rick OlsonBoyfriend's daughter1/25/2012Rick OlsonStepdaughter runing relationship1/23/2012Rick OlsonHELP! PLEASE!1/23/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWMy son refuses to accept my husband1/18/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWTeenage Stepchildren1/17/2012Rick OlsonHow to Handle BPD Ex-stepdaughter Wanting to Attend Our Wedding1/15/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWResentment1/11/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWAdult stepchildren-enough is enough1/6/2012Peter Gerlach, MSWAm I being unreasonable???12/21/2011Rick Olsonchildren and sleeping arrangements12/18/2011Peter Gerlach, MSWTeenage stepson12/12/2011Peter Gerlach, MSWHusband uninvolved with stepson12/8/2011Rick OlsonMeddling ex and step-children12/4/2011Peter Gerlach, MSWPartner's relationship with his ex12/1/2011Peter Gerlach, MSWI just need a little time alone11/24/2011Rick OlsonCoping with my boyfriends children11/23/2011Peter Gerlach, MSWAbusive step son11/16/2011Rick Olsonvacation with stepchildren11/10/2011Peter Gerlach, MSWRaising a stepchild11/9/2011Rick Olsonblended families11/1/2011Peter Gerlach, MSWFrustrating Stepfamily Dynamics10/30/2011Peter Gerlach, MSWHelp with situation needed10/26/2011Rick OlsonHusband Moving out with his 22 year old daughter10/18/2011Rick Olsonstep daughter stealing10/10/2011Rick OlsonStep Parent Rights10/7/2011Rick Olsonstepdaughter of 17 years10/5/2011Rick OlsonBlended Family Problems10/4/2011Rick OlsonTeenage stepdaughter9/29/2011Rick Olsonstep-daughter and new baby sharing a room...9/17/2011Rick Olsonx-wife harrassing step parent and family9/2/2011Rick OlsonStepdaughter stealing numerous time8/23/2011Rick Olsonlove?8/12/2011J.L. SlipakStep kids and financial8/12/2011J.L. SlipakStep Father8/5/2011Rick OlsonStepdaughter crying a lot7/30/2011Rick Olsonadult step daughters robbed me7/29/2011Rick OlsonMy Husband My Son7/28/2011Rick OlsonFiancee has a 12 year-old7/15/2011Rick OlsonStep mom role/responsibility7/11/2011Rick OlsonStep Parenting7/5/2011Rick Olsondiscipling stepchildren6/21/2011Rick OlsonLiving with a husband who dislikes my son6/16/2011Rick OlsonCant stand my 5yo stepson6/13/2011Rick Olson15 year old stepdaughter5/27/2011Rick Olsonstep-parent concerns5/24/2011Rick Olsonstepfather clashes with 7 yr. stepdaughter5/20/2011Rick OlsonFuture Step Mother Terrified5/17/2011Rick Olsonno support from spouse on stepchild5/16/2011Rick Olsonoverwhelmed and stress with not having a schedule for visitation5/4/2011Rick OlsonHusband and Stepdaughter clingyness5/3/2011Rick OlsonFeeling like the evil stepmother4/30/2011Rick OlsonStepchild tearing marriage apart4/21/2011Rick OlsonHow much should you fight for the person you are in love with?4/15/2011Rick OlsonStep son's graduation dinner4/12/2011Rick Olsonstepson and his brother4/10/2011Rick OlsonFinancial differences in step children4/7/2011Rick Olsonstep child4/6/2011Rick Olsonchild discipline by significant other4/5/2011Rick OlsonDisciplining step children3/31/2011Rick Olsonstep parenting issues3/28/2011Rick Olsonlost step daughter, now loosing grand daughter3/25/2011Rick Olsonstep daughter gone, now loosing grand daugther3/24/2011Rick Olson21 year old stepchild / recovering acoholic3/23/2011Rick Olsoni hate my step kids3/19/2011Rick Olsonstepson violence increasing3/17/2011Rick OlsonHelp with Biological Mother3/16/2011Rick Olson19 year old stepson with passive aggressive behavior3/11/2011Rick OlsonMy almost 15 y-o stepson3/10/2011Rick OlsonLove for kids3/9/2011Rick Olsonstepchildren 3hrs away & traveling3/8/2011Rick OlsonFinances3/7/2011Rick OlsonFriend of step parent overnight stay3/6/2011Rick Olsondifficult ex wife/step daughter3/4/2011Rick Olsonstep-son3/2/2011Rick Olsonsoon to be step children2/28/2011Rick OlsonMy boyfrien has said he loves me but cant get past the fact i have 2 kids2/27/2011Rick OlsonReady to move out2/25/2011Rick OlsonBlending families - when kids don't get along do we just do things separately?2/22/2011Rick Olsonquestioning parenting styles2/20/2011Rick Olsononly parent here2/19/2011Rick Olsonstepdaughter killing marriage2/18/2011Rick Olsonmy stepson2/16/2011Rick OlsonFamily time.2/13/2011Rick OlsonStepson Issues2/9/2011Rick OlsonParenting Stepchildren2/4/2011Teresa DickersonStep daughter tantrums and mother's obstinacy2/4/2011Teresa Dickersonmaintenance issue with my girlfriends kids2/2/2011Teresa DickersonDifficult sneaky jealous stepdaughter1/31/2011Rick OlsonTeenage Step Son wants only Alone time with Father1/30/2011Teresa DickersonStepdaughter1/27/2011Teresa DickersonBoyfriends daughter1/26/2011Rick Olsonstep1/25/2011Teresa DickersonDiffering parenting styles for my kids vs step child1/25/2011Rick Olson15 year old step-daughter with issues1/23/2011Rick OlsonSemi step parenting1/22/2011Teresa DickersonParenting 4 yr old step daughter with our own newborn daughter1/21/2011Rick Olsonboyfriend/daughter issues1/20/2011Rick Olson10 year old partner’s son.1/19/2011Rick Olsonbeing a stepmom for 13 yrs old girl1/17/2011Rick Olson2nd Husband v Child1/14/2011Rick OlsonDealing with teenage stepchildren1/10/2011Rick Olsonstep-children1/9/2011Rick OlsonStep-parenting hell1/4/2011Rick OlsonEmtionally dependent daughter12/30/2010Rick OlsonFeeling Used12/29/2010Rick OlsonOverbearing stepfather12/28/2010Rick OlsonStepchildren12/27/2010Rick Olson12 year old won't listen12/15/2010Rick OlsonHelp for emotionally abused step mother:12/9/2010Rick Olsonresentful stepmom12/8/2010Rick OlsonStep Parenting12/6/2010Rick OlsonHelp...lost12/1/2010Rick OlsonManipulative Step child11/30/2010Rick OlsonStruggling with my husband and 4 yr old stepson11/29/2010Rick OlsonI don't think I can do this anymore11/22/2010Rick Olsonmanipulative and a liar11/20/2010Rick Olsonstepchildren11/18/2010Rick Olsonungrateful step daughter11/15/2010Rick OlsonAm I too young for this?11/5/2010Rick OlsonSTEP SISTER FIGHTING11/2/2010Rick Olson8 year old step daughter10/30/2010Rick OlsonResentment about special needs stepdaughter's visitation schedule10/29/2010Rick Olsonlying10/28/2010Rick OlsonStep Children10/26/2010Rick Olsonfed up with stepdaughter's drama10/25/2010Rick OlsonStepfather/Stepdaughter problem10/18/2010Rick Olsonstep children10/17/2010Rick OlsonBoyfriend and his son10/15/2010Rick OlsonDis-respectful Stepson10/14/2010Rick Olsonstep daugher10/9/2010Rick Olson5yr old hates stepkids10/8/2010Rick OlsonStep-daughter issues10/1/2010Rick Olsonsemi step parenting9/30/2010Rick Olsonstepdaughter issues9/20/2010Rick OlsonMother vs Step-mother9/17/2010Rick Olsonfollow up re adult children will not speak to me9/15/2010Rick OlsonParenting diferences.9/13/2010Rick OlsonAdult Stepchildren9/11/2010Rick OlsonEgg shells9/8/2010Rick OlsonHow to accept my girlfriends kids9/1/2010Rick OlsonStep grandparenting?8/28/2010Rick Olsonanimal like behaviors in an 8 year old8/26/2010Rick OlsonStepchildren8/25/2010Rick Olsonre: tween8/19/2010Rick OlsonLost in Translation8/17/2010Rick Olsondating a widower with a teenager8/12/2010Rick Olsonstep daughters8/11/2010Rick OlsonStepdaughter/stepson8/10/2010Rick OlsonStep Children & Ex Wife8/9/2010Rick OlsonAdult Stepson8/7/2010Rick Olson28 yo Stepson Moved Back In8/3/2010Rick OlsonChild, Father, Girl Friend7/27/2010Rick OlsonBeing a stepdad with the "ex" in the picture.7/26/2010Rick Olsonclingy step-son7/22/2010Rick OlsonStep-parenting7/21/2010Rick OlsonStep daughter/seperated7/19/2010Rick Olsonproblems with stepdaughter7/18/2010Rick Olsondiscipline of step children7/16/2010Rick OlsonGetting along as a family7/14/2010Rick Olsonstep parenting7/13/2010Rick OlsonJealous Stepdaughter7/12/2010Rick Olson4 yearl olds tantrums7/8/2010Deborah Jean GarlandTeen Stepdaughter's attentiveness to dad7/7/2010Deborah Jean GarlandBedtime7/5/2010Rick OlsonHis kids vs. my kids7/1/2010Deborah Jean GarlandJealousy of step daughter6/29/2010Rick OlsonAdult Step-children, husband problem6/28/2010Rick Olsondifficult dealings with step daughters and second husbands6/26/2010Rick OlsonBoyfriends kids6/25/2010Rick OlsonTwo Stepdaughters and a bio daughter6/24/2010Rick Olsonmy daughter and her stepfather's relationship6/23/2010Rick Olsondemonic step child6/22/2010Rick OlsonAdult step-child issue6/17/2010Rick Olsonadult step child6/16/2010Rick Olsonstepdaughter placement issues6/15/2010Rick OlsonEvil Stepson6/14/2010Rick Olsonwho disciplines in a stepfamily6/9/2010Rick OlsonI don't like my 10yr old step-daughter6/8/2010Rick Olsonmy rights as a step parent6/7/2010Rick OlsonMy daughter and my stepchildren6/5/2010Rick Olsona poisoned step child6/4/2010Rick OlsonCohabiting Couple Discipline Issues With Her College Age Son5/30/2010Rick Olsonnew stepparent5/26/2010Rick Olsonparenting step children5/25/2010Rick Olsonchild boundaries etc5/24/2010Rick OlsonMy 14yr girl and boyfriend don't get along5/20/2010Rick Olsonmy stepson's bio mom5/20/2010Rick OlsonStep son competing with me5/20/2010Rick Olsonneed help with relationship with stepson5/18/2010Rick OlsonOutcast5/17/2010Rick Olsonrespons-ability5/17/2010Rick OlsonRE: partner doesn't understand children5/14/2010Rick OlsonWhen parenting styles differ?5/14/2010Rick OlsonStep-parenting an 18 year old abandoned by mother5/14/2010Rick OlsonHow do I parent a full-time stepchild?4/21/2010Deborah Jean GarlandBoyfriends Daughter4/19/2010Deborah Jean Garlandstepdaughter4/16/2010Deborah Jean GarlandBoyfriends daughter4/13/2010Deborah Jean GarlandMy role as a step mom.4/9/2010Deborah Jean GarlandStepmother and young children4/8/2010Deborah Jean Garlandstepson4/7/2010Deborah Jean GarlandSpoiled soon to be stepdaughter4/6/2010Deborah Jean GarlandShould I call my stepson's mom on the carpet?4/1/2010Deborah Jean GarlandHorrible Step-Daughter3/11/2010Deborah Jean Garlandchildren not getting along2/23/2010Deborah Jean GarlandStep Child in Our Bed2/21/2010Deborah Jean Garlandhelp my new step child will not respect me2/18/2010Deborah Jean GarlandGrumpy Step Children2/17/2010Deborah Jean Garlandadult stepchildren will not speak to me2/15/2010Deborah Jean Garlandnot interested in getting close to newly connected 18 yr old step daughter2/12/2010Deborah Jean Garlandstepdaughter2/11/2010Deborah Jean GarlandEx doesnt want me to participate in any kid functions with her daughter2/10/2010Deborah Jean Garlandblending values2/9/2010Deborah Jean GarlandHow do I get my blended family to get along?2/8/2010Deana ReneeStepdaugter who manipulates2/8/2010Deana Reneestepdaughter2/8/2010Deborah Jean Garlandfinancial responsibility for stepchildren2/5/2010Deborah Jean Garlandmom of five past away, now a blended family1/31/2010Deborah Jean GarlandMy 3.5 yr old stepson keeps saying he doesn't like me now1/26/2010Deborah Jean GarlandStepkids dont get along1/1/2010J.L. SlipakDoes my fiance want me to be a father to her child or just a companion to her?12/22/2009Deborah Jean GarlandStep Son12/20/2009Deborah Jean Garlandboyfriends daughter hates me and refuses to see her father12/19/2009Deborah Jean GarlandDisrespectful Stepson12/14/2009Deborah Jean GarlandMy 8yr Old Stepson is driving me nuts!!12/11/2009Deborah Jean GarlandStop my stepson's step-dad from being mean w/out getting my stepson in trouble for tellign us12/10/2009Deborah Jean GarlandTeenage Step son is causing a breakdown of our relationship10/16/2009Deborah Jean GarlandStep-daughter & Dad10/15/2009Deborah Jean GarlandIgnored by stepson10/15/2009Deborah Jean GarlandHandling step children10/15/2009Deborah Jean Garlanddealing with the bio-mom10/15/2009Deborah Jean Garlandstep mother10/8/2009Deborah Jean Garlandstepchildren are driving me out of my house10/8/2009Deborah Jean Garlandstepmother doesn't like my kids10/8/2009Deborah Jean GarlandFinance Acts Different When Mom Not Around?10/5/2009J.L. SlipakOlder step children10/5/2009J.L. Slipakstepdad resents stepkids?10/1/2009J.L. SlipakStep daughter causing misery!8/12/2009J.L. SlipakStepchildren and remarriage issues8/12/2009J.L. SlipakMy Ex, My son and I8/11/2009J.L. SlipakStep Mom w/no Bio Children8/10/2009J.L. SlipakFiance's Kids8/10/2009J.L. SlipakStepmother problems with 5yr old boy8/10/2009J.L. SlipakAdult Step Son8/5/2009J.L. Slipak14 yr old stepson8/4/2009J.L. SlipakI need suggestions for getting bio-mom on track with co-parenting8/2/2009J.L. Slipakadult children living with us8/1/2009J.L. SlipakStepson doesn't know about my existance as his new dad's wife7/31/2009J.L. SlipakStepparenting7/31/2009J.L. Slipakstepdaughter7/19/2009Lana SenTime with Step Children2/26/2009J.L. SlipakWhat if inlaws get manipulated by angry, adult sd.2/26/2009J.L. Slipakadult step daughter2/23/2009J.L. SlipakHusband Refuses to Discipline his Teen Sons2/23/2009J.L. SlipakStepchildren whom I was not aware they exist before we got married.2/20/2009J.L. SlipakDealing with ex-wife's anger over marriage2/19/2009J.L. Slipakpersonal responsibility2/17/2009J.L. SlipakStepchildren2/16/2009J.L. SlipakBeginning to resent step children2/16/2009J.L. Slipak23 year old step-daughter reports everything to her mom2/16/2009J.L. SlipakThe Invisible Wife2/11/2009J.L. SlipakStepchildren and Spouse2/9/2009J.L. SlipakStepson2/9/2009J.L. Slipakbehaviour of 5 year old part time step child2/8/2009J.L. SlipakAccepting step children2/7/2009J.L. Slipakstepson's mother2/5/2009J.L. SlipakNew Relationship2/3/2009J.L. SlipakStep daughter2/2/2009J.L. SlipakStep daughter2/2/2009J.L. Slipakduring his visitation my ex works nights2/2/2009J.L. SlipakStep-son may be moving in soon!1/31/2009J.L. Slipakkid in shopping cart1/31/2009J.L. Slipakneed some help1/30/2009J.L. SlipakAre first names disrespectful1/30/2009J.L. Slipak31 year old step daughter1/29/2009J.L. SlipakI have a problem with my stepchild and my husband1/28/2009J.L. SlipakEx's New Girlfriend Disciplining our Daughter1/26/2009J.L. Slipak24 yr old step-son responsibilities1/26/2009J.L. Slipakstepson hits and lies1/25/2009J.L. Slipak17yr old problem stepson1/24/2009J.L. SlipakHow to parent 24 year old step-sons1/23/2009J.L. SlipakStruggling with liking step son1/21/2009J.L. SlipakVisitation rights of step parents1/21/2009J.L. Slipak13yo Step Son Won't Listen In Dangerous Situations1/20/2009J.L. SlipakStep-horror1/20/2009J.L. SlipakStep mothering1/19/2009J.L. SlipakHate and recenment towards my stepdaughter1/19/2009J.L. SlipakHard Being Married and raising a step kid1/18/2009J.L. SlipakHusband doesn't care for stepchild1/16/2009J.L. SlipakDo not feel connected1/16/2009J.L. SlipakTeenage stepson issues1/16/2009J.L. SlipakToo many family members involved1/15/2009J.L. SlipakHELP!!!!!!!!!!1/15/2009J.L. SlipakNeed help with rules for 13-year-old under house arrest1/15/2009J.L. Slipakstep daughter creating conflict1/14/2009J.L. Slipakmy 6yr old stepson and 6yr old son I need help1/14/2009J.L. SlipakNarcissism1/14/2009J.L. SlipakHelp with my step son1/12/2009J.L. SlipakMy fiance's 10 year old son will not listen to her1/12/2009J.L. Slipakpunishments&discipline for strong willed kids1/12/2009J.L. Slipakwhat to do1/11/2009J.L. SlipakHaving my own child now1/10/2009J.L. SlipakHelp, our kids just don't get along!1/9/2009J.L. SlipakAdult Stepdaughter causing conflict1/8/2009J.L. SlipakStep son driving me crazy1/7/2009J.L. Slipakstep families12/17/2008J.L. SlipakRules for a 17 yo Step Daughter12/17/2008J.L. SlipakSlowly Blending a family12/15/2008J.L. SlipakStep-parenting12/14/2008J.L. Slipakstep children12/10/2008J.L. Slipakdifficult times with stepchildren12/9/2008J.L. Slipakmy new husband expects perfection12/9/2008J.L. SlipakHow do I deal with accusations12/8/2008J.L. SlipakAbusive Stepchild12/8/2008J.L. SlipakHelp12/8/2008J.L. SlipakAm i the only one trying to blend our families together12/5/2008J.L. Slipakstep parent role12/4/2008J.L. SlipakUnruley step child12/3/2008J.L. SlipakI'm out of my league12/3/2008J.L. SlipakStep Kids12/3/2008J.L. Slipak"You're not my stepmom, yet!"12/2/2008J.L. SlipakAdult son living with us, Should I leave now?12/1/2008J.L. SlipakHusband treats stepson unfairly12/1/2008J.L. SlipakMy son lives with me11/30/2008J.L. SlipakHow much do I have to take?11/29/2008J.L. Slipakblending kids-I am desperate11/29/2008J.L. SlipakEx Wife and Family11/27/2008J.L. Slipakchildren not meshing11/27/2008J.L. Slipaksurprise kid 12 years later11/24/2008J.L. SlipakStep children11/24/2008J.L. Slipakstepdaughters11/21/2008J.L. SlipakMeshing kids11/21/2008J.L. SlipakResenting 14 yr Old Step-Son11/20/2008J.L. SlipakStepdaughter11/19/2008J.L. Slipakadult stepdaughter11/18/2008J.L. Slipaklife with step teenagers11/17/2008J.L. Slipak3 year old stepson's behavior11/17/2008J.L. SlipakMy stepson11/16/2008J.L. SlipakWhat are my boundries?11/16/2008J.L. Slipakstep-son11/15/2008J.L. Slipakwhat am i really?11/14/2008J.L. Slipakstepchild vs own child11/14/2008J.L. Slipakmy son and stepson11/13/2008J.L. SlipakDisrespect from step child11/13/2008J.L. SlipakBlended Family Broken - Divorce? Moral dilemma.11/12/2008J.L. SlipakMy new spouse hates my son11/11/2008J.L. Slipakstep daughter11/11/2008J.L. SlipakThis brat is driving me bannanas!!!11/10/2008J.L. Slipak19 yearold stepson has girlfriend pregnant. How to accept this!11/10/2008J.L. Slipak2 much 2 handle11/9/2008Lana Sen11 year old step son11/5/2008J.L. SlipakMaking a new home11/4/2008J.L. Slipak3yr old I cant stand11/4/2008J.L. SlipakStep Daughter - Serious Problem11/3/2008J.L. SlipakHelp Help Help11/3/2008J.L. SlipakSpoiled step daughter10/29/2008J.L. SlipakIn addition10/29/2008J.L. SlipakMy wife's ultimatum to me.10/29/2008J.L. SlipakStep-Son Issue10/28/2008J.L. SlipakStepdaughter getting worse and worse10/28/2008J.L. SlipakHow to cope10/28/2008J.L. SlipakStep Daughter10/28/2008J.L. Slipaklive in girlfriend trying to coparent 12 y.o girl10/27/2008J.L. SlipakResentment of StepChild10/24/2008J.L. Slipakadult stepson10/23/2008J.L. SlipakTRYING to love my stepson as my own10/22/2008J.L. SlipakExplaining "family" to young step daughters10/22/2008J.L. SlipakStepdaughter Issues and the Decision to Live Together10/22/2008J.L. SlipakStep daughter10/21/2008J.L. SlipakLate for school10/20/2008J.L. Slipakloving three step children10/19/2008J.L. SlipakHow do I accept my boyfriend's children?10/17/2008J.L. Slipakstep-daughter10/17/2008J.L. SlipakProblem stepdaughter10/16/2008J.L. SlipakSoon to be step monster...10/16/2008J.L. SlipakParenting struggles10/16/2008Lana Senstep son lives fullltime with his dad and me10/15/2008J.L. SlipakGrown Step-Children Stole My Late Mother's Diamond Wedding Ring10/15/2008J.L. SlipakThe Stepchild has a question10/14/2008J.L. Slipakdissagreements10/12/2008J.L. Slipakgrown stepdaughter and two kids who moved in with us10/10/2008J.L. Slipakstepdaughter's boyfriend is a controller10/9/2008J.L. Slipakhusband no help with his daughter my stepdaughter10/9/2008J.L. Slipakstep kids10/7/2008J.L. Slipakstepson10/7/2008J.L. SlipakWife and Ex-Wife Relationship10/6/2008J.L. SlipakAdult Stepchild problems10/5/2008J.L. SlipakStep-Parent to 3 or her children9/18/2008J.L. Slipaki am a 23 year old mother9/16/2008J.L. SlipakNew Spouse Does Not Like My Children9/16/2008J.L. SlipakWidower's Goth Teen Daughter9/15/2008J.L. SlipakTeenager in conflict with boyfriend!9/15/2008J.L. SlipakMy Stepson no longer wanting to visit9/12/2008J.L. SlipakLoosing Sleep9/11/2008J.L. SlipakWelcoming my Stepson9/10/2008J.L. SlipakStepparenting and Ex-wife9/10/2008J.L. SlipakParenting Styles9/9/2008J.L. SlipakAnxiety over his children9/9/2008J.L. SlipakSoon-to-be-Blended family/ Unruly Stepchildren9/8/2008J.L. Slipakno body is happy in my family!!!!!!!!9/8/2008J.L. Slipakhow do i make my husband happy and get along with his kids9/8/2008J.L. Slipakhelp me please9/7/2008J.L. Slipakatep-dad transfers agression to step-daughter9/5/2008J.L. SlipakDealing with adult children in a relationship9/5/2008J.L. SlipakPicky eater stepchildren with rude comments9/3/2008J.L. Slipakhelp9/3/2008J.L. Slipakconcerned Nana9/2/2008J.L. SlipakHelp...before its too late...9/2/2008J.L. Slipakstep kids dicipline9/2/2008J.L. SlipakMy husband has intense anger toward my son9/1/2008J.L. SlipakStepchildren?9/1/2008J.L. SlipakAm I over reacting?8/31/2008J.L. SlipakMoving in together8/30/2008J.L. Slipak"Core Family"8/29/2008J.L. SlipakStepchildren8/28/2008J.L. SlipakOut of control step kids8/28/2008J.L. SlipakAggrevated!!8/27/2008J.L. SlipakStep Family Trouble!8/27/2008J.L. Slipak Problem's with boyfriend's 17 year old daughter8/26/2008J.L. SlipakTrouble with my 14 year old step son8/25/2008J.L. SlipakMe vs Bio Mom8/24/2008J.L. Slipakstep-daughter problems8/24/2008J.L. SlipakStepfamilies & Finances8/23/2008J.L. SlipakStepson stole from me8/22/2008J.L. SlipakStep parenting8/21/2008J.L. SlipakMy husband hates my son8/21/2008J.L. SlipakMy 11 1/2 year old daughter VS my fiance!8/20/2008J.L. SlipakHusband Lashing Out At Sep Daughter8/20/2008J.L. SlipakStep parenting8/20/2008J.L. SlipakShould I stay or go??8/18/2008J.L. Slipakstepchild problems8/18/2008J.L. Slipakhelp me out pls.....8/17/2008J.L. Slipakstepchildren8/17/2008J.L. Slipakstep children problem8/15/2008J.L. SlipakShould I go to Step-daughters wedding?8/14/2008J.L. SlipakMatters and Courtesy8/13/2008J.L. SlipakFiance'sAdult Daughter Breaking up Our Relationship8/12/2008J.L. Slipakbaby momma drama8/11/2008J.L. SlipakHow can I be more positive with a step child that is only catered to8/9/2008J.L. SlipakOldest Step-Son Won't Visit Us8/8/2008J.L. Slipakstepkids8/8/2008J.L. Slipaklying stepdaughter8/8/2008J.L. SlipakStep children8/7/2008J.L. SlipakToxic stepchildren.8/7/2008J.L. Slipakstep mom and showering8/6/2008J.L. SlipakStepdaughter and her dad8/5/2008J.L. Slipakparenting stepchildren8/5/2008J.L. Slipakblended family with 1 on the way8/5/2008J.L. SlipakStepdaughters hate me, what should I do?8/3/2008J.L. Slipak15 year old stepdaughter8/2/2008J.L. SlipakCoping with the negative influence of my step son's Mother8/1/2008J.L. SlipakIs it ok for husband to visit stepkids outside the home7/31/2008J.L. SlipakMy three almost step daughters7/30/2008J.L. Slipakstepchild on drugs/father does nothing7/30/2008J.L. SlipakMy wife cant cope with my kids, her step kids7/29/2008J.L. SlipakHis daughter / "my" issue7/28/2008J.L. Slipakissues with future step daughter7/28/2008J.L. SlipakStepSon/Mom/Drugs7/25/2008J.L. Slipak17 year old step daughter7/24/2008J.L. SlipakOlder Step-Children Interference?7/24/2008J.L. Slipakstep parenting7/24/2008J.L. SlipakStepmother of 26/20/2008J.L. SlipakDo I stay or do I go?6/19/2008J.L. Slipakhelp with husband who's a guilty dad6/19/2008Lana SenStepson Moved Back In6/18/2008J.L. SlipakA living nightmare!6/18/2008J.L. Slipakwhere to place my step-daughter?6/18/2008J.L. [email protected]/16/2008J.L. SlipakSince when is it her fault that your son chose to be her step dad?6/16/2008J.L. Slipakstep-parenting6/14/2008J.L. Slipakmy boyfriends daughters6/14/2008J.L. SlipakFeelings of a stepfather6/13/2008J.L. SlipakHow do you no get so upset6/13/2008J.L. SlipakNew custodial stepmother of 18 year old girl6/11/2008J.L. SlipakTerror6/11/2008J.L. Slipak8 Year old stepson.6/3/2008Lee BrochsteinStep-parenting conflicts6/3/2008Lee BrochsteinBlended Family of Nine6/2/2008Lee BrochsteinMy girlfriends 6 year old6/2/2008Lee BrochsteinAdult Stepchildren5/30/2008Lee Brochsteinmy ex wife and late stepson5/28/2008Lee BrochsteinMy Significant Other's 19 yr. old daughter5/28/2008Lee BrochsteinI am a step dad.5/26/2008Lee BrochsteinStepdaughter5/23/2008Lee BrochsteinResentful feelings5/22/2008Lee Brochstein11 year old5/21/2008J.L. Slipakliving with stepchildren and more5/21/2008J.L. SlipakMy 8 yr old step-son5/20/2008Lee BrochsteinBalancing time between son and step son5/19/2008Lee Brochsteinstep son5/19/2008Lee BrochsteinMy husband's daughter . .5/19/2008J.L. SlipakStepdad spanking stepson5/19/2008Lee Brochsteindating guy with 3 sons5/9/2008Lee BrochsteinWorried Mom about her girls.. 11 and 7 years old5/8/2008Lee Brochsteinadult stepchildren5/8/2008Lee BrochsteinStep Father..won't back down5/8/2008J.L. SlipakHELP ME PLEASE!!!!5/8/2008J.L. Slipakseeing a guy with 3 sons5/8/2008J.L. Slipakkids have bad attitude toward fiance5/7/2008Lee BrochsteinHusband can't stand my son5/7/2008Lee Brochsteinex wife is a lunatic5/6/2008Lee Brochsteinis it my fault5/6/2008Lee Brochsteinmy very large step family5/5/2008Lee Brochsteinstep kids5/2/2008Lee Brochsteini have 2 young step kids need help!5/1/2008Lee Brochsteinstep parenting?5/1/2008Lee BrochsteinLong term issues with stepmother to step-grandmother relationship5/1/2008Lee BrochsteinStepson/marriage issues4/30/2008Lee BrochsteinMy new stepdaughter needs some strict parenting but I don't want to get involved4/18/2008Lana SenStepchild4/17/2008Lana Senaccepting boyfriends daughter4/16/2008Lana Senstepkids4/13/2008Lana SenMy boyfriend doesn't want to accept my son.4/12/2008Lana SenStep-daughter sleeping arrangement4/5/2008J.L. Slipaka triangle of confusion4/3/2008J.L. SlipakTo TALK or not to TALK, is the question4/3/2008J.L. SlipakHELP! my fiancee's 14 year old and 9 year old are tearing us apart!4/3/2008J.L. SlipakStepmom the enforcer4/1/2008J.L. Slipakco-sleeping with 5 year old fiance's son?3/6/2008Lana Senstep daughter2/25/2008Lana SenBoyfriend's daughters2/25/2008Lana Senstep parenting a 15 year old girl2/22/2008Lana Sencombined familey/step parent2/21/2008Lana SenBiological Father returns after absence2/20/2008Lana Senadult step-daughter2/19/2008Lana Senmy step son is a huge problem in my mariage2/18/2008Lana Senkids2/16/2008Lana Senstepson just moved in2/13/2008Lana Senstep daughter2/12/2008Lana SenShould I be involved in counseling with husband and exwife2/8/2008J.L. SlipakI feel insane!2/8/2008J.L. Slipak15 Year old Wants to Rule our world2/8/2008J.L. Slipakstep child2/7/2008J.L. Slipakchildren2/6/2008J.L. Slipakmy 6 year old son, and my 8 year old stepson2/6/2008J.L. SlipakMy Husband is a helicopter parent2/6/2008J.L. SlipakBoyfriends Daughter2/5/2008J.L. Slipakfinancial responsibility for stepchild2/5/2008J.L. SlipakI can't seem to deal with boyfriend having a son..2/3/2008J.L. Slipakissues with 20 year old step-daughter2/3/2008J.L. SlipakStep children2/2/2008J.L. SlipakHusband clashing with my son.2/2/2008J.L. Slipaknot her mother not her friend1/31/2008J.L. SlipakStepson's anger/atitude is destroying our family1/31/2008J.L. SlipakDinner with ex and kids at restaurant for "family meeting" ??1/31/2008J.L. SlipakStuck Step Parent1/31/2008J.L. SlipakPartner cannot split time between his son and me1/30/2008J.L. SlipakCrush1/30/2008J.L. Slipakspoiled step son1/30/2008J.L. SlipakStepfather does little for family structure yet acts as if he deserves ALPHA position.1/29/2008J.L. Slipak16 year old step-son1/29/2008J.L. SlipakAdult Children still living with us1/29/2008J.L. SlipakMarriage and Stepchildren1/28/2008J.L. Slipakstep-daughter issues1/26/2008J.L. Slipak25 yr Stepdaughter and husband is driving me crazy1/26/2008J.L. SlipakMy boyfriend and my daughter1/26/2008J.L. Slipakwhen ex-spouse talks negatively to children1/26/2008J.L. SlipakStepdaughter Angry w/ BioMom1/25/2008J.L. SlipakMy kids don't like my wife and she's having a hard time dealing with it1/14/2008J.L. Slipakstep child1/14/2008J.L. SlipakHow to deal with a very difficult ex-wife1/14/2008J.L. Slipakstepdaughter always first1/14/2008J.L. Slipakmy role1/13/2008J.L. Slipakstep parenting1/12/2008J.L. SlipakWhat is a stepparent business.....1/11/2008J.L. Slipakstepson unruly with biodad1/11/2008J.L. SlipakA step son who hates me and OUR children1/11/2008J.L. Slipaksleep problems with 8 yr old stepson1/10/2008J.L. SlipakHusband dislikes my daughter and I dislike his1/10/2008J.L. Slipakstep son1/10/2008J.L. Slipakmanipulative, ungrateful stepdaughter1/10/2008J.L. SlipakMoving in Together1/9/2008J.L. SlipakBlending Stepsisters1/9/2008J.L. SlipakStepdaughter1/9/2008J.L. SlipakManipulative stepdaughter1/9/2008J.L. SlipakMY HUSBAND HATES MY KIDS1/8/2008J.L. Slipakstep-daughter nightmare1/8/2008J.L. SlipakWhiney,Clingy Stepdaughter1/7/2008J.L. Slipakblending family on my own1/6/2008J.L. SlipakThe crazy ex-wife1/4/2008J.L. SlipakStepdaughter1/3/2008J.L. SlipakAdult Stepchildren1/2/2008J.L. SlipakStep dad whos mean1/2/2008J.L. SlipakHow to deal with a husband who does not like step children1/1/2008J.L. Slipakquestion about ex spouse's new spouse's12/31/2007J.L. Slipakjealous and I hate it12/31/2007J.L. SlipakHe doesn't like my son....He doesn't like kids..12/31/2007J.L. SlipakNatural mother belittling Stepmother12/28/2007J.L. SlipakStepdaughter and Drugs12/28/2007J.L. Slipak18 yr old and EOW visits12/17/2007J.L. SlipakAngry Stepdad12/14/2007J.L. SlipakHow to Manage, please help...12/14/2007J.L. Slipakbehavior of 9yo boy12/13/2007J.L. SlipakRESENTMENT and bad feelings towards my stepson12/13/2007J.L. SlipakMy son and my boyfriend12/13/2007J.L. Slipaktrouble w/teen daughter of partner12/12/2007J.L. SlipakHelp! This is destroying our marriage...12/12/2007J.L. Slipakrecent difficulties12/10/2007J.L. Slipakstepchildren12/10/2007J.L. Slipakviolent stepson12/8/2007J.L. SlipakBeing a step dad and dealing with partners Ex12/8/2007J.L. Slipakstepdaughter no longer wants to visit12/7/2007J.L. Slipakstepdaughter inappropriate12/7/2007J.L. SlipakUncontrollable resentment towards stepson after birth of baby...12/6/2007J.L. Slipaki CANT stand my step son12/6/2007J.L. Slipakgirlfriend's 4 year old son - love-hate relationship12/5/2007J.L. SlipakHating my Stepson12/5/2007J.L. SlipakMy 13-year old daughter hates her new step-father12/4/2007J.L. SlipakRe: Biological Fathers Choices12/4/2007J.L. SlipakIm a childless step mom12/3/2007J.L. SlipakStepparenting troubled teen12/3/2007J.L. Slipakstepdaughter wants to live with us...12/2/2007J.L. SlipakStepfather wants Father to be responsible!11/29/2007J.L. Slipakstep daughter wants mum to leave11/29/2007J.L. SlipakStepdaughter Allegations11/28/2007J.L. SlipakStepdaughter11/28/2007J.L. SlipakManipulative, Sloppy, Lazy, Rude, etc.11/28/2007J.L. SlipakHusband is way too strict on his stepson11/28/2007J.L. SlipakMeeting the kids11/28/2007J.L. SlipakI CAN'T STAND MY STEPSON11/27/2007J.L. SlipakI'm at my wits end11/27/2007J.L. SlipakHusband wants his daughter to live with us11/27/2007J.L. Slipak14 year old stepdaughter11/26/2007J.L. SlipakMy family..11/25/2007J.L. Slipakmy daughter11/24/2007J.L. Slipakcrazy ex11/22/2007J.L. SlipakStep Daughter cries for biomom/ Mom is controling11/13/2007J.L. SlipakSpoiled Adult Stepson?11/13/2007J.L. Slipakproblem stepdaughter11/11/2007J.L. SlipakWhen world collide11/11/2007J.L. Slipakshould I be watching his children?11/7/2007J.L. SlipakDo I financially help adult stepdaughter?11/6/2007J.L. SlipakTrusting a Step-Daughter11/5/2007J.L. SlipakManipulating Ex-Wife11/4/2007J.L. Slipakintroducing my 3 young boys to a step sister out of wedlock.11/4/2007J.L. SlipakAdult(?) Step Daughter10/31/2007J.L. SlipakWicked stepmother10/31/2007J.L. Slipakhusband and stepdaughter10/30/2007J.L. SlipakEx wife drama10/29/2007J.L. SlipakStep Son10/29/2007J.L. Slipakstep children10/28/2007J.L. Slipakstep daugher10/25/2007J.L. SlipakBio Mom and Stepdaughters10/25/2007J.L. SlipakWife and her stepchildren and their privacy right10/24/2007J.L. SlipakStepson Teen-Age Pregnancy10/24/2007J.L. Slipakdifficulty with ex wife10/22/2007J.L. SlipakHelp with behavioral issues10/22/2007J.L. Slipakhusband's daughter10/21/2007J.L. SlipakStepdaughter with an Electra complex10/20/2007J.L. SlipakStep Daughters10/19/2007J.L. SlipakReturning Step-child with lack of respect10/18/2007J.L. Slipak3 Boys, how to relate to new step children10/17/2007J.L. SlipakBoyfriends' kids10/17/2007J.L. Slipakproblematic step child10/17/2007J.L. SlipakAm I a "Step Parent" by default - where to seek help?10/16/2007J.L. Slipakno follow through10/15/2007J.L. Slipakshutt in10/15/2007J.L. Slipakstepdaughter cries for mom10/15/2007J.L. Slipakmy new husband is tough on my son...10/15/2007J.L. SlipakStep children10/15/2007J.L. SlipakDifficult new relationship with boyfriend and 8 yr old son10/14/2007J.L. Slipakmy husband does not like my son10/12/2007J.L. Slipakdicipline10/11/2007J.L. SlipakStep-Son Dilemma10/11/2007J.L. Slipakmy stepfather bullys me10/11/2007J.L. Slipakstepdaughter10/11/2007J.L. Slipakstepchildren status when remarried10/10/2007J.L. SlipakMy boyfriends hates my son10/10/2007J.L. SlipakAlternate names10/9/2007J.L. Slipakre: PARTNER'S BEHAVIOUR10/8/2007J.L. Slipakgirlfriend's son is disrespectful10/7/2007J.L. SlipakFed up!10/7/2007J.L. SlipakMy wife has nothing to do with my 10 year old son10/5/2007J.L. SlipakAngry young girl10/4/2007J.L. SlipakHelp understanding my Stepson10/4/2007J.L. SlipakWill my boyfriend ever accept my son?10/3/2007J.L. SlipakMeeting my girlfriends 2 year old daughter...10/3/2007J.L. SlipakHelp Reconnect with Stepdaughter10/3/2007J.L. Slipakchildren do what they want10/2/2007J.L. SlipakMeeting my b-f's 6-year-old daughter.10/2/2007J.L. SlipakI hate my step daughter10/2/2007J.L. SlipakJealously w/stepdaughter/biological son10/1/2007J.L. SlipakTeenage crisis in stepchildren9/30/2007J.L. Slipak14 year old desciding custody9/30/2007J.L. Slipak4 year old cries for mom9/29/2007J.L. SlipakFather going crazy response9/29/2007J.L. Slipakhusbands ex wife9/28/2007J.L. SlipakMy 22 year old step son9/27/2007J.L. Slipakstepmom stepson father going crazy9/26/2007J.L. Slipakstep daughter9/25/2007J.L. SlipakMy step son is on his last string9/25/2007J.L. SlipakBM and SD issues9/24/2007J.L. Slipakteenage stepson9/21/2007J.L. SlipakNew baby and being a stepmom9/20/2007J.L. SlipakSo confused9/20/2007J.L. SlipakMy 20 y/o stepdaughter is stealing from me9/19/2007J.L. Slipakmy daughter's new step-parent9/18/2007J.L. Slipakjust seems out of reach...9/18/2007J.L. Slipakhelp with husband & step child9/17/2007J.L. SlipakDisciplining step-children9/17/2007J.L. SlipakEnough is Enough..where do I go from here?9/14/2007J.L. Slipakthe other woman9/13/2007J.L. SlipakStep son9/10/2007J.L. SlipakI resent my 13 year old step daughter!!!9/9/2007J.L. Slipakmy husband doesn't see it...9/9/2007J.L. SlipakParenting Stepdaughter killing marriage8/30/2007J.L. SlipakFiance doesn't want to be Stepdad8/29/2007J.L. Slipakstepson8/28/2007J.L. Slipaknew baby and step teenagers8/28/2007J.L. SlipakBorrow Money to Stepchildren8/27/2007J.L. SlipakStrong resentments toward step-son and husband8/27/2007J.L. SlipakMy boyfriens's son is driving me nuts!8/27/2007J.L. Slipakstep son and new baby coming8/26/2007J.L. SlipakMy in-laws are unfair to my kids8/25/2007J.L. Slipaksick to my stomach with stepdaughter and ex8/24/2007J.L. SlipakMy boyfriend's daughter8/24/2007J.L. Slipakim lost in words8/24/2007J.L. Slipakstep-child8/22/2007J.L. Slipakneediness of stepdaughter8/22/2007J.L. Slipaksupporting 30 year old daughter(my stepdaughter)8/22/2007J.L. Slipakvisitations8/21/2007J.L. SlipakI hate my step son.8/21/2007J.L. Slipakstepson8/21/2007J.L. Slipak19 year old daughter8/20/2007J.L. SlipakTeenager Concerned About Step-Mom8/20/2007J.L. SlipakStep son hates me8/19/2007J.L. SlipakTroubled Stepson - Please Help8/18/2007J.L. SlipakStep son8/17/2007J.L. Slipakstepson lynig8/16/2007J.L. SlipakBoyfriend & Son article...8/15/2007J.L. SlipakHow to get my step kids to respect me?8/15/2007J.L. SlipakHow to deal with the controling ex and how to gain love and respect from my future stepchild8/14/2007J.L. SlipakBoundaries for ex's8/13/2007J.L. SlipakDisciplining Stepchildren8/10/2007J.L. SlipakUnneeded advice from my steapdad8/10/2007J.L. Slipakstep child from his second marriage8/9/2007J.L. SlipakStep children8/9/2007J.L. SlipakLazy step-son8/9/2007J.L. Slipakresenting stepchildren8/8/2007J.L. Slipakcan't stand the stepchildren8/8/2007LeeImpossible 13yr old Step Daughter8/2/2007LeeSignificant other and his 13 year old daughter8/1/2007LeeGaining Respect from step-daughter8/1/2007LeeBoyfriend and son8/1/2007LeeMy daughet acts out when her step sister is around7/31/2007Leejealous over bond boyfriend and his ex share7/31/2007LeeMeeting a new child7/31/2007LeeGirl friends daughters.7/31/2007LeeTroubled stepmom7/31/2007LeeNew Baby on the way. Need advice7/30/2007LeeStepdaughter7/30/2007LeeWanting things done his way7/30/2007Lee14 year old stepson7/28/2007LeeWill spouse's kids become my stepchildren automatically after remarry7/28/2007LeeI can't think clearly! Fustrated step mom7/26/2007Leemy partner doesn't except my child from a previous relationship7/26/2007Leemarriage in crisis7/25/2007Leestep children7/25/2007LeeStep children stealing7/25/2007Lee12 yr old 'step-daughter' wants dad to leave me7/24/2007LeeTroubled teen7/23/2007LeeStepmother overstepping her boundries7/23/2007LeeStep child lying7/21/2007Leeboyfriend's adult children5/10/2007Alyssa JohnsonStepDaughter Issues5/9/2007Alyssa Johnsoninsurance-car payments5/7/2007Alyssa Johnsonparenting5/4/2007Alyssa Johnsonstep daughter hates me5/3/2007Alyssa Johnsonparty with both sets of parents4/30/2007Alyssa JohnsonStepdaughters4/28/2007Alyssa Johnsonex-wife forces herself on our relation3/19/2007Alyssa Johnsonstepdaughter3/18/2007Alyssa JohnsonOk I took your advise Alyssa3/15/2007Alyssa Johnsonstep-daughter hates me3/15/2007Alyssa JohnsonMorality differences between me and my husband and step son3/13/2007Alyssa Johnsonadult step son3/13/2007Alyssa JohnsonHelp2/28/2007Alyssa JohnsonNew Wife Jealous of my 14 year old daughter2/27/2007Alyssa JohnsonBeing a stepfather2/27/2007Alyssa JohnsonStepson forces choice2/26/2007Alyssa Johnsonangry step-daughter2/21/2007Alyssa Johnsonspoiled, lazy, manipulative 17 yr old stepson2/14/2007Alyssa JohnsonFailed Blended Family2/12/2007Alyssa JohnsonA new step-son and new wife2/11/2007Alyssa JohnsonMy Daughter Hates Her Stepfather2/10/2007Alyssa Johnson6 Year old Stepdaughter2/5/2007Alyssa JohnsonDeath2/5/2007Alyssa Johnsonsoon to ba a step mom1/29/2007Alyssa JohnsonBreakup1/22/2007Alyssa Johnsonmy step son hates me1/19/2007Alyssa JohnsonMy Stepkids1/15/2007Alyssa Johnsonconflict with boyfriends son1/9/2007Alyssa Johnson16 Year old son1/8/2007Alyssa JohnsonAbout step children1/7/2007Alyssa Johnsonstepchildren1/7/2007Alyssa Johnsondealing with stepson1/6/2007Alyssa JohnsonSoon to be step mother1/6/2007Alyssa Johnsonnew baby about to be in the picture....sorry so long...1/5/2007Alyssa JohnsonI can't seem to gain any ground on my son1/5/2007Alyssa JohnsonStepchildren1/4/2007Alyssa Johnsonadult stepchildren1/2/2007Alyssa JohnsonGames for Stepchildren12/28/2006Alyssa Johnsonneighbor12/27/2006Alyssa Johnsonstep children12/21/2006Alyssa JohnsonStep-son12/18/2006Alyssa JohnsonAdult step children12/14/2006Alyssa JohnsonSix year old "bonus" child12/13/2006Alyssa JohnsonTeenage Step son living with us11/28/2006J.L. Slipakstep-children11/24/2006R RayTime to grow up11/23/2006J.L. SlipakCan't except 3yr old stepson11/22/2006R Rayex wife11/21/2006J.L. Slipakcan't connect to my three step-children(9,12, & 13)11/21/2006R Ray"Getting the best of me!"11/16/2006R RayHusband & his daughter wife & her daughter11/14/2006R Ray13 year old daughter/stepdaughter11/14/2006R RayStepdaughter comes first11/11/2006R RayStressed & Unhappy Step-mother11/8/2006R RayDid I meet the children too soon?11/7/2006R Raystepdaughter conflict11/7/2006R RayStepparenting a 2 year old11/7/2006R RayMy future step-daughter11/7/2006R RayKid conflicts11/6/2006R RayEmotional Rollercoaster11/5/2006R Rayjealousy issues...please help11/5/2006R RayoOUT OF CONTROL STEPSON11/3/2006R Raychildren vs stepchildren11/1/2006R Raymanipulative step daughter10/31/2006R Raysad10/30/2006R RaySD 11 yrs old10/26/2006R RayWhat are my legal rights as a stepmom?10/25/2006R RayI don't want my stepson to move in with us10/25/2006R Raystep children10/25/2006R RayWhat to call Stepmom?10/24/2006R RayStep Father10/23/2006R Ray8 year old stepdaughter10/21/2006R RayRole of Stepdaughter in Our Family10/19/2006R RayBeing a temporary guardian10/19/2006R RayIn the house10/18/2006R Raytrouble with step children10/16/2006R Raystep family10/15/2006R RayMy Step Son Hates Me10/12/2006Jennifer LeeStepdaughter & 5 Children Move In10/11/2006R RayHandling a step daughter that hates me and mistreats her father10/10/2006R RayWhy do I feel this way and how can I stop?10/10/2006R RayMy Step Children10/10/2006R RayHow do I deal with this situation?10/6/2006R RayFinancial responsibilities10/4/2006R Rayhow to deal w/14 yr old step daughter the boy is awesome hes 1110/3/2006Jennifer Leestep- children10/3/2006R RayBlended Family - No Respect - Not Married Yet10/2/2006R RayMy Step-Daughter is so nosy10/2/2006R RaySoon to be StepMom to spoiled 14 year old10/1/2006R Rayrandom lying9/29/2006R Rayteen daughter hates stepfather9/28/2006R Raymom(me) vs stepmom9/27/2006R RayStep Children9/26/2006R RayKIDS FEELINGS FOR MOM AND STEP MOM9/26/2006R Raydealing with bitterness/anger9/25/2006R RayMy child vs. his child9/25/2006R Raydealing with husband and stepson9/25/2006R RayStepdaughter wants dad for herself9/23/2006R RayBoyfriend and my daughers hate each other9/22/2006R Rayown children, partners children, and partners parents.9/22/2006R RaySTEP CHILDREN9/21/2006R Raycustody9/20/2006R Raystepdaughter9/19/2006R RayNew marriage, step-mom to 14 year old boy9/19/2006R Raystubborn wife9/19/2006R RayStep children over 199/18/2006R RayParenting teenage step-children9/14/2006R Raynon custodial parent with second wife problem9/13/2006R RayParenting9/11/2006R RayHelp stepmom and son bond9/11/2006R Raywife and ex wife cat fight9/7/2006R RayNasty Stepdaughter??? What to do?9/7/2006R Rayover-affectionate stepson9/6/2006R Raystep daughter age 11 sexual behavior9/6/2006R RaySoon to be Step Mom9/5/2006R RayBoyfriend too affectionate with children9/5/2006R RayParenting a Spoiled Step-Child 129/4/2006R RayAdult Stepdaughter9/1/2006R RayWill everything be okay?8/31/2006Jennifer LeeEx husbands and kids that aren't mine8/31/2006R RayControling Ex-wife Dealing with visitations8/30/2006R RayStep Daughter Issues8/30/2006R RayMy teenage stepson is on a downward spiral8/30/2006R RayStepson8/23/2006R RayDealing with an angry stepdaughter8/23/2006R RayStepdaughter spending nights with boyfriend8/22/2006R Raya tragic turn of events8/22/2006R RayAm I wrong to resent my adult stepdaughter8/22/2006R RayI don't know how to handle this8/21/2006R RayProblems with boyfriends daughter8/18/2006R Raystepson has a sneaky violent side8/17/2006R RayStepson8/15/2006R Rayhow to fit in with stepdaughter8/14/2006R RayCriminal Stepson8/14/2006R RayAm I being selfish??8/14/2006R RayUs vs. Biologoical Mother8/12/2006R RayMy boyfriends son8/11/2006R Raydealing with stepdaughter8/10/2006R RayTrouble with Boyriends Daughter8/9/2006R RayStep-parenting disagreements with spouse8/8/2006Jennifer LeeWhen is visitation too much8/4/2006R RayRude stepdaughter8/4/2006Jennifer Lee17 year-old Step Son is VERY abusive.8/2/2006R RayMoving forward8/2/2006R Raystepchildren8/2/2006Jennifer LeeEasing relationship with possible future step daughter8/1/2006R RayKnowledge first7/31/2006R RayParenting stepchildren7/28/2006R RayDiffering parental values7/27/2006R RayParenting older stepchildren7/26/2006R RayUnhealthy stepdaughter7/26/2006R RayAdult Stepdaughters7/26/2006R RayAbnormal father-daughter relationship7/26/2006R Rayhelp7/23/2006R Ray19 yr old stepson moving back in7/22/2006R RayConcerned7/21/2006R RaySuing for custody of spouses child7/20/2006R Raystep daughter7/20/2006R RayConfused about role......7/19/2006R Rayproblems with stepson7/19/2006R RayStep Parenting Issue7/18/2006Jennifer Leenew husband and step children7/17/2006R Raystep child vacation7/15/2006R RayStep daughter7/11/2006R RayStepsons & daughter7/11/2006R RayI'm Ready To Scream7/7/2006Jennifer LeeDefiant stepchild7/7/2006Melanie DunstanHow can I forgive my stepdaughters?7/5/2006Melanie DunstanParenting Stepchildren7/4/2006Melanie Dunstanbecoming a step-parent7/4/2006Melanie Dunstannew stepparent7/4/2006Melanie Dunstanstepdaughters7/3/2006Melanie DunstanChildren/ Travel/ Pets/ Manners6/27/2006Melanie Dunstanstep parenting6/26/2006Melanie DunstanSpoiled Stepchild6/22/2006Melanie DunstanMoving in and out6/22/2006Melanie DunstanMy mom and her stepchildren6/22/2006Melanie DunstanWhen does a child become a step-child6/21/2006Melanie DunstanStepMother Problems.6/20/2006Melanie DunstanWhat if I don't like my step son?6/19/2006Melanie DunstanStep-parenting nightmare6/19/2006Melanie Dunstanwhen a step child tells her dad she wont stay with him6/19/2006Melanie DunstanDepressed step-son6/18/2006Melanie Dunstanmy 9 yr old6/16/2006Melanie Dunstan16 year old sted son w/drinking problem6/14/2006Melanie DunstanRaising two stepchildren6/13/2006Melanie DunstanStep Daughter and Ex Wife6/13/2006Melanie DunstanStepdaughter's Love Life Makes Everyone Miserable6/12/2006Melanie Dunstanno subject6/9/2006Melanie Dunstanproblems with the stepson who is 21yrs old6/8/2006Melanie DunstanStepparenting issues6/8/2006Melanie DunstanExpecting & a 9 yr old soon to be step-daughter6/2/2006Melanie DunstanStep Child and New Baby5/30/2006Melanie DunstanStepson5/24/2006Melanie DunstanStep sons5/22/2006Melanie Dunstanstep-daughter5/18/2006Melanie DunstanHusband treats stepdaughter awful5/17/2006Melanie DunstanWhen should the stepfather be involved in discipline?5/17/2006Melanie DunstanI have been married to my...5/16/2006Melanie Dunstanwhy do I feel this way5/14/2006Melanie DunstanJealous Step Daugther5/10/2006Melanie Dunstanstep-siblings5/9/2006Melanie Dunstanstepson5/6/2006Melanie Dunstanstep kids5/5/2006Melanie DunstanHusband sides with his children5/3/2006Melanie DunstanDiscipline role of a step parent5/2/2006Melanie DunstanFuture step parent who does not like kids4/27/2006Melanie DunstanStep-father to a baby??4/24/2006Melanie DunstanWhat To Do With Step Kids?4/6/2006Melanie Dunstanstepdaughter3/28/2006Melanie Dunstanconfused about custody3/26/2006Melanie Dunstandefinition3/19/2006Melanie DunstanStepson and husband11/21/2005Julie AdamsStepdaughter conflicted returning from visit with bio-dad11/16/2005Julie Adamsstepson rejection11/16/2005Julie AdamsPotential of violence from 9 yr old stepson?11/9/2005Julie AdamsStep-dad's lack of affection11/8/2005Julie AdamsWhat to do about my stepson.11/7/2005Julie AdamsDifficulty with Wife and Stepson10/28/2005Julie AdamsDisciplining Step Children10/19/2005Julie Adamsstep children and interfering mothers10/18/2005Julie AdamsMake up on teens10/6/2005Julie AdamsStepson10/3/2005Julie AdamsWhen do I step in?10/3/2005Julie AdamsTroubled Grandparents10/1/2005Julie AdamsStepdaughter and Stepmom9/22/2005Julie AdamsParent 18 Year Old9/19/2005Julie AdamsChristian step-mothering9/9/2005Julie AdamsDealing with an ex8/29/2005Julie Adamsbratty step-child8/10/2005Julie Adams14 year old daughter7/25/2005Julie AdamsWhen do I tell my half-brothers who I really am?7/7/2005Julie Adams14 year old stepdaughter7/5/2005Julie Adamsstepparenting6/22/2005Julie AdamsThe wicked stepmother needs help6/22/2005Julie AdamsStepdaughter6/21/2005Julie AdamsSibling rivalry6/16/2005Julie Adamssleep problems w/ 5 year old6/16/2005Julie AdamsStep Child abusive6/14/2005Julie Adamswhat to do6/13/2005Julie AdamsGirlfriends 7 year old daughter and me having issues.5/22/2005Julie Adams6 year old stepson5/17/2005Julie AdamsDaughter hates stepfather5/10/2005Julie Adams7 yr old girl4/28/2005Julie AdamsDifficulties with an 8 year old step child4/21/2005Julie Adamsfamily trip4/13/2005Julie Adams24 Year Old Step Children3/30/2005Julie AdamsProblems with stepson3/28/2005Julie Adamssoon to be step daughter3/21/2005Julie Adamsteenage stepdaughter3/5/2005Julie Adamsproblem stepson2/27/2005Julie AdamsShould we talk about the 'non existant natural father?2/25/2005Julie Adamsstarting joint custody after 4 year separation1/25/2005Julie AdamsI an not married but i currently...1/19/2005Julie Adamsdealing with step children1/18/2005Julie AdamsBackground: A few days ago...1/14/2005Julie AdamsStepmom1/12/2005Julie AdamsStepchildren1/6/2005Julie AdamsBoyfriend lying about paternity1/5/2005Julie Adamsmoney and stepchildren1/2/2005Julie Adamsstep-son12/19/2004Julie AdamsKnowing my place12/17/2004Julie AdamsStepdaughter harming herself12/17/2004Julie Adamsstep parent confusion12/16/2004Julie AdamsStep-parenting blended families12/8/2004Julie AdamsMY STEP SON HATES ME12/5/2004Julie AdamsLooking for an outsiders thoughts11/27/2004Julie Adamsmy 12 yr old step son11/13/2004Julie AdamsStarting a family11/2/2004Julie Adams14 year old stepdaughter11/2/2004Julie AdamsDo I stay or leave?10/30/2004Julie AdamsHe called me mommy, She called him dadda10/26/2004Julie Adamshelp10/26/2004Julie Adamsstep parent's love for step children10/6/2004Julie AdamsControlling Daughters10/5/2004Julie AdamsStep parenting10/4/2004Julie Adamseight year old stepdaughter9/16/2004Julie AdamsStep-Mom9/9/2004Julie Adamshi I live with my partner...9/1/2004Julie Adamsstep-siblings9/1/2004Julie Adamsstepchild issues8/22/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWstepchild and his mother8/19/2004Julie Adamsjealosy8/18/2004Julie Adamsaccepting a potential step-child8/18/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWdisipline8/8/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWStep Daughter7/26/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWWhat should I do7/18/2004Karon Goodmandealing with my step daughter who's 147/15/2004Julie Adamsstep child7/14/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWMy relationship with my step son.7/13/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWstep parents7/6/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWstepson who is 216/25/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWdisciplining teenage stepchildren6/21/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWa terrible stepson6/20/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWdaughter6/17/2004Julie Adamsequality between step and bio children6/13/2004Julie Adams STEPSON6/11/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWDifficulty with stepson6/3/2004Julie AdamsStepdaughter's upcoming graduation6/2/2004Julie Adamsstep parents rights6/1/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWStepchild5/28/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWstep-child discipline5/26/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWstepson5/25/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWdisrespectful stepson5/24/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWaggravated5/18/2004Julie Adamsaggravated5/18/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWstep-mom versus 8yr.old step-daughter5/14/2004Julie Adamsstep-sibling bullying5/13/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWThe Quilt of the Stepparent5/13/2004Peter Gerlach, MSW16 yr. old stepdaughter5/5/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWStepkids4/26/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWHow to have discussions with stepchildren4/21/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWStep-Parenting4/18/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWI live with my boyfriend....4/18/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWsupport4/15/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWstepparent4/13/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWFavoritism toward bio child and not step child4/11/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWHelp4/9/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWMy stepdaughter and my baby4/9/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWmy stepdaughter is a teenager now4/9/2004Julie Adamsstepson 12 1/24/4/2004Julie AdamsAbout to remarry3/29/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWstepdaughter moving back in3/26/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWstepson attitude change towards stepmom3/24/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWhandling a step child who just moved in with us3/23/2004Julie AdamsDating with a young child.3/19/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWFather's Rights vs. what best for my 2 year old?3/18/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWOlder step children3/13/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWvisitations3/12/2004WENDY KASEnew daddy3/11/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWstepdaughters hate me3/7/2004Julie AdamsSon doesn't want to visit dad3/7/2004WENDY KASEstep parenting3/6/2004WENDY KASEStep parenting3/6/2004Julie Adamsfeeling frustrated3/4/2004Julie Adams16 year old step daughter3/3/2004Peter Gerlach, MSW6 year old stepdaughter is having trouble coping2/26/2004WENDY KASEDivorce process2/24/2004WENDY KASEHow do I deal with stepson2/23/2004WENDY KASEMy stepdaughter is borrowing my clother w/o asking2/22/2004Julie Adamsadult step-child2/22/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWstepchild support2/21/2004WENDY KASEAdult Stepdaughter2/18/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWAdult step child wants to move in.2/18/2004WENDY KASEFuture stepson discipline issues...2/17/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWConfused2/16/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWsituation2/13/2004WENDY KASEsituation2/13/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWstep son2/10/2004Julie AdamsWife vs. child(ren)2/8/2004Peter Gerlach, MSWstepson/ex-wife2/3/2004WENDY KASECustody of Step-Children12/28/2003WENDY KASEChild Custody/Visitation Rights11/17/2003WENDY KASEstepkids10/30/2003Peter Gerlach, MSWstep children10/27/2003WENDY KASEStep parenting10/27/2003WENDY KASEHi here, trying to sort out...9/1/2003Peter Gerlach, MSWstep parenting and dealing with the new deal8/26/2003Peter Gerlach, MSWStep parenting8/22/2003Peter Gerlach, MSWstep kids and the other grandparents8/22/2003Peter Gerlach, MSWSad child upon return from visitation8/14/2003WENDY KASEcustody issues7/31/2003WENDY KASEaccepting stepchildren7/22/2003Karon GoodmanBLOOD VS MARRIAGE7/21/2003Peter Gerlach, MSWCaught in the middle6/25/2003WENDY KASEMaintaining contact with former stepchildren6/24/2003Peter Gerlach, MSW8-year-old stepdaughter6/17/2003Arianastepchildren to-be6/17/2003WENDY KASEKids and more kids6/12/2003WENDY KASEsoon to be stepson5/27/2003WENDY KASEchild protective services and custody5/27/2003WENDY KASEchild support for non-custodial parent5/13/2003WENDY KASEdifficult step son5/11/2003Peter Gerlach, MSWCustody of step child5/11/2003Julie AdamsEmotional Issues with Step-Children4/15/2003Peter Gerlach, MSWStep mothering3/16/2003Peter Gerlach, MSWNickname/Pet Name3/13/2003WENDY KASEstep mother vs mother2/21/2003KittyStepdaughter1/16/2003WENDY KASEDevelopmental Psychology Student with questions...1/15/2003KittyDevelopmental Psychology student1/15/2003ArianaHate1/8/2003Peter Gerlach, MSWHow do I help my 8 year old son with a step father?1/7/2003Peter Gerlach, MSWstep children/teenagers1/3/2003Julie Adamshow to deal with....12/26/2002WENDY KASEPage:  Most Recent   |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10   |   Oldest
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