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Postby Bittan » Sat Nov 12, 2016 12:05 am

s SubjectDate AskedExpertChampion Challenger 5010/4/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Wondering if you could help me with a problem with my safe. When I turned my dial clockwise to open ...   A: Unfortunately, that is NEVER good news. Generally, something coming loose and/or falling inside the ... Change Safe Combination10/1/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have a Montgomery Ward safe, Model 9042, S/N 78-65687 made by Meilink Safe Company. It operates ...   A: The lock on this safe should be a hand change lock, meaning that the lock will have to be ... Antique The Hall's Safe Co. - No Combination in Miami9/25/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have an antique safe/vault made by the Hall's Safe Co. It includes the legal disclaimer on the ...   A: Mint condition would still be in the box, never used - so I don't think it is in mint condition. ... Mosler file cabinet9/25/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have a Mosler 4-Drawer fire proof filing cabinet. Our office received this piece used. Little ...   A: There shouldn't be any "trick" to opening the drawers if the top drawer is unlocked. If you are ... old wall safe in new home9/23/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I found an old wall safe that was locked in my new home. I later found a very old card for the ...   A: Generally people don't "abandon" safes with "stuff" inside them, so chances are its going to be ... Opened safe but no combination or key9/23/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: OK so my mother gave me a safe that was already opened. Theread where keys in the safe but they ...   A: The safe is actually an import - brought in under the "STAR" logo(not STT2) The key lock acts as ... Safe Deposit9/20/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I am not asking a question but would like to help people that have a safe deposit key and don't know ...   A: I'm not sure how your posting "helps" people that have a "Safe Deposit box key" locate "where" the ... Globe-Wernicke Company Safe9/19/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Good afternoon! I'm recently found a Globe-Wernicke Company safe at an antique store and was ...   A: I'm not sure why you assumed that the safe would contain "ASBESTOS", just because it was "built as ... combination9/14/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: We have an old Hall's Safe and Lock Co safe and no combination to it.Would you be able to supply it ...   A: sorry but manufacturers never publish records about their safes, and as this company has been out of ... Protectall Products Safe9/14/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I'm able to deduce the safe is pre-1949 because nowhere does it say "Mosely" anywhere on it. I've ...   A: I would be more than happy to look at your safe. Yes, this site is not photo friendly, which is ... Federal Equipment Co(Sears) Safe9/13/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I recently demo'd our old family home that my dad built. He is deceased(2005). He had a safe that ...   A: Sears didn't make safes, they simply purchased from several manufacturers and relabeled them with ... Remington Rand File Cabinet9/11/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: We have an old four drawer Remington Rand File Cabinet(the 5' dark green one)in very good ...   A: Sorry but Remington-Rand quit making these cabinets around 1956 after they were merged with the ... all the emails you are getting9/11/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I'm the one responsible for all of the emails you have gotten from JOHNS with two numbers after ...   A: No Problem, I'm glad they are so enthusiastic. Basic History: Victor Safe & Lock Company, ... Victor Safe Info9/11/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: We have an old victor safe that we are trying to get open. We found two different codes on it, the ...   A: I answered your basic request on a previous post. Serial numbers and information on the safes have ... Star ES-10 safe9/10/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I inherited a small Star ES-10 safe. It has a dial and keyed fence. I have the key, but not the ...   A: the safe was not manufactured by AMSEC or STAR, This is one of the Japanese imports they ... SCHWAB 5000 combo file cabinet safe9/8/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Unable to open safe with combo. I've had this safe for almost 15 years sitting in the garage because ...   A: There are ONLY three reasons a safe lock won't open, in order they are: 1. Incorrect dialing ... Old safe Saga 909 model.9/6/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: We have an old Saga Intl safe model 909. I have, what I believe, are the four numbers. Can you tell ...   A: Proper dialing sequence is a great question, AND the number one reason most safe locks don't unlock. ... rotation of combination safe9/6/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have a Saga saf-dposit safe i have the combination i need the rotation of the dial how many times ...   A: Most of the Saga Saf-D-Posite containers used fairly cheap locks that can be dialed both LRLR & ... ficher safe with key and combo9/5/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: interestingly i inherited a Fisher Bauche safe i have the combo 2,3,0,1 but there is no "0" on ...   A: The safe is actually a "Fichet-Bauche", made in France. This is a special lock Fichet-Bauche has ... Molser safe9/3/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Serial#186078 I wood like to know how old it is,can I put a keypad on it and what pics you need me ...   A: Your safe would have been manufactured around 1906 - give or take a year(1905-1907). As far as ... Safe Weight9/3/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: My company has a Mosler – serial# 26267-2 model# 01 safe, we are trying to move it from one state to ...   A: Sorry, but no! Manufacturers NEVER release or publish ANY info concerning serial numbers etc., for ... Setting combination on tower safe ,serrs9/3/2015Dan Terrigno  Q: How do you set a combination on a sears&robouck safe.p.s.I can of open and close the door now,just ...   A: They used a few different locks on their safes. They actually bought safes from different ... Unknown key??9/2/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I've been searching the web trying to find someone who can answer my question. I came across this ...   A: I don't believe that it is actually a key that ever operated a lock. It is more likely a ... Antique safe9/2/2015Dan Terrigno  Q: i have a "mosler bowen y cook, sucr. México" in my house, i want to know more about The safe, i hope ...   A: My serial number list for Mosler has it being made in 1911. THe serial numbers for that year start ... Meilink Wall Safe E6508/31/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I'm moving out of my apartment and have got the urge to get into an old Meilink wall safe. It's ...   A: Sorry but the info you are referring to was provided for the "G" series Meilink wall safes. No ... Old safe info8/31/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: recently acquired an old Hall Safe. Front is painted Richardson safe in San Francisco. The number ...   A: There have been several "Hall's" safe companies though only two that we are concerned with, so you ... Safe Identification8/31/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I was just given a small safe and would like to get some info on it if possible. The safe looks to ...   A: Your chest appears to be a Herring-Hall-Marvin, lug door money chest. These could be ... Keep Safe Wall Safe8/29/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: We have a wall safe, don't know who manufacturer is, but on the front it says Keep/Safe. It has a ...   A: Unfortunately, a number of manufacturers use the name "Keep Safe" - is simply is like having a name ... manufacture date of a safe?8/27/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have a safe made by the Safe Cabinet Co. and would be interested in knowing approximately when it ...   A: the Safe Cabinet Company was in business from about January 1906 until 1926 when they were acquired ... Titan front door lockset8/26/2015Dan Terrigno  Q: I took the lockset apart and the outside lock will not come free of the door. I tried tapping it ...   A: Yes it could be painted on. In those cases we run a razor blade around the trim. Some of them ... Reliable Safe8/26/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have an old Reliable Safe that has its name on the inside door. On the outside door it has the ...   A: Great question. Manufacturers didn't necessarily sell directly to the public and would use general ... Swapping combo lock to digital lock.8/26/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I would like to know if it is possible to replace a combo lock to a digital on a Mosler FS-2R? Lock ...   A: Short answer - MAYBE! Depends on what lock is installed and/or whether you are equipped to make ... How to open Chubb combination safe8/25/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I just get Chubb safe from my friend, that he forget the number to unlock the safe . He said that ...   A: to my knowledge this Chubb lock is a four wheel lock and the dialing sequence should be as follows: ... Protectall Safe8/24/2015Dan Terrigno  Q: I have always kept my safe easy to open at work without using the combination. Someone turned the ...   A: No competent safe technician EVER has to destroy a safe to open it. The Protectall name has been ... saga-saf-d-posit 9108/24/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: do you have combination for this safe s/n 18306001   A: Sorry but manufacturer's NEVER publish combinations for any of their safes for obvious security and ... SAGA Saf-D-Posit Model 8008/23/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Andy,brother passed away unexpectedly. Found this old key only SAGA safe, but no key. Have read ...   A: Any reputable locksmith or safe tech should be able to pick the lock on this safe open with little ... Meilink floor safe dial jams8/22/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: My late husband installed a Meilink floor safe when building our house,.It has no turning handle, ...   A: Firsthas it ever been serviced, since he got it and/or installed it??? Sounds to me like the wheel ... Harloc lock removal8/20/2015James  Q: I would like to take your advice and remove a Harloc lock on my door. How do you remove a deadbolt ...   A: If your deadbolt has a removable plate around the bolt: 1. Remove the faceplate from the edge of the ... need help unlocking Mosler Combination Safe Without the known combination8/19/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I was given a Vintage Antique Mosler fire/burglary combination floor safe.It had been in a ...   A: first off as you safe didn't come from a grape harvest, or wine bottling it can't possibly be ... Disposal of old safe8/14/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I had recently jammed the door of my home safe by closing it against the contents. While trying to ...   A: Great question!!! There is no asbestos in this safe. Unfortunately the majority of the safe ... Page:   Prev  |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  | 9 

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