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Postby Dealbeorht » Mon Nov 07, 2016 10:26 pm

s SubjectDate AskedExpertHerring & Co Bankers safe10/28/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I just purchased this safe it is locked of course. I was just wondering the serial number is about ...   A: Unfortunately there are no records available for serial numbers from this company, though Herring ... CAREY SAFE DBL DOORS W EXTRA LOCK COMPARTMENT INSIDE10/27/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: SAFE DIM'S 72X44X33 MADE BY CAREY SAFE COMPANY PATN'T 1890 JUST CURIOUS IF I COUOLD SEND YOU A FEW ...   A: If your goal is to scrap the safe, then I have no follow up for you. if you are interested in ... VICTOR SAFE & LOCK10/27/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Just purchased our home built in 1905. We have a Victor Safe & Lock safe I am interested in learning ...   A: Your Victor safe would have been built between 1905 and 1915. The decal on the face of the safe ... Found safe10/25/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I found a wonderful safe in the basement of the bldg I work in. I have been doing some research ...   A: The Clark Safe & Vault Company was a retail company and NOT a manufacturer. Based on the photos ... Globe Wernicke safe10/25/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have a safe that I found in a old buildimg I bought. I had a safe tech open it for me and ...   A: The problem is possibly lack of maintenance. Just like you have to change the oil and lubricants in ... info on safe10/24/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: My son bought a home in Philadelphia that came with a Herring Farrel safe that is locked the ...   A: While Farrel & Herring had been "partner's" since the 1850's, they didn't actually begin using the ... S.C Herring Safe10/23/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I purchase a safe that I believe to be a vintage S.C Herring Safe strictly based off of pictures no ...   A: sorry but first I have to start with the "vintage" thing - unless it was harvested from a vineyard ... Whitfield safe, double door.10/23/2016Mike Palmer  Q: I was wondering if it possible to date my safe please. I recovered from a commercial building in ...   A: Whitfield was one of scores of small safe-makers that burgeoned in the late Victorian era but I am ...
regarding prior post10/20/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: A person named Amye asked a question back in 2009 regarding and old safe at this link. ...   A: I don't know if you noticed but your name plate is NOT the same as the one you referenced. If you ... opening lowrie s & l mfg chicago ill10/20/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: found two old Lowrie wall safes, no combinations, how do you drill them and what is the weakest part ...   A: Sorry but for obvious security and liability reasons we do not give out ANY information on opening ... J&J Taylor safe works10/20/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have a j&j taylor safe s/n 18289 nice old safe was wondering the year etc it's a big office safe   A: Sorry but there are no records available by serial number for safes from this manufacturer. ... 1843 Silas C. Herring Safe10/19/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I am looking to find a value for my antique safe. 1843 Silas C. Herring SAFE Wilder Salamander ...   A: Sorry but you DON'T have an 1843 Herring - Salamander safe. The lock on this safe was designed by ... adopted Mosler safe10/17/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Like others, I bought a house and a Mosler safe came with it. The door is open but I don't have any ...   A: The serial number on the "tag" is the serial number for the TAG and NOT the safe. A "class B" fire ... Antique safe10/14/2016Doug MacQueen  Q: I'm hoping you can help me figure out its value and possibly when it's from what year. I took many ...   A: It does look to be in nice shape. Late 1800's or early 1900's Diebold light wall fire resistant ... 4 UK based safes10/14/2016Mike Palmer  Q: I have four safes which were inherited as part of a building purchase. All four are massive safes, ...   A: Fifty years ago when I was training young security consultants I would take them to a solicitor's ... Diebold antique safe10/13/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I don't know how much it's worth. I fell in love with it. It's in great condition and works ...   A: I would be more than happy to look at your safe, however I'll need much better photos. In order to ... Pittsburg Safe Combination10/11/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I am helping a family member attempting to open an old Pittsburg Safe Company safe. It is labeled ...   A: The lock installed on this safe was made BY Sargent & Greenleaf(S&G) for the Pittsburg Safe ... Value of a Edwards and Kershaw safe10/10/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: We just inherited a Edwards and Kershaw safe and we're intrested in learning the value of it. Any ...   A: I would be more than happy to look at your safe, but I'll need much better photos. In order to ... Safe Identification10/9/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Got your name off of the all experts internet site. I purchased an old floor safe at auction and was ...   A: Wow - great luck! Did you immediately run down and buy a lottery ticket too! As far as the ... Cary safe10/9/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Do u still own this? I kno alot i own 1. Been in my fam long time. It is pqtsept 1890. Let me kno i ...   A: Sorry, but I'm not sure WHAT your question is here???? If you are asking about the website - no, I ... Safe Restoration10/8/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I just recently acquired an antique safe by the J. Baum Safe & Lock Co.and I would like to have a ...   A: Unfortunately the ONLY guy that I'm aware of that did any safe restoration work in Southern ... Rand Kardex Bureau Safe10/7/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I am sharing my office space with a large safe that reads " The Safe Cabinet, Standard ME Type, Rand ...   A: I'll start with "Rand" and "Kardex" first. In 1890, J. H. Rand, SR., invented the first "visible ... safe identification and possible value if any10/6/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: We have been carting this safe around for 20+ years after it being left in a house we bought. All I ...   A: My first guess is that your safe is from the National Safe & Lock Company. This company was in ... Tilton and McFarland safe10/6/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I am looking for a locksmith that can work on a Tilton and McFarland safe from approx. 1860. I live ...   A: First off, I would NEVER recommend using a locksmith for safe work as they generally don't have the ... specifications of a marvin safe10/5/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Would you be able to estimate the weight of a Marvin safe my Great Grandfather had for his brick ...   A: Really nice looking old Marvin safe. I would need much better photos of your safe as well as inside ... Need Size10/5/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Terry, I have a Herring Hall Marvin Safe 1923, needing Finials and the size threads in the end of ...   A: Very nice job indeed! This will make an EXCELLENT display safe. Sorry, but I can't provide a TPI ... safe restoration10/4/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: i was wonder if the safe was worth keeping and trying to restore or should i let it go. I think it ...   A: I'm not sure where you got info that it might be a "Barnes Safe & Lock Company" safe other than just ... Opening Safe10/3/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have an older safe that has Safe Manufacturies National Association. It has a Spec-B1 on it. ...   A: I doubt that you have had this old beastie serviced on a regular basis, chances are the lock just ... Two Antique Safes9/30/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I recently acquired two safes from an auction in Indiana. I have done a lot of searching online, but ...   A: I'll need MUCH better photos to try to help you. the ones included are worthless, if I open them ... Antique Halls Safe9/30/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: We have a nice old safe that has been in our family over one hundred years. It, and it's near twin, ...   A: I would be more than happy to look at your safe for you. In order to answer questions, identify, ... Old Treasury Department Safe9/29/2016Doug MacQueen  Q: We recently purchased a home that had this safe in it. The only information I've been able to ...   A: Leanne, from what I can tell it is not a fire resistant safe and appears to be for burglary ... Safe from 19149/29/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: We recently purchased a home that had a safe in it but I am unable to get enough information to ...   A: The safe is NOT a Sargent & Greenleaf - that is the lock manufacture. It is also NOT from 1914, ... York safe9/29/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I found this safe in my grandfathers garage and wondering if it has any value etc. It's a 2ft 3in ...   A: What you have is an insulated filing cabinet - NOT a safe. To be more accurate it is an insulated ... Meilink safe9/27/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: My boys inherited an old safe from their father. They don't want it and I really don't want to move ...   A: I would be more than happy to take a look at your little safe for you. In order to answer ... Old safe9/26/2016Doug MacQueen  Q: I wondered if you knew anything about this safe. It doesn't seem to have a combination and I ...   A: Richard, where in Ohio are you located? Interesting safe you have there. Since I am not seeing a ... Lost combo9/26/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: national safe and lock out of Cleveland it stands about 24" high and 19" square. My question is I ...   A: Short answer is "NO" - there is no info available. National Safe & Lock was acquired by Steelcraft ... sargent & greenleaf9/25/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Recently purchased an old safe. The safe is a hassenforder safe the combo is made by sargent & ...   A: Replacement locks haven't been made in over 100 years which means that a replacement lock will be ... Halls Safe of Cincinati,Ohio9/24/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have my parents safe, which they inherited from family. It's on rollers, black on the outside, ...   A: There were two Hall's Safe Companies in Cincinnati. Daddy(Joseph) Hall's company(Hall's Safe & ... Milner safe plaque9/23/2016Mike Palmer  Q: I have a Milner safe with a plaque with a logo that looks like an open book.coloured red an black ...   A: In order to comment on this Milner Safe I would need to establish the model and to do that I will ... Yale dial9/23/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have an old Yale dial on my safe I know the combo but forgot the correct fail combination(how ...   A: Yale made quite a few different locks - some were standard type construction and some were very ... Page:  


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