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Postby Hurste » Sun Oct 23, 2016 9:42 pm

s SubjectDate AskedExpertreplacing pads6/20/2010Joe Piccolo  Q: I'd like to know when should you replace flute pads? and how do you know it's time to replace them? ...   A: Stephanie, The first visual thing I look for is torn or fuzzy edges on the pads. If your pads are a ... Tonguing wrong?6/14/2010Denise J. Sipe  Q: I have been playing the flute for about 9 years now. I'm about to go off to college to major in ...   A: Elyse! I am so glad that you finally asked this question. You are right to assume that you will ... i can't play my keys!!6/13/2010Holly  Q: i'm having a problem with my flute. i can play all the keys except for the notes: G Ab and A natural ...   A: Hey Nathalie, Sounds like they didn't fix it as well as they should have! I recommend taking it ... embochoure, vibrato, tuning and endurance.6/11/2010Denise J. Sipe  Q: I have been playing the flute for 4.5 years now and recently i have moved to a smaller air hole for ...   A: Philip! Let's tackle your issues in the order in which they are mentioned.(I might attempt a short ... upper register notes6/10/2010Holly  Q: I have a full bottom lip. I have tried everything I can think of and everything I have read to try ...   A: Hey Kristie, High notes are usually the most difficult register for flutists to master, so it's not ... Haynes Flute6/10/2010Nancy  Q: "I have a Haynes flute made in 1923. It is engraved with "Medicus Special Model". The Haynes company ...   A: I didn't know the answer to your question so I asked my mentor and this is his answer: Emil Medicus ... Is my Muramatsu flute right deal?6/6/2010Dan Goss  Q: I'm a high school sophomore, I've been playing flute for four years now, and my first flute was an ...   A: I think the Muramatsu flute is the best buy on the market.Can you try it with different head joints ... My middle D note.6/4/2010Denise J. Sipe  Q: Since I got my braces on 6/1/10 I haven't been able to play my middle D note. Is it me or my ...   A: Ariel! Ah, don't you just love that middle D? It is actually a pretty special note. So let's do a ... Tonguing and bar joins6/4/2010Herbert Smith  Q: Once again thank you for all your help. I have two questions you may be able to help me with. 1. ...   A: You've got some great questions here! I'll answer them in the order you asked. In my opinion, ... Gemeinhardt flute for granddaughter6/3/2010Herbert Smith  Q: My Gemeinhardt flute is 38 years old(the number on it is 271861). I played it from 6th grade thru ...   A: This is a more complicated question than it may seem on the surface. On the one hand, a modern ... inexpensive flute6/3/2010Joe Piccolo  Q: MY KIDS ARE ABOUT TO START BAND IN MIDDLE SCHOOL. WE ARE CONSIDERING A SUZUKI FLUTE FROM COSTCO. AM ...   A: Steve, I would NOT buy a flute from Costco of any department, electronics or drug store. I have ... Yamaha 225S flute5/31/2010Nancy  Q: Please give me your appreciation about this model of flute. I'm about to buy a flute for my ...   A: This is an old model Yamaha flute. Before you buy it, have someone who can really play the flute ... Warming Up?5/29/2010Denise J. Sipe  Q: Now, I have a Wind Ensemble class at my high school that I'm in. This class consists of all the top ...   A: Krystal! As you probably have noticed by now, good tone quality doesn't automatically come from ... Buying a piccolo5/26/2010Nancy  Q: I will be starting my freshman year in college this fall and I was interested in joining the ...   A: As a matter of fact the Yamaha 32 is my favorite resin piccolo. It sounds like the headcork was out ... Muramatsu Flutes5/25/2010Herbert Smith  Q: Herbert, I am looking to buy a flute from Fluteworld.com and have settled on a Muramatsu EX model. ...   A: The fact of the matter is that the material a flute is made of has absolutely no impact on the way ... Armstrong Flute5/24/2010Dan Goss  Q: I have an Armstrong flute marked W.T. Armstrong, Elkhart, Indiana, with the numbers 104S7055. I was ...   A: What you have is a Armstrong model 104 made in the 80s these in working shape are worth ... Audition5/23/2010Denise J. Sipe  Q: In about 3 weeks i'll be auditioning for a very prestigious youth symphony and it's very very ...   A: there, Rachel! First, let me wish you an excellent audition, may it go very well. You are correct ... flute technique5/21/2010Denise J. Sipe  Q: Having played the oboe to a reasonable standard as a youngster I always fancied playing the ...   A: Cath. Embouchure for flute is drastically different than for oboe. First, forget the "pooh." It ... Bundy II5/20/2010Joe Piccolo  Q: I received this flute as a gift after someone cleaned out their garage. There is a mildew smell in ...   A: Robin, Great to hear of your gift, and even better to hear of your interest in learning the flute! ... Gemeinhardt Piccolo5/13/2010Dan Goss  Q: I recently inherited a Gemeinhardt Piccolo. It was completely gone through(tuned, cleaned, ...   A: If it does not not say sterling on it, it is a student model.The company only made flutes and ... How much should I pay for piccolo?5/13/2010Dan Goss  Q: A year ago my sister-in-law loaned me her 1974 Gemeinhardt piccolo. I have really been enjoying it, ...   A: They don't make that model any more .But back in the day they were around a $1000. So this is used ... value of a flute5/12/2010Dan Goss  Q: Good afternoon, I have a flute which was purchase brand new by my father approximately 40 years ago. ...   A: I think it is a Pan American.And they were all student stuff.They made good instruments in there day ... What Flute Should I pick???5/10/2010Dan Goss  Q: I am 11 yrs. old and I have had about two weeks experience with the flute and that was two years ...   A: You need to get your chops back before you can pick out a flute in the intermediate/advanced area. ... Flute VAlue5/10/2010Dan Goss  Q: I have a Gemeinhardt Flute model #3. Serial number 447471. It appears to be made of silver. I'm ...   A: The M3s from Gemeinhardt are OK flutes.If it was made of silver it will have a stamp of a funny ... Loose Foot Joint5/9/2010Joe Piccolo  Q: I have a flute pupil who is having trouble with the foot joint on his flute working loose. It got to ...   A: There is one common cause for this problem. Wiggling the foot as it is put on the instrument, this ... Flute Brands5/6/2010Dan Goss  Q: I have an 11 year old daughter who currently is in her 3rd year of playing flute. She plays ...   A: WHAT !! The Gemeinhardt 2SP is the best student flute made,they won awards from the flute society ... Pearl 5015/5/2010Dan Goss  Q: I am looking to upgrade my student model flute to an open hole flute with a low b foot. I have found ...   A: You need to PLAY the flute first.The embouchure hole needs to fit you .You could buy the most ... head joint cork tuning5/5/2010Joe Piccolo  Q: As I age, and my embouchure sags, I am playing a little flat -- to the point that my head joint is ...   A: Michelle, Turn the crown(the little screw thingy) on your headjoint counter clockwise 1/2 of a ... selmer signet flute5/5/2010Dan Goss  Q: I recently did a big clean out at home and came across a selmer signet flute, marked coin silver in ...   A: I would try Ebay in the fall . Yours is made better than all the student flutes ,but will needs pads ... lip control during performances5/2/2010Denise J. Sipe  Q: I just recently had a a couple of solo performances on pieces like Handel Sonatas and Faure's ...   A: Philip! I would have liked to hear you play. It sounds as though you have made wonderful musical ... Tone4/28/2010Denise J. Sipe  Q: my name is Holly. I've been playing flute for six years now and am currently second chair in my ...   A: Holly! It sounds like you are doing well so far! Congratulations! There is much that you can do to ... how to play the piccolo4/28/2010Nancy  Q: Well, I'm a flautist(just about to do Grade 8) and recently got in to my counties youth ...   A: Playing piccolo is different than playing the flute, but once you get the hang of it,it's EASIER ... purchasing a used flute4/25/2010Dan Goss  Q: I have 2 used flutes that we are considering. Which would be the best quality per pending music ...   A: It sounds like the Armstrong has a silver head joint.They are both good flutes though.If these had ... Low C4/22/2010Denise J. Sipe  Q: I have an upcoming concert in which I am playing Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. I have to play from a F ...   A: Ariel! I like Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. Low, mellow notes on the flute give the song a rich, ... Good beginner flutes4/22/2010Nancy  Q: I teach band, and unfortunately have forgotten what the college flute professor told us about ...   A: I would not put any money into older used flutes. Too often they don't play well, plus if they're ... where is my flute's serial number4/22/2010Denise J. Sipe  Q: I have a flute that was passed down to me and it is very very old, but looks very new because my ...   A: Misty! Not all flutes have serial numbers in the same place, or in the same way. But here are some ... Flute - Yamaha 385II4/21/2010Nancy  Q: Do you know much about the Yamaha 385II flutes? What is your preference between that one and a ...   A: I would say there is virtually no difference between the 385 series and the 381 series. The 385's ... Split E mechanism Flute4/20/2010Denise J. Sipe  Q: I want to do my last flute exams for my diploma and the pieces I want to play all seem to have that ...   A: I can't just give you a simple answer, because the idea of a flute with a split E mechanism is ... materials4/19/2010Denise J. Sipe  Q: Do u know the answer to this: would two different materials cause the person playing to feel the ...   A: Tammy! There definitely is a difference between silver and nickel, and how the flute sounds. But ... rose-gold vs. silver4/18/2010Herbert Smith  Q: I actualy have a couple questions. I've been looking for a flute as a step up from the Gemeinhardt ...   A: First off, Sonares are just fine, but do keep in mind that while they have Powell heads, the bodies ... Page:   Prev  |   5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  | 10 

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