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Postby Garrson » Tue Oct 18, 2016 9:38 am

s SubjectDate AskedExpertDog won't follow 2 legs, needs 4 or more10/13/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: I have a strange problem that I couldn't find addressed anywhere and hope you could share some ...   A: You are correct - her hesitance is founded in fear. Having two people(or another known dog) with ... how to help my dog with a fear he has developed9/29/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: I have a 7 yr.old Shih-Tzu. Since he was a puppy he has been sleeping in our bed with us-he is ...   A: It is possible that the stress of the traveling and staying with people he doesn't know well has ... Scratch Reflex specifics8/28/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: I got a dog off of FB and she is fantastic. Baby is 8-9 yrs old, black English Lab, very ...   A: I need to start by saying I am neither a veterinarian nor a veterinary neurologist. I have no formal ... Large Dog Kills Small Dog8/22/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: The dead dog Pomeranian(Jinx) 5yrs Old Serious un-addressed medical issues. On day of attack Jinx ...   A: What a horrible situation to find yourself facing. I'm sorry that you and your dog and the other ... Carolina Dog Out of Character Aggression8/10/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: I've got 2 rescues, 1 female Carolina Dog who is 2 years old/spayed and just under 60lbs. She was ...   A: It's great that these two have bonded so well with each other. I agree, I think that neither of ... Storm Anxiety7/22/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: My 2.5 year old standard poodle(female) is really scared of storms. She was better when she was a ...   A: It sounds like your pup got finally got the memo... It seems many puppies are comfortable with ... New anxiety7/13/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: We have 2 dogs, both weighing about 15-18lbs. Our 9yr old is a terrier and our other dog is 3yrs ...   A: It sounds like your daughter's dog is experiencing a pretty severe stress response to the recent ... Dog afraid of all noises and new experienced7/7/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: I have a dog I adopted from a local shelter in January 2016. She is about two to three years old, ...   A: She's beautiful! So, based on the level of generalized anxiety that you are describing I think that ... My dog prefers my sister :(7/4/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: I got my dog(chiweenie), Maisey, while I was living alone, and a little over 2 years later, my ...   A: She's adorable. I know it can be frustrating and even hurtful when our dogs seem to take a shine to ... Why us the dog acting this way7/3/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: Let me first say my friend literally stays in bed 4 to 5 days a week . And she has a good size ...   A: You are in a bit of a tough position. I am concerned for your friend that she is having health or ... fear aggression6/30/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: Before I adopted Jerome he was a happy, easy going dog that attended the doggy daycare facility I ...   A: It's unfortunate that Jerome had an increasingly frustrating time at doggie daycare, which ... pit bulls6/26/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: Jody If you had grandchildren ages 6 and 9 who played in your unfenced yard and your next door ...   A: The reality here is that the breed of the dog is irrelevant to this question. I would not allow ... pit bulls6/26/2016Adrienne Janet Farricelli CPDT-KA  Q: We live in the suburbs. Our next door neighbor tells us he is getting a pit bull to replace a dog ...   A: and thank you for contacting All Experts. My take is that most of the reports of attacks and ... Issues with humping6/17/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: My dog is around 6 years old, he's a crossbreed and has not been neutered. Due to work he's in the ...   A: While it's possible that he is smelling a bitch in heat(if the wind is moving the right direction, ... Dog acting scared6/9/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: We had 3 bears come in our yard two days ago yesterday our beagle seemed fine, today when he goes ...   A: Nature can be a wondrous and exciting thing when it visits our yard. But, bears are predators and ... Frightened Dog6/6/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: My dog, Riley,(a toy mini golden doodle) has been acting very unusual. The other day I took her ...   A: I'm sorry your Riley is having such a hard time right now. From your question it sounds like the ... Inter dog aggression/bullying6/5/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: I am currently studying(early stages) to become a behaviorist. I have two female dogs. Daisy(GSDx ...   A: I was going to reject this question(with an explanation), but decided to go ahead and answer it so ... Aggression??5/28/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: He was 6 months old at the time, and had been in 2 homes prior to our adopting him. He is a fast ...   A: and kudos to you for engaging your dog in many types of enrichment/bonding activities. You are ... Sister's puppy not wanting to ride in cars5/16/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: My sister recently got a puppy for her son. Her boyfriend is jealous of the puppy and has been ...   A: I understand that relationship dynamics here are difficult. I feel your stress and concern for your ... 5mos puppy GSD barking5/2/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: I've had the female GSD for 2 weeks now, and she constantly barks at family members, or any one that ...   A: GSD are notorious for being "spooky." You didn't indicate how old she is, so I don't know if she's ... my dog is jealous4/30/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: a cockalairapoo. He is now 11 months old and is loving, sweet, trainable and energetic. We have one ...   A: It sounds like you've got your hands full with this one. Most of what you describe sounds like ... Escape artist4/22/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q:) I have a 10 year female fixed Shih Tzu named Cookie(no health issues; no medications). Recently, ...   A: I'm sorry your pup is having a difficult time acclimating to the major change in lifestyle. Often ... anxiety/fear4/20/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: I've had my pup since she is 5 weeks old. She was crate trained as a puppy and stopped going into ...   A: I'm sorry that your pup is sometimes showing signs of extreme fear when outside. If this were ... reactive aggression.4/19/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: I have a one year old Ess and as expected he is a hyper yet nervous wee thing. He can also be ...   A: I'm sorry you're having some training issues with your pup. Hopefully I can help you find your way ... Strange bedtime behaviour4/11/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: I have a 6 year old daschi cross jack russell who has started acting extremely erratic at bedtime. ...   A: Congratulations on the coming new arrival. I understand how frustrating it can be when one of our ... My dog either sucking or licking in his sleep4/8/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: I have a dog that is almost a year old. He is a Chorkie. When he is sleeping on me at night, I wake ...   A: I'm sorry you're having a a frustrating experience. It sounds like he's suckling - much like an ... Black Lab - Feeding Frenzie4/5/2016Madeline S. Friedman, M.A.  Q: I have read you biography and I promise to read and rate your response within two days. I ...   A: I have a question or two for you before I respond to it. What bothers you about your Lab's behavior ... Sudden fear/aggression towards family4/5/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: He was well socialized, went to puppy kindergarten, dog training, dog shows, multiple obedience ...   A: First off, I just want to say that you are an amazing dog parent! Starting off from the beginning ... One dog acting strange towards dog that had surgery4/4/2016Adrienne Janet Farricelli CPDT-KA  Q: Recently, one of our dogs was spayed. She spent about 3 days inside laying around and recovering, ...   A: and thank you for contacting All Experts, What you are seeing is not unusual. At the vet's hospital ... Dog agression3/28/2016Melissa Burg, RVT/Behavior Consultant  Q: I rescused a 4 yr old Bichon a year ago. He is very friendly and adapted to our home, our other ...   A: Lorry. I also do pet grooming and come across this all of the time. But has he always been like this ... My dog is suddenly skittish; sniffing everything3/25/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: Earlier this morning, my Labrador Retriever/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix was playing outside and suddenly ...   A: It's good that you realized that he was not just behaving out of boredom or attention seeking, but ... Dog problems after baby3/20/2016Melissa Burg, RVT/Behavior Consultant  Q: We have a 8 year old terrier mix and recently has been peeing and pooping in the house. We adopted ...   A: Sarah. I hate to tell you this, but this is why I hate the phrase, "they are my babies." ... Steve, shut down completely3/20/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: I collected Steve yesterday at 12.30. He is a border collie type, supposed to be about 3yrs old but ...   A: This poor dog has been to hell and back. Kudos to you for taking on the challenge of helping him ... Three dog problem3/20/2016Melissa Burg, RVT/Behavior Consultant  Q: I have a 5 year old English bulldog, a13 year old pit mix and a 14 month old pit/old English bulldog ...   A: Janus. Yes, it sounds like he is trying to maintain his place in the pack. Is he neutered? How do ... Dog Problem3/18/2016Melissa Burg, RVT/Behavior Consultant  Q: I have a 8 or 9 year old Brittany Spaniel rescue, and my family has had her for about 6 years now. ...   A: Joshua. This is a hard situation to be in, but I've actually been there. It sounds like she is ... food3/13/2016Melissa Burg, RVT/Behavior Consultant  Q: My dog wants to eat all the time. He either wants in and outside so that I will give him a treat or ...   A: Joe. Hate to tell you this but he keeps doing what he's doing because he knows what's going to ... Aggressive or not3/1/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: My dog Ruby, long haired Jack/Chi runs and plays at the dog park. She loves being chased. However, ...   A: Without more information about Ruby's body language it's impossible for me to know if her behavior ... Senior Maltese2/27/2016Melissa Burg, RVT/Behavior Consultant  Q: I have read your bio but I do not see where it states you do not answer private questions. So I am ...   A: Suzie. I apologize if somehow I didn't get your original message. And to answer short and sweet, I ... Waking up in attack mode2/21/2016Melissa Burg, RVT/Behavior Consultant  Q: My dog Shelby wakes up in attack mode and goes after the younger dog, Cooper. This behavior has been ...   A: Debra. This is actually completely common and Shelby is only reacting after being startled. Is this ... Issue/Concern Regarding Doberman Bitch Behavior toward Litter2/19/2016Jody Epstein, CPDT- KA, APDT  Q: Jody E., We have a nearly 4 year old Doberman who just had her first litter of 8 pups on 12 Feb. ...   A: I apologize for the delay in responding to your question. Has the vet checked your dobe for ... 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