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Postby Pauloc » Mon Oct 17, 2016 12:27 pm

s SubjectDate AskedExpertVintage silver tone metal container9/15/2016Dennis Wolbach  Q: I got this at a sale and have no idea what it is. It is 6" x 9" x 3.5". It is silver tone with 5 ...   A: Sonia, Thanks for the question. Although my expertise is american art pottery,l I think what you ... Kaplan reproduction tamour9/14/2016Fred Taylor  Q: Greetings: this tambour was purchased by my mother some time before 1950. It's in very good ...   A: Nancy - Kaplan reproductions are some of the best quality reproductions out there. Unfortunately the ... star amusement company9/13/2016Rodger Knutson  Q: I recently bought a star amesement coinoperated machine. It came with four different types of glass. ...   A: Well I am still looking for information Rudolf........ Star amusement made several games like: ... Crocker Chair Company Rocker9/11/2016Fred Taylor  Q: I have come acrossed an old rocking chair in my grandma's barn. She has since passed and no one ...   A: Apry - Thanks for the photos. Crocker Chair Co was formed in Sheboygan in 1865 but burned to the ... Johnson-Handley-Johnson Company End Table9/10/2016Fred Taylor  Q: Taylor, I own a J-H-J, Co end table(attached). The hand-written numbers on the underside are 3301. ...   A: Richard - Based on the HJH logo your table was made in the late 1940s to early 1950s. HJH material, ... Duluth Trunk9/9/2016Marvin D. Miller  Q: we bought this Duluth truck a few years back. my small son has used it for hide and seek one too ...   A: Jamie, The trunk is a popular style of the early 1900's made by many American trunk companies. It's ... military trunk9/6/2016Marvin D. Miller  Q: my trunk is by James Topham it has written on the top From Quartermaster to Monterey Cal. and to Ft ...   A: Diane, The James Topham trunk company of Washington D.C. made several styles of trunks for the ... Dry Sink9/2/2016robert klein  Q: I Happen to Have a Dry Sink That I Believe is Close to 100 Years old Per My Grand Father - I Am ...   A: This is not an old dry sink. original dry sinks were early 1800s, this is a mid 20th century ... Berkey & Gay Span-Umbrian Table #10419/2/2016robert klein  Q: I have a Berkey & Gay - Span-Umbrian #1041 Table - Its 6 Feet Long By 2 Feet Wide - It's in Great ...   A: This is called a sofa table or console table made in the 1920s. If the condition is good then is ... Bedroom furniture9/2/2016Fred Taylor  Q: This suite was my parents. I found a tag the said Sturdevant Furniture Company Toledo Ohio. It is ...   A: Vicki - Your set is what we now call Art Deco. It was called Art Moderne when it was new in the ... James S. Topham trunk8/31/2016Marvin D. Miller  Q: Klein, I found this foot locker at an estate sale this weekend. I have gently cleaned and waxed it. ...   A: James Topham made many types of travel trunks but this is not a travel trunk and was probably made ... John A. Colby & Sons8/30/2016Fred Taylor  Q: We inherited a bedroom set from my husband's aunt years ago. There is a tag that says John A Colby ...   A: Carolynn - John A. Colby & Co, founded in 1879, changed its name in 1884 to John A. Colby & Sons. ... Gum ball machine I.D.8/29/2016Jack Freund  Q: Mr. Freund, I'm attaching a couple of pictures of a gum ball light conversion i've had for 25 years. ...   A: Your machine was made by the Regal Products Co. in the 1940's. Having repainted it does not do as ... Antique Chair8/29/2016Fred Taylor  Q: My parents(now deceased) had several antiques which we have kept in storage and about which we are ...   A: Barbara - Your chair is part of a three or five piece parlor set from the turn of the 20th century. ... Indonesian Mahogany Secretary8/26/2016Fred Taylor  Q: I recently acquired this piece. I was told it is an Indonesian Mahogany Secretary, but that was the ...   A: Denise - Your bookcase secretary is a recent import from Indonesia or Malaysia, within the last 30 ... bally slot id8/26/2016Rodger Knutson  Q: bally e2000 1228-2088 this machine has no glass so i cant see what it looks like ie paytables and ...   A: I am afraid you are in some real dark areas here, I don't have the means to help you with this and ... pair of white finish mahogany tables8/25/2016robert klein  Q: Galilee Center was given this pair of beautiful white finish tables with a red label that indicates ...   A: These were manufactured by the Victorian company in mahogany around 1940-60. The company made good ... 1930's China Cabinet8/25/2016Fred Taylor  Q: I have recently acquired this piece and was wondering what you might be able to tell me about it. I ...   A: Denise - As you surmised the cabinet is from the 1930s, over decorated as was the style. It features ... Chair8/24/2016robert klein  Q: What can you tell me about this chair? Value?   A: Your chair would have been manufactured around 1950-60 at the earliest based on the style, as a ... information on chair8/23/2016robert klein  Q: I have recently purchased these chairs, not knowing anything about them. There is a sticker on the ...   A: The chairs are from the 1940s probably sweet gum wood. they were originally stained to a mahogany ... Eastlake Style Bed8/23/2016robert klein  Q: My father purchased this bed back in the 60s in the St Louis, MO area and I'm told the style is ...   A: it is in the eastlake style made around 1890-1900. woods are usually walnut but the picture is too ... record cabinet8/23/2016robert klein  Q: What is it worth and I am willing to part with it. It has been in my family since the end of 1800s. ...   A: good enough to see but forgot the right side opened first of all, this is not from the end of ... Round table with glass serving tray8/23/2016Fred Taylor  Q: This table was my grandmothers and it is now mine after her death. On the bottom of the table are 4 ...   A: Albert - Your table is a cocktail table made of walnut. The serving tray became very popular ... the greyhound stadium8/22/2016Rodger Knutson  Q: I recently bought a vintage penny slot machine called the Greyhound stadium. It says pennies only. ...   A: Rudolf, Thank you for the question, answering is another thing. This is an overseas machine and one ... Russel Furniture Company Chifferobe8/21/2016robert klein  Q: This chifferobe has been with our family since the late 60s and I'd like to get an idea of its value ...   A: 1920s piece, russell was not a manufacturer but was a retailer. without a label showing the ... what type ofnchair do i have. and maybe the value.8/20/2016Fred Taylor  Q: I have purchased these chairs. Knowing nothing about them What can you tell me about them. The tag ...   A: Mary - Your chairs are Colonial Revival reproductions of Federal period chairs of the early 1800s, ... J.F. Dietz Co. roll top desk8/19/2016robert klein  Q: Robert, I am a locksmith in Flagstaff, Arizona and I recently made keys to a roll top desk for a ...   A: Nice quartersawn grain oak veneers! As to a model, we will never know without seeing this desk in a ... Antique chair8/18/2016Fred Taylor  Q: I was given 4 chairs and trying to get info on them. Stamped underneath is 134 Mah 144 Wine. What ...   A: Syndie - Your chairs are Colonial Revival reproductions of Federal period chairs of the early 1800s. ... Grand Rapids Furniture Maker8/18/2016robert klein  Q: I have this server with wonderful spindle legs. It has a Made in Grand Rapids triangle but no other ...   A: This is the only information available connecting your label to a manufacturer. ... Ferguson Duncan End Table8/14/2016robert klein  Q: I'm searching for a value/time period on this table by Duncan. The spring leaf's work and it is in ...   A: Sorry for your troubles. The table although called by many to be a duncan phyfe table, it is not. ... Kuchins "ColorKist" Dinette8/13/2016robert klein  Q: This set has been in my family since it was new. Has original finish with "original emblems" and is ...   A: having an odd number of chairs doesnt help in selling, most like 2 4 6 or 8. so when selling you ... Antiques8/11/2016robert klein  Q: Resending pictures of my grandmother's bedroom suite per your request. I will be sending 3 of this ...   A: I dont remember what the question was as I do get lots of requests but lets assume you want to know ... Bell & Howell Director Series8/8/2016David Silver  Q: I received the above item from my grandmother before she past in 1981. I am curious as to the value ...   A: Other than the obvious sentimental value to you and your family, I'm afraid it's essentially a ... 19th century photos8/6/2016David Silver  Q: I have a photo album from the 19th century that came to me from my wife's grandmother, who was born ...   A: Very, very tough topic... You asked: "How do I go about identifying the other people in this ... White Furniture Company8/4/2016robert klein  Q: I am hoping you can help me. I have a white furniture company dresser and two nights stands. They ...   A: I wasn't trying to dispute but we know that most often family stories and recollections are ... Desk8/3/2016robert klein  Q: I am trying to find out when this desk was built and what it might be worth. By the mark in the ...   A: The style is that we would expect from the 1920s. In restored condition this desk would sell around ... Desk or vanity8/3/2016robert klein  Q: I just purchased this desk. The lady I bought it from was unsure of the year it was made but it ...   A: Made around 1920-1930. As to the original finish, if the current finish is original it would have ... Taybro Curio with desk and drawers8/2/2016Fred Taylor  Q: I've tried to research information on Taybro Furniture Company and haven't been successful. I've had ...   A: Vanessa - I could not read the label - too blurry. I am certain this is an English made piece. The ... Mahogany Association Inc drop leaf coffee table8/2/2016robert klein  Q: Klein, I hope you're doing well. I recently was given a drop leaf coffee table and found a Mahogany ...   A: Please use the followup function and post a picture of the "mark" in the drawer. Is it a mark or ... Abraham & Straus Trunk - mfrg date / worth?8/1/2016Marvin D. Miller  Q: I purchased this trunk at an estate sale and I was wondering about its history and worth. I wasn't ...   A: Based on my extensive research on trunks and trunk makers, I have found no evidence that Abraham & ... Page:  


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