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Postby Liam » Sat Oct 15, 2016 7:19 am

s SubjectDate AskedExpertHow do I help myself?11/7/2012Heather Smith  Q: Maybe you can answer this question for me... since I can't find the answer anywhere else. I have ...   A: Yes, I think you can make it better! I think a lot of this has to do with you receiving training at ... sensations11/5/2012Heather Smith  Q: I'm Ally and 13, I have been masturbating a little since I was 11. I have a wierd question I hope ...   A: Sorry my response took so long, I've been busy with classes lately. What you are experiencing is ... Basic questions11/3/2012Steven  Q: As you will learn from my questions, I have never been to a sex education class so I might sound ...   A: First three time a month is not a lot at all. Personally I have heard of daily masturbation and that ... Some basic questions11/3/2012Doug Adams, Ph.D.  Q: As you will learn from my questions, I have never been to a sex education class so I might sound ...   A: Did you really mean 2.78 times per month? That doesn't round evenly to 8 month(22.24 times in 8 ... Penis size11/1/2012Doug Adams, Ph.D.  Q: Sir,do penis enlargement exercises really work? If works then how much time it takes to get result?   A: No, penis size enlargement is a waste of time and money. They won't increase your size and might ... virus10/31/2012Doug Adams, Ph.D.  Q: I have been feeling a virus for the past several days and it has had me low. I don't even feel like ...   A: Yes, it is perfectly normal that you don't feel like masturbating when you're ill. If it's a virus, ... I Have A Big Problem10/27/2012Steven  Q: Ok Listen, i am really confused, i was masturbating with an egg and i was just about to orgasm when ...   A: Well let me say that almost everything that happened was absolutely normal. Let me start by giving ... Kegal exercises...10/27/2012Heather Smith  Q: what are kegal exercises? thanks   A: From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kegel_exercise A pelvic floor exercise, more commonly called a ... masturbation10/24/2012Doug Adams, Ph.D.  Q: i always masturbute twice a day .now i am 17 yrs old.but now when i masturbute,a wound is happened ...   A: Twice a day is a high frequency for 17. Most males your age only masturbate about once a day. ... Ejaculation issues...10/22/2012Steven  Q: Ok when I was about 15(like a year and a bit ago) when i was at a sleepover with my friend ...   A: It is not that uncommon for two close friends to masturbate in the same room or even masturbate each ... Masturbation10/22/2012David Carney  Q: I'm 17 and a virgin. i have attempted to masturbate by humpiing a pillow. I feel like i get close to ...   A: Bree, Thank you for your question. First let me say you are doing some things right because you ... Don't feel like masturbating10/18/2012Doug Adams, Ph.D.  Q: I haven't felt like masturbating for about a week. Usually I masturbate daily and often twice a day. ...   A: A week isn't so long to judge a change in behavior. If you're used to doing it once or twice a day, ... My Size and more.10/18/2012David Carney  Q: Hey David i am a 14 year old male and i hope it's okay that i am 14 anyway i am really worried ...   A: I dont mind at all. Do you want to tell me what your size is since you are worried about it. At 14 ... talking to someone10/18/2012Doug Adams, Ph.D.  Q: oh and i forgot to say he is 2 years older than me does that make any difference?   A: If he is two years older than you, then it's a virtually certainty that he is experienced ... talking to someone10/18/2012Doug Adams, Ph.D.  Q: i think i might talk to my friend now but it is so embarrasing. i am worried that if i ask him he ...   A: I think you should really practice saying the word MASTURBATE. I don't know how you will be able to ... 10/17/2012Steven  Q: Is it dangerous abstaining from ejaculation for a long period of time, like 6 months? I know western ...   A: Well forgive me as I don't now much about eastern medicine but ther is something to be said about ... masturbating10/9/2012Doug Adams, Ph.D.  Q: .. and while i some time ejaculate early so is there any harmful in the later time or am i into some ...   A: Twice a day is not unusual for a male who's just starting, but it's a very high frequency at age 23 ... Spinal cord injuries & sex drive.10/1/2012Doug Adams, Ph.D.  Q: When someone is paralyzed, either a man or a woman, because of a spinal cord injury, does the spinal ...   A: No, but many people lose sexual functioning as a result of such injuries. Sex drive is in the ... Limit on ejaculation9/29/2012Doug Adams, Ph.D.  Q: My friend told me that a guy can only ejaculate so many times and then his body quits. He says he's ...   A: No, that is utter nonsense. Males can keep ejaculating all through their lives, through ... night fall9/29/2012Amir J.R.  Q: i wanted to know that when i don't mustarb for a long period of time than there is night fall of ...   A: first of all ,,night fall,,is not bad at all,,but a good sign that your sexual system is in best ... Masturbating9/28/2012Doug Adams, Ph.D.  Q: How often do boys masturbate at 13?   A: According to a survey of over 10,000 males by the web site HealthyStrokes.com in the second half of ... Masturbating9/28/2012Doug Adams, Ph.D.  Q: Sometimes my sperm shoots out all over the place and sometimes it lands in a neat little puddle on ...   A: Ejaculation doesn't always happen exactly the same way. It's good no matter how it comes out. If ... Masturbating9/28/2012Doug Adams, Ph.D.  Q: Sometimes my sperm is yellow and sometimes it is white, why is this and does it matter?   A: It generally depends on how long it's been since your last ejaculation. If you've ejaculated in the ... Masturbating9/28/2012Doug Adams, Ph.D.  Q: After the sperm comes out, it hurts to touch my penis so I stop. Is something wrong?   A: No, that is normal. When a male has an orgasm and ejaculates, his penis gets very sensitive, and it ... Frequent masturbation9/25/2012Doug Adams, Ph.D.  Q: Dr. I have masturbated 2 times a week,now i lost erection and sexual urge.can i get it or lost it ...   A: Two times a week is not very much. Most younger males masturbate daily. Masturbation is normal, ... Adrenal hyperactivity9/21/2012Heather Smith  Q: I have been on avodart, dpma-Dpma is depo provera and works by inhibiting 5 alpha reductase hormone ...   A: Well first let me say I don't have any professional comment on the specifics of what you are doing ... masturbation and effects9/20/2012Doug Adams, Ph.D.  Q: I have been masturbating for the past 10 years and now am 25, I used masturbate twice a day at the ...   A: Masturbation is normal, healthy, and fun, and even necessary for male sexual health. Most males ... bikini9/11/2012Steven  Q: I have a question that I am scared to ask my friends about. I am 13 and have been masturbating ...   A: This is normal per say. I mean that it isn't bad but not many people can orgasm from just clothing ... daughter9/11/2012Heather Smith  Q: I am Mel, 39 and single mum to Kera my 13 year old daughter. Kera has mild learning difficulties ...   A: It sounds like you have a very beautiful, energetic daughter with a great new sex drive :) She has a ... Faked orgasm=rape?9/11/2012Steven  Q: On July 2, 2002, I was visiting a couple of friends who were camping out at Lake Thunderbird east of ...   A: No if she fakes an orgasm that means that she cant reach orgasm during normal sex and most women ... pain after masturbation and urination9/9/2012Doug Adams, Ph.D.  Q: i feel pain after masturbation and when i urinate after masturbation.second is that i don't feel ...   A: Pain is never good, so you should try to figure out what's causing it. It's a good idea to urinate ... Is this real?9/9/2012Doug Adams, Ph.D.  Q: Is it true that there is a disorder called genital arousal disorder? If so, would there be more to ...   A: Yes, it is called persistent genital arousal disorder(PGAD), formerly persistent sexual arousal ... Sex in Early age9/8/2012Amir J.R.  Q: i have started sex in age of 11 yr with a girl of my age. in starting i had no ejaculation,but after ...   A: Kegel exercise help to increase your performance ,,beside early sex has nothing to do with Premature ... masturbate9/4/2012David Carney  Q: i hav been masturbating fr more thn 7 yrs almost 3 times in 2 days. am i going wrong? i m also ...   A: I believe you are masturbating too often. The best thing you can do is to stop masturbating for 2 ... Penis enlargement9/4/2012Doug Adams, Ph.D.  Q: Sir am binas.am 22years old.am from india.sir in ayurvedic aswagandha yamakam medicine is increase ...   A: There is no medicine that will enlarge your penis. Don't even bother with that. It won't do what ... cant achieve orgasm9/3/2012David Carney  Q: I have never had an orgasm, with a partner or on my own. I have numerous toys that i use and it ...   A: You didnt mention your age. Do you relax before you begin to masturbate? How much time do you spend ... help8/31/2012Heather Smith  Q: My first time is when i was younger i was in my mom and dad's room and i got into my mom's underwear ...   A: I'm not sure why you submitted this question twice within a few minutes, and why your age is ... Masturbation8/30/2012Amir J.R.  Q: I am 24 years old male(single), and have been masturbating for 7 years, before I was masturbating ...   A: well,,actually this is wrong and this should damage your sexual system ,,chinese medicine claims ... Masturbation8/30/2012David Carney  Q: I am 24 years old male(single), and have been masturbating for 7 years, before I was masturbating ...   A: Masturbating will not make you infertile and it's not likely to cause you problems when you get ... male masturbation and cum8/28/2012David Carney  Q: I am 17 yr boy. I am masturbating from last 4 years. Is it ok?I cannot hold long my ejaculation ...   A: Do you enjoy masturbating? You said you cannot hold your ejaculation time as long as you want to. ... Page:   Prev  |   5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  | 10 

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