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Postby Tyronne » Tue Oct 11, 2016 8:16 am

s SubjectDate AskedExpertCan you please identify this bug9/30/2016Jessica Mellinger  Q: I woke up with a bug on my arm this morning I don't know what it is it was attached to me and its ...   A: I am very sorry for any discomfort you may be experiencing. Make sure to clean the bite with soap ... Beetle ID9/29/2016Eric R. Eaton  Q: Found this dead(thankfully) in my home in central Florida. I searched online but could not ID it ...   A: Carol: The insect in your images is a nymph(juvenile, immature) cockroach, likely the American ... insect identification9/28/2016Eric R. Eaton  Q: One of my friends sent this photo to me, taken with a smart phone. She said it was about a ...   A: Dennis: Thank you for including the image. There is probably good reason you have not seen this ... Bugs9/27/2016Ed Saugstad  Q: I have little tiny black bugs everywhere here in Missouri.. They bite and itch horribly infact they ...   A: If they are flying insects, the two main suspects would be black flies(family Simuliidae; see ... tarantulas9/27/2016Jack DeAngelis  Q: I am an attorney for an eight year old girl who, while holding a tarantula at a petting zoo, wound ...   A: Jeff, Short answer is I don't know. I don't know much about petting zoos or their standards but my ... Mystery bug9/25/2016Ed Saugstad  Q: I just moved to Tel Aviv for a year abroad program. My new apartment has an infestation, and calling ...   A: I cannot see enough detail in your images to hazard an identification. About all that I can say is ... White spider, black markings9/24/2016Eric R. Eaton  Q: Can you identify this? Found on leaves in a planter in Studio City, CA.   A: Marilyn: Wow, thank you for sharing the great image of one of my favorite spiders. This is a ... Insect identification9/22/2016Eric R. Eaton  Q: What insect is this   A: Darshana: The insect in your images is a mayfly, an insect in the order Ephemeroptera. Adult ... Tiny, annoying bugs9/21/2016Walter Hintz  Q: I moved into a new apartment about 1.5 months ago and I've had an issue with these bugs from the ...   A: This definitely a beetle but from the photo I cannot be sure what kind. I suspect they are pantry ... Name of this Bug9/19/2016Ed Saugstad  Q: Can you tell me what this is. They getting into the house around our bathroom skylight. How do I ...   A: I can at least tell you what it is not. It is not a structural pest of any kind(such as termites, ... Parasitic insect - what is this?9/19/2016Jack DeAngelis  Q: This several of these insects dropped out of my hair after I treated it with rubbing alcohol the ...   A: Lubo, The top photo is an aphid(see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/aphids.html). Aphids feed on ... Re: What is this bug please?9/17/2016Ed Saugstad  Q: I am located in UK, England, Harwich, Essex. Please would you kindly consider helping me identify ...   A: it's a western conifer seed bug, Leptoglossus occidentalus(Hemiptera/Heteroptera: Coreidae), a ... What kind of bug is this9/16/2016Ed Saugstad  Q: we have been getting this bug in our shower skylight for the past few weeks and I can't seem to find ...   A: Chrysomelidae0 in the subfamily Bruchinae. Often called pea or bean weevils, the larvae of many ... The exterminator is telling me this is a flea9/15/2016Jack DeAngelis  Q: Help! Not sure what I'm dealing with here...6 weeks ago I found a couple of this kind of bugs in my ...   A: This looks like a beetle because of the split elytra but again I can't see much detail. Beetles are ... Slug and spider?9/13/2016Ed Saugstad  Q: Two bugs to identify and I may know one of them. Okay so one is a big slug that is brown-ish grayish ...   A: //tinyurl.com/jx82o3j. I believe that your orb-weaving spider is in the genus Neoscona, but your ... 2 bugs I need to identify9/13/2016Eric R. Eaton  Q: Location: Greece, Athens, 37°59'37.9"N 23°39'42.0"E Bug1: I find often many of them dead on the ...   A: Kelly: Bug 1 appears to be a "four beetle" in the genus Tribolium. You should check your ... Bug found on wall9/13/2016Eric R. Eaton  Q: I found a small bug crawling on the wall next to my bed this morning at about 7:30 AM, well after ...   A: Tim: Thank you for including the image, but unfortunately I cannot tell exactly what it is. It ... Curious what bug this is9/12/2016Jack DeAngelis  Q: Hate to waste time, not an important question. Saw this bug on my desk at school(this is why I ...   A: Chase, Well now ... this is interesting. I have two questions, do you live in a desert climate and ... Bug identification9/11/2016Eric R. Eaton  Q: I live in Pennsylvania and found this bug crawling on the floor on my yoga mat around night time. I ...   A: Samantha: Thank you for including the images. Your insect is NOT a bed bug, but some kind of ... Is this a bed bug?9/11/2016Ed Saugstad  Q: We stayed somewhere months ago and returned home with bites. We noticed more the day after returning ...   A: It is a beetle in the family Dermestidae(carpet/hide/skin/larder beetles, etc.). It appears to be ... What is this orange bug9/11/2016Jack DeAngelis  Q: I pulled this out from under my skin a pic is attached but I think I tore it's head off I've been ...   A: Diana, These are not insects or mites. There is actually only one mite that burrows in skin and ... Insect identification9/10/2016Ed Saugstad  Q: I have 2 pictures for you. I'm not sure if they are 2 different insects or if they are the same. ...   A: The first image is too blurry for me to be certain, but it most likely is a net-winged beetle ... Bug identification9/10/2016Jack DeAngelis  Q: Good morning! I was driving to work this morning and saw this bug crawling on me. My landlord has a ...   A: Julie, This is not a bed bug, see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/bed_bug.html for comparison. It is ... Indentify insect9/10/2016Eric R. Eaton  Q: For the last month and a half, I've noticed small bites, two to three at a time, usually around my ...   A: Claudia: The objects in your image are lint or other debris, not insects. I state explicitly in my ... Carpet beetle casing9/8/2016Eric R. Eaton  Q: I found this casing in an old wood dresser that I bought from an antique store. Obviously a little ...   A: Tim: You are correct, this belongs to a carpet beetle. The correct term is "molt" or "exuvium," as ... Help identifying this bug please9/8/2016Eric R. Eaton  Q: Please could you help me identify this bug as I'm going crazy now I've found about 5 in the last 10 ...   A: Claire: Thanks for including the image with your question. All I can tell you is that it is a ... These little bugs have started to appear9/6/2016Walter Hintz  Q: We have started noticing these little browny/red bugs(they look black but indeed are are ...   A: It appears that you have an infestation of one of the Pantry pests. These look like either Drugstore ... Brown bug9/6/2016Jack DeAngelis  Q: I seem to have an issue with very small brown bugs in my bathroom, they do fly. I have not seen ...   A: Carla, This is a beetle, probably either the drugstore beetle or the closely related cigarette ... Do you know the bug?9/5/2016Eric R. Eaton  Q: Found this dead bug underneath my dresser while cleaning. Have had a pest problem lately with ...   A: Jeff: The insect in the image is a cockroach, probably a nymph(juvenile, immature, "baby"). ... Bed Bug?9/5/2016Jack DeAngelis  Q: @@@@@IMAGE:186956:Entomology-Study-Bugs-665/2016/09/bed-bug_17.jpg##### ANSWER: Jeff, The image is ...   A: This is an immature cockroach, see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/cockroach_identification.html. ... Eggs9/5/2016Eric R. Eaton  Q: I have a pile about two by two inches wide of pinn head size brown and white egg like things that ...   A: Carol: Really hard to tell what is in the image, but here is what I think is going on.... I think ... Bug identification9/2/2016Eric R. Eaton  Q: Can you tell me what this is ? I found several crawling around house at various times in the day. ...   A: Joseph: The insect in your image is a weevil. Weevils are a type of beetle, and there are ... Bug identify?9/1/2016Eric R. Eaton  Q: I found this bug nestled in my ceiling in my living room. I've never seen it before. Any idea what ...   A: Jay: The insect in your images is either a Drugstore Beetle or Cigarette Beetle. They are very ... Black bug??9/1/2016Eric R. Eaton  Q: I have this bug occasionally in my apartment. Usually crawling on the wall or on my carpet. I went ...   A: Jeff: Really, really difficult to discern much from your images. My best guess is that they are ... is this a bed bug9/1/2016Jack DeAngelis  Q: I saw this crawling on my headboard. It's a tiny white bug and it's the 2nd time I've seen them. I ...   A: Jeff, No this is not a bed bug, see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/bed_bug.html for comparison. This ... Insect ID Request from Brooklyn, NY8/28/2016Eric R. Eaton  Q: I am located in Brooklyn, NY in an apartment on the first floor. I have been seeing these guys on ...   A: Lisa: The insects in the images are either Drugstore Beetles or Cigarette Beetles, both of which ... bug?8/28/2016Ed Saugstad  Q: This was on my hand not moving i place to take a picture somehow missed the top of it still wasn't ...   A: about all that I can tell you with any certainty is that it appears to be a small moth. And from ... What type of lenses8/28/2016Eric R. Eaton  Q: What lenses do you use to aquire such sharp images? Thank you!   A: Francis: I take pictures with a Canon PowerShot SX50. It is one of the "super zoom" cameras that ... Large Pollen Foraging Insect8/26/2016Walter Hintz  Q: Today I was near my butterfly bush and observed a large, flying insect which I initially thought was ...   A: You did not include a photo but from your description none is needed. You have described perfectly ... Bug ID - mites?8/26/2016Eric R. Eaton  Q: Had some friends over last weekend and their dog took a dip in my pool. Right after, there were ...   A: Maria: Thanks to the images you sent, I can tell you exactly what they are.... These are lace bugs ... Page:  


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