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Postby Dyvynarth » Sat Oct 01, 2016 2:11 am

s SubjectDate AskedExpertMosler Safe3/2/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I read there are possible factory combos depending on age of the safe. We bought a house that had a ...   A: Sorry but there are no such thing as "factory combinations" - more or less! The "factory ... Cary safe3/2/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have read a bit about how to open a Cary safe when the combination is unknown. So far nothing has ...   A: I'm not sure what info that you have read up on, concerning "opening a Cary lock, with an unknown ... safe3/1/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: we purchased a vanguard VS-200 at a garage sale. the guy gave us the combination and said it ...   A: There are ONLY three reasons a safe lock will not open - in order they are: 1. Incorrect dialing ... Mosler Safe2/28/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: This Mosler safe is basically a record safe. It probably has an SMNA Fire insulated safe label on ...   A: You basically have two choices - you can either test dial all of the 1,000,000 possible combinations ... Hall's Safe/ Vault door2/27/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Andy, I found an old building that had burned to the ground 25 years ago. The only thing left was ...   A: Very cool find. I'm assuming that it is a "Hall's Safe & Lock Company" door and NOT a "Hall's Safe ... Safe will not lock2/27/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: When I close the safe door, the latch handle will not completely close down.(the safe door closes ...   A: Paul, how does the saying go? "If I had a nickel for every time I've heard this story, and ... Apprentice2/26/2015James  Q: I am very interested in locksmithing. I was planning on doing an online course to get certificate. ...   A: Jeremy, A locksmith shop with an apprentice program is the best way to learn. Online or ... Safe combination2/26/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have on old safe inherited. Hercules. Made by Toledo. Can I get the combination? I have the four ...   A: This was actually a Meilink safe - "Hercules" was just a model name not a manufacturer. These ... Older Star brand safes2/26/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: What could you tell me about the differences in construction of the old C17 floor safe and the ...   A: I'm not sure where you came up with the "B17" as a "newest rendition" of the C17. I have no idea ... ART METAL SAFE2/25/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: VERY OLD - UL TAG - 22741 - CLASS 7-2C SIZE - 26W X 28 DEEP X 68 HIGH - ON ROLLERS - FIVE SHELVES ...   A: This company was in business making metal office equipment, filing cabinets, desks and even safes ... S&G electronic lock2/25/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: My safe won't open. It has a Sargent & Greenleaf e-lock on it. I presume it is a 6120(has a green ...   A: If it has a "green band" on the ribbon cable it isn't a 6120 - those have a red band. You possibly ... Approx Cost on opening Safes2/24/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Terry, Came across this site and it is great! I have bought several safes from auctions such as ...   A: Gil, a couple problems that we need to straighten out to ensure we are both on the same page. If ... diebold cashguard modern safe2/24/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Iam about buy a diebold cashguard locked serial # 05-27595F-08156-03 safe. will the factory give out ...   A: You may want to hold off on buying this safe as it would have a "NEGATIVE" value, currently. While ... Safe combination2/24/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have on old safe inherited. Hercules. Made by Toledo. Can I get the combination? I have the four ...   A: Your safe was NOT made by Toledo - It was made by Meilink Safe Company "IN" Toledo, Ohio. Meilink ... replace or re-key baldwin exterior lock2/24/2015James  Q: I have several exterior doors, each with 2 Baldwin locks, 1 single cylinder and 1 double cylinder, ...   A: Without some reference to the model or how the locks are installed I can't help. Can you provide ... Mosler wall safe2/23/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: We bought our bungalow home almost 20 years ago. It has a Mosler wall safe built into the brick wall ...   A: I'm sure you must have read the patent number wrong as the one you've indicated has nothing to do ... Locksmithing/Victor 1888 no combo2/22/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I saw this posting about this safe and a relative has this safe and the code was lost years ago. ...   A: First off, you possibly DON'T have the same safe! Just because you have a similar one, don't ... Key2/18/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I own a safe box SAGAsaf-d-posit, on the instructions say key # 04, I need a key, where and how I ...   A: good luck with this one. Saga Safes were made in China and imported by a company in the LA area, ... Can't get my Bumil SD 102 Safe Open2/18/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I've got a Bumil SD 102 safe that comes with a key and dial combination that I bought since 2012. I ...   A: If you have a Bumil with a mechanical dial, and the key lock, BOTH are required to open the safe. ... After changing new battery CSS SG 6210 wont lock2/18/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Lock is SG 6210 It has a handle to open/close. Battery compartment is single 9V at the bottom of ...   A: I'm sure that you mean an S&G 6120 lock, as S&G didn't make a 6210 series lock. In fact the 6200 ... Herring Hall Marvin Safe2/18/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Andy, There's a large herring hall Marvin safe for sale close by me. I have purchased a couple ...   A: I would be more than happy to look at each of your safes(individually) to try to answer any ... rekeying issue2/17/2015James  Q: I have lived in my apartment for over a year and never had any problems with my lock. I decided I ...   A: The problem you have is that you didn't go to a locksmith. Hardware stores, home centers & big box ... Meilink G7 safe issue2/10/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I purchased my house a year ago and finally got to the basement cleaning. Set inside of the ...   A: The Meilink G series safes only had a 50 number dial, so I'm not sure what you are referring to as ... cannon gun safe2/10/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: my cannon gun safe is about 7 years old. the electronic lock will not open the safe with the proper ...   A: How often do you replace your cell phone??? When ever a new model comes out, or a new operating ... Chubb Mosler Taylor restoration2/10/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have a small safe, approx 24x 30x 36, which I would like to restore. It has been painted dark ...   A: Sorry but there is no after market suppliers for old safes parts. You basically have two choices ... Remington Rand Safe File2/9/2015Dan Terrigno  Q: Our church has a Remington Rand Safe File. It has four drawers with a key lock in the top drawer. A ...   A: Most of the time something(paper clip, rubber band etc.) gets jammed in the track that the rollers ... safe lock2/8/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have an old safe with a Yale 3 wheel combination lock calledvanguard VS-200. This safe was in the ...   A: The "Vanguard" series of safes were specifically made for Sears. They haven't been available in ... Old mosler safe2/7/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have an old safe I am trying to get into it is a mosler serial # 194163 is there anything you can ...   A: This does not appear to be a safe, it appears to be a walk in vault door, possibly a simple plate ... JL Hall safe parts2/3/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: do you have any JL Hall safe parts like the bottom hingeif you do could you contact me at   A: Sorry but parts like you are looking for simply don't exist. You basically have two choices, you ... Cary Safe Lock Identification2/3/2015Dan Terrigno  Q: I have a Cary Safe in my garage that I am having trouble getting info on. By looking at the picture ...   A: It looks like a pressed steel dial with the combination changing index about 11 numbers to the ... diebold safe lock2/2/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: We have an old diebold safe that is open but we do not have the combination so we do not lock it I ...   A: If you have already attempted to recover the combination with the back cover removed and you aren't ... lost combination2/2/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Morning, I have a problem with a lost combination and the persons Will is locked in the safe! Can ...   A: These safes were sold by Sears years ago. While Sears did sell safes from a couple of different ... My new Victor safe.1/31/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I recently picked up a Victor 21" high floor safe. Original paint. Having key made for inner lock, ...   A: First off NEVER assume anything. Unless you have an original sales document from the factory ... Victor Images1/31/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Sorry, was having issues uploading photo, please see attached for previous question.   A: Yes, I'm very familiar with this container and the lock on the safe. See my previous answer in ... Victor Safe1/31/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I really enjoyed reading your post and responses to a previous Victor safe owner who acquired his ...   A: In General, these containers were ONLY designed to protect documents from fire, NOT valuables from ... old wall safe1/29/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: This is probably a different question than you're used to. I'm an author who needs a jewel thief to ...   A: Sorry, but this is actually a fairly common question - though the specifics may change from author ... cannon safe want open1/28/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: how can I get in safe that's locked up cannon #300885 LP lock electronic lock in lock #1 has A   A: Roy, First off, you haven't given me any useful info - like what is the actual problem??? You ... Antique Safe1/27/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have an antique safe made by Syracuse Safe CO. For whatever reason it seems to have a one number ...   A: Obviously without seeing your safe I can't answer the question. I would assume that something is ... X-091/27/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Have an CD X09 that the dial won't spin on. The bolt 's retracted but the dial won't spin regardless ...   A: Generally mechanical problems require hands on diagnoses and problem solving. A couple items that ... Hermann safe1/27/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I bought a home a few years ago and a safe was left behind. It is I believe ext. 24 inch length, 29 ...   A: First thing that we need to do is to actually ID what you possibly have. Your safe has two ... Page:  


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Postby Diggory » Sat Oct 01, 2016 2:18 am

s SubjectDate AskedExpertprotectall safe9/21/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Purchased a business last march, this safe is in the basement. No Idea what is in it. I did find a ...   A: As you didn't provide a photo, I can't answer yes or no. Based on your description, my initial ... Steel Home Savings Bank9/18/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have a W F Burns Company home savings bank patented Jan 15, 1895 There is no key with it, I read ...   A: Sorry but coin banks are a bit out side of my area of expertise which is antique safes. Basically ... Key9/17/2016James  Q: I have a key that has on one side 4700. The other side has Die Bold inc. Canton, Ohio   A: I didn't catch a question. I'll assume you need to know what it goes to. This is likely a safe ... date of old safe9/13/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I was just given a Halls safe. Its 24" X24" X 34" high. Sir# 15915 about what year was it made?? ...   A: As there were THREE different Hall's safe companies at various times I would need to actually see ... Protectall Safe9/13/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I recently got a deal on a Protectall safe(Syracuse, NY) but the hitch was that it was locked with ...   A: I recommend: Interstate Lock & Safe 480-964-9092 Seth Blumberg 16223 N 43rd St. Phoenix, ... Vault Door9/13/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: We just pulled out an old Vault door from a home we are about to demo. Can you tell me a bit about ...   A: I'm not sure what info you are looking for. The manufacturer of the safe was the York Safe & Lock ... GSA approve storage container manufacture Molser9/12/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Can you assist in getting into 3 old floor safe I picked up cheap I don't not have the combinations ...   A: There are no factory combinations for these containers. they were delivered to the Military set on ... Mosler Safe9/12/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: We are a decade old manufacturing company in Covington, KY and we have a Mosler safe that appears to ...   A: Based on the serial number, it's more likely that it was made around 1909-1912. The date on the ... SAGA Saf-D-Posit Model 910 Serial 8662534 UL Listed9/11/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I purchased this new and have had it for years. I don't open it very often(except when I need ...   A: #1 item on the list should be maintenance. While the manufacturer may not indicate or even ... Old safe9/8/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Sorry for my english, it's not my first language. So we have an old safe, Ahern Safe Co., I don't ...   A: Ahern Safe Company was a distributor and not a manufacturer. There is no one to contact to find ... Harlock lockset-exterior9/7/2016James  Q: I need to replace a Harlock lockset from an exterior door. I can't see any visible screws on the ...   A: I'm not familiar with Harloc brand locks as they aren't used in my area. The type of lock you have ... No combination for star floorsafe9/5/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Would you send me a combination request form for my star floorsafe and where to send it ? I would ...   A: I would be happy to send you the combo request form however I will need you to send a request ... safe value9/4/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: 1843 Silas C. Herring SAFE Wilder Salamander name on plate I have the pin key too!   A: Your safe is NOT an 1843 Herring safe, unfortunately it's about 7-9 years newer than you believe. ... R&D safe works rebuild9/3/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Howdy Terry, I have a R&D safe works guns safe large size roughly 5.5' x 2' x 3' with a standard ...   A: Hopefully you didn't pay that hack for ruining your safe???? "THIS" is ONE of the main reasons ... Ahern Safe9/3/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Would like professional opinion of worth of this safe. Belonged to my grandfather. I have the ...   A: The safe was NOT made by Ahern Safe, they only SOLD it. It appears to be a Diebold fire safe. ... Antique safe9/3/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Hello and thank you for your time! I have an antique safe and need some guidance. I've inherited ...   A: Based on your info, the safe was possibly built by Diebold Safe & Lock Company. The California ... Tilton and mcfarland safe9/2/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Have and old tilton and mcfarland safe I'm trying to open. No known key to be found. Alphabet dial a ...   A: The Tilton & McFarland locks had fairly stiff springs and/so are a pain to try to pick. In general ... Can't open sentry safe model CSW39108/26/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: My safe is 8 years and just recently have been unable to open..I have the factory installed ...   A: In general there are only three reasons a safe lock won't open - in order they are: 1. Operator ... Combination numbers8/25/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have owned my safe for over 20 years . I have a mc350 . I have my key but I can't find the ...   A: Your Diplomat safe, model MC-350 is an imported safe. If you have lost the combination, you have ... Opening a Morris & Ireland safe8/19/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: my family got an old safe from a family friend who had it for a long time and no one's been able to ...   A: I think I already answered this question, but here was my previous answer. There is a good chance ... Opening a Morris & Ireland safe8/19/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: my family got an old safe from a family friend who had it for a long time and no one's been able to ...   A: There is a good chance that your safe is a MacNeale & Urban Safe - sold by Morris & Ireland. Once ... Rates and Customer Expectations8/17/2016James  Q: I hate to bother you again but I think others might benefit from this question. As I told you in ...   A: People want things done quickly because it's always an emergency. They are in a time of crisis when ... Old Sentry Safe8/14/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have an old Beige color Sentry safe on casters that my Grandparents had in their garage for years ...   A: The round plate you are referring to is the "FILL PLUG". The inner and outer shells are formed ... EAGLE SAFE8/11/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: We have an Eagle safe for sale. Looks like gun safe, about 5 feet tall by 24 wide. What is the best ...   A: Just like you would sell any other item that you have. eBay, Craigslist, garage sale, want ads, ... Info request Herring safe with Cary lock8/10/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: This old safe was found in the basement of a recently purchased home located outside Buffalo, NY. ...   A: The safe is a Herring - NOT a Cary. It appears that at some time in the past either the safe ... Mosley thick walled fire safe8/9/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: We have a Mosler thick walled fire with 7 step triangle door. When we got it about 25 years ago. ...   A: Yes the safe is more than 20 years old. These safes weren't made after the late 1920's to early ... Meilink Safe8/9/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: My parents bought a Meilink Safe many years ago to secure their coin collection. I believe it is a ...   A: I NEVER recommend lock disassembly as a DIY project for the SAME reason that I NEVER recommend using ... small on guard safe(door open)8/7/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: i have the same safe as refered to in the question below. my neighbor gave me this safe door locked ...   A: I have no idea what safe you are referring to as "the same safe". Unfortunately this site isn't ... Old Mosler safe with no combination8/6/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: We recently came upon an old safe in one of the back rooms of our church. I remember it as a young ...   A: These Mosler round, lug door money chests were very popular during the 1950's through the 1970's but ... AMSEC BC 3032778/5/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: We acquired this building several years ago and the safe was left behind by the former owner or ...   A: I will need you to email me directly as I have forms that you will need to fill out and sign so that ... Cary Safe8/3/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have a Cary Safe with the #175156 on the handle. I don't have the combination(it hasn't been ...   A: Your Cary Safe is from about 1922. The lock that I would expect to find on it would be a Yale ... Can't open my Safe8/3/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I recently bought a new safe from Booil Safe and I tried to open the safe but somehow the normal ...   A: 1. Ensure that the key lock is unlocked fully before trying the combination. even if you dial the ... Need help with getting my safe open8/2/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have a Saga safe, model number 1145. It has a combination key as well as numbers to open the safe. ...   A: No sorry, but we don't have access to Saga's old records and/or keys for their safes. You will need ... mosler safe7/31/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: i recently purchased a an antique home and in one of the rooms was an older mosler safe. it is ...   A: I would be more than happy to look at your little Mosler safe for you but I will need much better ... Deadbolt will only turn with key inserted after rekey7/29/2016James  Q: I just moved into a new place and began rekeying my Schlage doorknob and deadbolt. I rekeyed one ...   A: When installing deadbolts it's important to turn the tailpiece the right direction before installing ... Non-Standard Size Pins7/29/2016James  Q: Your advice has been extremely helpful and I've now accomplished my task of pinning every lock in ...   A: After market locks use their own tolerances and set their own size requirements. Even though it may ... cary safe7/28/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Andy did you come up with a value on my friends safe just need to know an approx value he needs to ...   A: Hi Patrick, Sorry but I was out of town in Seattle until yesterday, so I didn’t get a chance to see ... lost keys to a PROTECTOR FIRESAFE Model 11907/27/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have a PROTECTOR FIRESAFE Model 1190, I bought from an estate sale and misplaced the keys. I ...   A: You should be able to take the safe to any reputable locksmith shop or safe company. They should ... wheel pack locking mechanism operation of a Cary safe7/25/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: We just purchased an antique vintage Cary safe and the safe would unlock by just turning the ...   A: While you DO have an ANTIQUE Cary safe, unless it was harvested from a vineyard or bottled by a ... safe lock type7/23/2016Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: i think i have a halls safe but unsure.. on the main knob is 74353. i would like to know what type ...   A: I'm not exactly sure what your question is. In order to figure out what you have we actually ... Page:  


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