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Postby Caldwiella » Fri Sep 02, 2016 5:32 am

s SubjectDate AskedExpertF4 visa went through the termination process and was destroyed in accordance with INA 203(g).8/11/2016Hung Viet Can  Q: Xin Kính chào anh HUNG VIET CAN và các Cô, Các Bác và các anh ch? Allexperts ! ...   A: Chào b?n, N?u b?n vào trang ... H1B transfer and(un)employment issues8/2/2016Ajay K. Arora  Q: I am currently on OPT stem extension and got my H1b approved as well. Can I transfer my h1 visa? ...   A: Assuming that the H1B employer does not revoke its H1B petition prior to October 01, as a practical ... H1B to H48/1/2016Ajay K. Arora  Q: I am planning to switch from H1B to H4 visa. Can I apply for H4(through my husband's company) but ...   A: You can continue to be employed in H1B status until the H4 application requesting change of status ... US B2 Visitor Vis7/15/2016Hung Viet Can  Q: I have a B2 Visa expiring on 8/18/2016. I have entered the US on 5/30/2016 and the immigration ...   A: You can stay until November 20, 2016. August 18, 2016 is the last day you must use your visa to ... NOC letter for dependent applying for H4 visa7/11/2016Ajay K. Arora  Q: I have H1B visa and applying for H4 dependent visa for my husband. My husband is currently working ...   A: Your husband will apply directly for the H4 visa at a U.S. Consulate. The Consulate will issue the ... Regarding I-140 based H1 Extension6/27/2016Ajay K. Arora  Q: I am currently in H1, and it is maxing out by Oct 2016. With my current organization(say Org-A), ...   A: Org B can file its H1B petition requesting 3 year extension beyond 6 years based on I-140 approval ... H1B Recapture6/21/2016Ajay K. Arora  Q: Arora, Is there a time limit for recapturing previously approved partly used H1B visa or can one ...   A: If you were in H1B status at any period of time(length of time is not important) within the past 6 ... Employment-based green card and termination of employment6/9/2016Ajay K. Arora  Q: If one gets sponsored by their employer for a permanent resident status(i.e. green card)(and ...   A: The green card process through employer sponsorship requires an intention to be employed full-time ... H1B to F1 change of status I-140 in process5/23/2016Ajay K. Arora  Q: I'm on my H1b and got my PhD admission and want to change my status to F1, I wanted to apply for ...   A: Change of status to F1 is not likely to be successful, as either a pending or approved I-140 ... H4 TO H1b ; I94 Expires5/11/2016Ajay K. Arora  Q: I am on h4 visa in usa with h4 valid till Aug 2017 & i94 till sept 12 2016. I have applied for h1b ...   A: To continue to remain in the U.S., an application to extend H4 status should be filed with the USCIS ... Reset of H1b visa4/28/2016Hung Viet Can  Q: My Husband is on H1b with Infosys in Memphis Tn. Our period of stay details:- 25 Aug 2007 to 4 July ...   A: Excuse me for the delay to reply to you. You must stay outside the U.S. for more than one year ... Green Card4/20/2016Hung Viet Can  Q: iam an indian,22 years old.i want to get a green card,in 2015 completed my engineering and i dont ...   A: Which country do you want to immigrate: to Canada or to the United States? To immigrate to Canada ... H1B visa stamping4/6/2016Ajay K. Arora  Q: My h1b petition was approved in 2013, later transferred to another employer, visa stamped and valid ...   A: Since you were abroad when an H1B petition was denied, there was no violation of status in the U.S. ... PERM and I-140 to be filed by Co. B?4/4/2016Ajay K. Arora  Q: I'm working with company 'A' from December 2010 and my Labor and I-140 approved in 2011 in EB2 with ...   A: Co. B will need to file PERM(labor) plus I-140 from the beginning. However, you will be able to ... L2 EAD query in case of new L1 petition3/16/2016Hung Viet Can  Q: I am looking for some advice related to our current visa issue. I have been working on L2 EAD from ...   A: Excuse me for the delay. 1. If your husband gets new L-1, your EAD will remain valid. In other ... 1-140 Priority Date(PD) Porting3/11/2016Hung Viet Can  Q: I am currently have 1 -140 Approved with Employer A and I am planning to move to Employer B but the ...   A: Excuse me for the delat to answer your question. I was too busy lately. You can retain your ... Extending B1/B2 Visa Stay past Stamp Date2/26/2016Hung Viet Can  Q: I entered the US on the 9th of Feb 2016 on a B2 Visa and was given a 1 month stay which is unusual, ...   A: As long as you file the extension application before the expiration date of the current I-94 form, ... work visa for US - HADOOP technology2/24/2016Ajay K. Arora  Q: I am Roberts from INDIA. I have a simple question for you. Hope you can answer it.
: I ...   A: You would need at least the equivalent of a four-year U.S. bachelor's degree(a 3 year foreign ... Canada Immigration: BC vs Ontario2/19/2016Hung Viet Can  Q: Hung Viet Can I was wondering which province is better(easier) for immigration for a professional ...   A: Tech sectors are more established in Ontario than in British Columbia. In Ontario, an ... Green Card2/17/2016Hung Viet Can  Q: My daughter entered the United States with immigration visa and handed her immigration package to ...   A: As a permanent resident, your daughter is free to return to the USA after travel abroad with or ... H4EAD2/16/2016Ajay K. Arora  Q: My husband's H-1b got revoked. but my H4 and H4 EAD is not revoked. Right now I am employed on H4 ...   A: Unfortunately, you and your husband are no longer maintaining valid nonimmigrant visa status. Since ... Citizenship2/15/2016Hung Viet Can  Q: How long in advance should I start my citizenship paperwork? I have a green card in this moment.   A: You can submit your naturalization application to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services(USCIS) ... Follow-to-join : Employment & Stay.2/10/2016Ajay K. Arora  Q: I'm an LPR, applied I824(Follow-to-join) for my wife. It's approved, case completed at NVC and ...   A: Since you receive your LPR(lawful permanent resident) status on the basis of employer sponsorship, ... quick question2/4/2016Hung Viet Can  Q: Can an immigration lawyer come with me to an interview for immigration case to USA in the USA ...   A: If you visit http://montreal.usconsulate.gov/about-us/security-procedures.html, you will see that ... Switching positions in same company2/3/2016Ajay K. Arora  Q: I am currently working in company A. My I-140 is approved and am planning to switch to a new ...   A: The employer can file a new labor certification(also known as PERM) taking your employment ... DS-1602/2/2016Hung Viet Can  Q: i am planning to go canada for visa stamping. i have following question regarding visa stamping. ...   A: 1) Intended length of stay in U.S.: Here, you should indicate the time that you intend to stay in ... H1B transfer before Oct 11/14/2016Ajay K. Arora  Q: I am currently working on H-4 EAD with Employer A. On April 1, I will file 2 applications for my ...   A: You can work anywhere with EAD without any restriction until H1B status takes effect. Employer A can ... H1 Premium with H4/H4EAD Concurrent filing1/13/2016Ajay K. Arora  Q: Need guidance. I am currently on H1B and filed my H1extension in august under regular processing and ...   A: Your pending H1B petition can be converted to premium processing. However, an H4(or H4/EAD) ... H1B and employment termination1/7/2016Ajay K. Arora  Q: My husband has been laid off from Company A on Dec 10th. But he had official paycheques upto Dec ...   A: The H1B petition through Co. B should be filed prior to revocation of Co. A's H1B petition to ... Quebec skilled worker Jan-16 experience issues1/4/2016Hung Viet Can  Q: I understand that forms would ask for last five year work experience , my situation is little tricky ...   A: Now, with the application for selection certificate on paper at ... Query regarding NOC Job and Education Mismatch1/1/2016Hung Viet Can  Q: I have a very essential and basic query to be asked before applying under express entry - FSW. I ...   A: Although your work experience is not in the field of your study, you are eligible for applying in ... Quebec 2016 skilled workers experience issues1/1/2016Hung Viet Can  Q: Happy new year dear hung, this question may sound weird but this is fact. I have done job in noc1114 ...   A: According to me, these documents are acceptable as long as you have other documents such as old pay ... quebec intake jan 15: legality of experience12/30/2015Hung Viet Can  Q: is it true that in Jan 2016 Quebec intake the salary slips, bank statements will not be taken as ...   A: Don't worry. In the latest instructions given to its employees, Quebec will relax its documentation ... Quebec skilled workers 2016-ielts issues12/30/2015Hung Viet Can  Q: I have academic ielts and people on discussion forums are saying that Quebec accepts both academic ...   A: Quebec does not specify whether the General or Academic IELTS test results are acceptable. Thus, I ... Quebec skilled workers Jan 16: Degree timings12/30/2015Hung Viet Can  Q: the forth coming intake for Quebec Jan 2016 for skilled workers require that your degree must be ...   A: No. There is no difference between people who get their bachelor's degree at age 22 or 23 and those ... Regulated professions in Quebec12/27/2015Hung Viet Can  Q: I am in the process of applying for Quebec skilled workers immigration program for 2016. My ...   A: Chartered professional accountants(CPA) are governed by a professional order called Ordre des ... confused dilemma follow up12/20/2015Hung Viet Can  Q: you said Your questions are difficult to understand. May you repeat your questions in another way ...   A: You should find a company that accepts to give you a job. Usually, the company will have to make ... L1b to H1b COS approval after getting approval decision on I48512/17/2015Ajay K. Arora  Q: If my l1b to h1b COS approval decision comes after getting my I485 approval decision, will my Green ...   A: You will not lose your GC(LPR status) if H1B is approved afterwards. Either the USCIS will deny the ... I-14012/16/2015Ajay K. Arora  Q: My husband I-140 got approved 2 years ago and his H-1b is extending based on I-140 every 3 years. ...   A: The USCIS has answered a similar questions thus: "What happens to my employment authorization if ... Multiple PERMs12/14/2015Hung Viet Can  Q: I am currently working with Employer A and my PERM is under Audit. There is Employer B that is ...   A: 1) No you cannot file multiple PERM applications. Multiple employers can file PERM applications for ... Page:  


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