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Having a dispute with a tenant or landlord? Rental Law discussion


Postby Absolon » Fri Aug 05, 2016 3:54 am

s SubjectDate AskedExpertvisiting honduras4/6/2016JRA  Q: i am just getting my passport and am thinking about visiting honduras .everyone i tell say im crazy ...   A: you have to be careful not to go into the wrong neighborhoods or stay out too late. The capital is ...
about bringing cars to Honduras4/8/2015JRA  Q: What are the rules about bringing foreign vehicles to Honduras, or where can I read about it. I know ...   A: For import: Used cars cannot be older than 10 years. In customs you must provide an invoice or they ... travel tips1/14/2013JRA  Q: i want to know as much as possible about driving through the boarder from Mexico to Guatemala and ...   A: Most countries do not require US citizens to have a Visa so I imagine your passport and driver's ... sending a SUV to roatan12/14/2012JRA  Q: I have a home in roatan. I want to ship a 2003 bmw x5 suv to use there. I have a good deal available ...   A: your X5 is considered a luxury vehicle and taxes are around 40% of its invoice value. Be sure to ... Driving from Texas to Honduras and Cost of Importing a Used Car7/29/2012JRA  Q: JRA, I would like to know what is the best option to take a car to Honduras, I currently live in ...   A: I couldn't name any companies that ship to Honduras. Customs will calculate the taxes to pay ... 2001 kia sportage suv7/14/2012JRA  Q: My wife and I are relocating to roatan honduras. We own the above mentioned kia sportage. OIt is in ...   A: The law says that vehicles over 10 years cannot be imported into the country. If the vehicle is 2001 ... returning to USA6/25/2012Paul Berman  Q: Greetings, Thank You for being available. I plan to drive my 2000, 3/4 ton Chevy pick up back to ...   A: Bonnie, This is really outside my expertise. All I can offer is a few things to think about. ... Slang Words for MONEY2/21/2012Paul Berman  Q: I'm looking for the slang words for MONEY used in Honduras. So far I have: pisto, billete, biyuyo, ...   A: Diana, Here are some slang words for money that are used in Honduras: Plata Lana Pesos Pisto ... car import12/19/2011JRA  Q: I am planing on retiring in honduras shortly and I will be sending a vehicle which I bought for sale ...   A: If you have a salvage title or a wreck title that is the way to pay the least amount of taxes. Be ... Trip to Honduras7/19/2011Paul Berman  Q: I have purchased a property In La Ceiba Honnduras and wish to drive there from Florida with my truck ...   A: Wayne, Congratulations! It would be risky to drive there. Many of the roads are in poor condition ... Streetrod, mustle car business in Honduras?3/29/2011Paul Berman  Q: I've spent the last 30 years building all sorts of HotRods. From budget builds to $200,000.00 ...   A: Keith, While Hondurans typically don't have a lot of disposable income, they do have a fascination ... car rental3/14/2011JRA  Q: What is the road like from SAP to LaCeiba? We were thinking of renting a car and making the drive ...   A: The road from SAP to La Ceiba is a two way highway. The condition of the highway is very good but ... cayos cochinos3/10/2011JRA  Q: Is it possible to go from Roatan to Cayos Cochinos, to LaCeiba? OR, do we need to do a tour from ...   A: For your first question I'm really not sure of the answer. I imagine there are private boats in ... driving from toronto to roatan9/21/2010JRA  Q: How do I take my car from the mainland of Honduras to Roatan. I would like to bring my dog what ...   A: There is a company that ships merchandise and vehicles to Roatan, I believe they're called Island ... used car import6/22/2010JRA  Q: How much would it cost(taxes) to import a 2000 hyundai two doors? Can a 2000 still be allowed to ...   A: I think that you pay around 47% of the car's bluebook value if it's not a wrecked car, if it is a ... driving & bring a car into LACEIBA,HONDURAS5/17/2010JRA  Q: I have been going to HONDURAS since 2003,ROATAN %26 LACEIBA. I plan on moving to LACEIBA,I know that ...   A: I think that in order to bring a car for personal use you would have to drive it down here. It ... Driving to Honduras4/14/2010JRA  Q: I want to know if its advisable to drive a car or truck to Honduras from the US? What about other ...   A: It's always better to travel in a group. The most dangerous areas are the Mexico/Guatemala border ... BRINGING CASH INTO HONDURAS4/2/2010Paul Berman  Q: How much cash can I legally bring into Honduras? Will I be charged a fee?   A: Carter, I don't know how much cash you could technically carry into Honduras or if you would be ... TRAVELING TO HONDURAS FROM TEXAS3/10/2010Paul Berman  Q: I'M REALLY CONFUSE ABOUT SO MANY THINGS BEEN SAID, I'M DRIVING TO HONDURAS TO VISIT FAMILY AND STAY ...   A: Millie, I am not an expert on this, so you should check with your lender and talk to someone in the ... Driving to Santa Rosa De Copan From US2/16/2010JRA  Q: I have just arrived in Colorado after my 2nd trip to Honduras. My Honduran husband and I have a home ...   A: i can't help you with the route from the US to Guatemala but i have heard that the Florido crossing ... passport question1/22/2010JRA  Q: We are thinking about bringing our youth group over the last week in june, to work at an orphanage ...   A: I don't think it matters how much in advance you have your passports, they just have to be valid at ... honduras1/20/2010Paul Berman  Q: i was just wondering on how old is the driving and drinking age and it would be great if you could ...   A: Reed, Legally, you need to be 18 to drink alcohol in Honduras. I think you legally need to be 16 ... El Salvador1/18/2010Paul Berman  Q: I would be interested in knowing approximately how much money was given to the El Salvadorian govt ...   A: Myra, Honestly this question is difficult to answer. The best source of information that I could ... hello11/9/2009JRA  Q: i also have another question what university do you recommend i want to be a teacher and since i ...   A: You can easily enroll in private universities in Honduras if you're not a resident of Honduras. ... Driving to Honduras8/23/2009Paul Berman  Q: Ok here is another scenario i have, We were also thinking about just driving all the way to Honduras ...   A: Tracie, There are fees to bring the car across the border and get it registered in Honduras(if you ... Bringing my vehicle with me to honduras8/21/2009Paul Berman  Q: I am thinking about moving to Honduras with my fiance and we have just paid off our truck and if we ...   A: Tracie, While I can't provide insight on finding a shipper here are a few things that may help you ... selling a US car in Honduras8/9/2009JRA  Q: Buenas, I am looking into driving down to Honduras this winter in my pickup and want to sell the ...   A: Hola, I've heard that when you enter the country as a tourist they give you permission to drive the ... Moving to Roatan7/31/2009JRA  Q: My husband and I will be moving to Roatan from the U.S.A. at the end of next summer(2010). We are ...   A: As far as I know you can buy everything in the mainland and send it to Roatan by boat. La Ceiba is ... Buying a car in Honduras5/24/2009Paul Berman  Q: I am planning to go down to Honduras to start a new business. I'm Spaniard, but also have USA ...   A: Eduardo, Cars are generally more expensive in Honduras if you buy them there. There are hefty ... daughter wants to marry her honduran boyfriend3/31/2009JRA  Q: My 24 year old daughter has been living with her boyfriend from the honduras here in mt for over a ...   A: I'm not an expert in immigration laws but what here's what I know: 1. Yes, the marriage would be ... daughter wants to marry honduran boyfriend3/31/2009Paul Berman  Q: My 24 year old daughter has been living with her boyfriend from the honduras here in mt for over a ...   A: Rick, First let me start off by saying that I am not an immigration attorney and your daughter ... using ATM cards in Honduras2/4/2009Paul Berman  Q: Hey Paul! I've been researching online like crazy to figure out which ATM cards will work in ...   A: Natalie, You should be fine with you current ATM card, but if you want to be extra careful, go ... im visiting honduras for my first time1/23/2009JRA  Q: im going to honduras in march 2009 for two weeks and im staying with my husband with is from ...   A: low profile: don't show that you are carrying cash, jewelry, etc. there are many hotels that you ... traveler's checks12/9/2008Paul Berman  Q: Sandy Bay is where we'll be in roatan, via san pedro. Can we change our money in Roatan or should ...   A: Kerry, You are welcome. You should be able to use credit cards and your ATM card. Bring some ... travel safety with small kids San Pedro to Roatan12/5/2008Paul Berman  Q: We have reservations to fly into San Pedro Sula airport, arriving in the pm. Where can you ...   A: Kerry, I hope you have fun in Roatan. It is beautiful. I am going to recommend that you change ... travel from homduras to mexico11/18/2008Paul Berman  Q: I would appreciate any help you can give me. I am going to Honduras for a month to visit my fiance. ...   A: Tina, I am not positive on this, but if he is a Honduran citizen and doesn't have a US green card ... ????10/12/2008Paul Berman  Q: Is there any important statues,government buildings, and or monuments?   A: Kevona, Sure, just like any other place you go. The most important building in any town you go to ... Getting from Roatan to Utila and back8/13/2008JRA  Q: I will traveling to Roatan 09/20/08. I will be spending a week on Utila then a week back on Roatan ...   A: I know that there are two ferries, one goes from La Ceiba to Utila and the other goes from La Ceiba ... pregunta6/20/2008JRA  Q: yo quiero llevarme un carro de california U.S.A y me gustaria saver de que ano puede uno llevar ...   A: Lo ultimo que escuche es que el vehiculo debe ser por lo menos del 2000. Para registrarlo tienes ... Using US ATM cards6/6/2008JRA  Q: I lived in Honduras for 6 years, where I married and had my first son. We have been in US for last ...   A: You can use your credit or debit card in any ATM to withdraw money and you can also use them to pay ... Page:  


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